The Choosing by Rachlle Dekker


The Choosing is book one in A Seer Novel series  written by Rachelle Dekker.

The year is 2107 and a vaccine has been developed that is intended to wipe out all illnesses and slow the aging process. The vaccines are given in a series of 5 injections over 36 months. About 1-10,000 people did not respond favorably to the vaccines. For the rest the vaccine initially appear to be successful. Between October 2112 and May 2113, an illness associated with the vaccine took the lives of 9 billion people. This event is known as the Ruining. The world changed drastically with all the death and destruction and those remaining clung to Robert Carlson as the new leader. He introduces them to theVertas which he claimed was the true word of God. Less than 1000 people remain and Robert brings them together to rebuild their lives in the center of Washington DC.

The year is now 2257, almost from birth girls are trained how to be proper wives and look forward to the Choosing Ceremony where they do their best to be chosen by a young man to be his wife. Those who are not chosen are taken away from family and friends to City Watch where they will live as Lints, working as Authority Workers. They are given jobs to do and live in Lint Stacks, small suites that they live in with other girls. Carrington Hale has worked very hard all her life to be chosen but for some unknown reason is not.

Isaac Knight is the preacher for the City Watch and does regular mandatory ceremonies to remind the people about the Vertas, teaching them to be subject to the Authority as the only true authority is through God and those appointed. Isaac’s wife dies and he asked the Authority to allow him to choose a new wife. With the Authority’s approval he chooses Carrington. She is given a second chance, something no one else has ever been given. But is Isaac really who he appears to be.

This is a futuristic book, it is very fast pace and has lots of suspense. I have trouble seeing this as a Christian book. This is the only reason I am giving it a lower score, I prefer to read books that encourage me in my Christian walk.

Series: A Seer Novel – Book 1

464 Pages

ISBN: 9781496402240

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishing


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