God’s Easter Miracles by Lee Ann Mancini


God gave me an Easter miracle – a changed heart! I know Jesus gave up his life for us because He loves us. I want to be like Jesus.”

God’s Easter Miracles, written by Lee Ann Mancini, is part of the multi-award winning Adventures of the Sea Kids series. It’s Easter Sunday and the Sea Kids are at Sunday School. The teacher, Miss Linda has hidden Easter eggs on the church playground. Three of the eggs have a cross on them. Who ever finds those eggs get to chose a prize.

Paul is one of Miss Linda’s favorite students. He has autism and has a hard time learning but he is always happy. Paul doesn’t think it is fair that he did not find an egg with a cross on it. Miss Linda explains to him that it is also not fair that Jesus gave His life for our sins.

Brian has come to class late and very sad. His younger brother, Lenny, was hit by a boat propeller and is seriously hurt. Pastor Jerry asks the class to pray for Lenny. During the week the entire town gathers at the Beneath the Sea Play Park to pray for Lenny.

I really love this series! This is a great series for parents and teacher to help teach children about Jesus’s love for us. It also helps teach children the importance of prayer. This story teaches children the importance of praying for others who are hurt. This story also has one of the student pray to have Jesus come into his life. Each of the stories has important messages within them. One of the messages in this story is that Jesus gave his life for us so that we may have life. Another lesson in this story is giving and sharing with others, such as when the students make get-well cards for Lenny and visit him.

This story is so nicely written and easy for the young read to read. It also is a good length to read to younger children. The pictures are so colorful and detailed, they make it easy to talk with little ones about them. Each of the pictures has a fish symbol hidden in it for children to have fun looking for. This is a great story to read and interact with children. This durable, hard covered book has a glossy finish on the cover and the pictures to help keep clean.

The author, Lee Ann Mancini, is a wife and mother who has devoted her life to being a servant of God. She teaches at a Bible college and seminary. The illustrator, Dan Sharp, has been illustrating children books for over thirty years.

I have received a copy of this book from the author and BookCrash. I have freely written an honest review.

Series: Adventures of the Sea Kids

42 pages

ISBN: 9780997332513

Publisher: GLM Publishing

You can learn more about the author and books she has written at: http://www.leeannmancini.com/

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The Long Highway Home by Elizabeth Musser


The Long Highway Home, written by Elizabeth Musser, is a story of going back to correct things left unfinished. Bonnie Blake has been given one year to life and at the insistence of her niece, Tracy, she returns to Austria and the ministry she left years earlier.

This story is several stories within the story. We read the story of Bonnie and her ministry work, until she left it to return to the United States to help Tracy’s mother raise her family after the death of Tracy’s father. We also read Tracy’s story, of her coming to faith and her feeling of staying on in Austria working in The Oasis ministry center.

We also meet Hamid and his family. Hamid is an Iranian who was forced to flee Iran after the police caught him and his daughter with a Bible. The story tells of Hamid’s journey to get to safety and the hardships he endured. We also read of his family and their journey to get to him when they are forced to flee Iran.

We also meet Amir, Bonnie’s former boyfriend. Together Bonnie and Amir return to Iran to help Hamid’s family cross the border to safety. Amir has been told if he entered Iran again his life would be endanger.

I really enjoyed reading this book! The story is told from various peoples point of views but is labeled as such so it is easy to follow along. The story is filled with action and suspense, making it hard to put down. But we also see the tender side of the story. We see a woman who has only a short time to live and the struggles she go through. We see her trying to undo the wrongs from her past. And we also see the type of love that is strong enough to survive years of not knowing what happened. I feel this is a book that would be enjoyed by almost anyone.

I received a copy of this book from the author and Book Club Network. I have freely chosen to write this honest review.

405 pages

ISBN: 9781532312595

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform;

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Justice Delayed by Patricia Bradley


Justice Delayed is book one in A Memphis Cold Case Novel written by Patricia Bradley.

Stephanie Hollister is a airline stewardess and has found herself mixed up in a diamond smuggling group. She has decided to not be a part of it and has hidden the diamonds she found in her purse in a sculpture she is making. She is murdered and her ex-boyfriend Jimmy is found guilty and sent to prison.

Fast forward 18 years and Jimmy is now given a date for his execution, which is just days away. Stephanie’s roommate Lacey has contacted Stephanie’s younger sister Andi to meet her. Lacey is a no show and when Andi gets home someone is in her apartment and attacks her. Lacey has also sent Jimmy a letter wanting to meet him. Her letter tells him, he is not the killer.

Stephanie’s brother, Brad, is now an investigator. He and his partner Will are called to investigate Lacey’s death. Then they are called to check on Andi. And shortly after, Will received a phone call from his cousin Jimmy telling him about the letter from Lacey. Will has just a few short days to find out who the real killer is to save Jimmy’s life.

There are several little stories written within this story. Andi is a reporter and has suffered a back injury causing her to rely on pain medications to get through the day. Will and Jimmy are cousins who use to live next door to the Hollisters. Will and Brad were good friends growing up and Andi often tagged along with them. There also is a little romance written into the story. Will has feeling for Andi but does not want to act on them as it could hurt his friendship with Brad. Andi is also starting to notice her feelings for Will are changing.

This is a great suspenseful story! It starts off running and the action and suspense just keep building. The main characters in the story are Stephanie’s roommates and their boyfriends. They are well introduced so they are easy to follow along with. Clues are given through out the story as to who was involved in the diamond smuggling and who could have killed Stephanie, but it is not until the end that the real story comes out. The story has an underlying romance written into it, but it is not overwhelming. The Christian aspect of the story are direct but not preachy. If you are a person who enjoys suspenseful police stories you will enjoy this book. This story is so good, I can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out.

I received a copy of this book from Revel Publishing and I have freely written an honest review.

Series: A Memphis Cold Care Novel (Book 1)

352 pages

ISBN: 9780800727086

Publisher: Revel Publishing

To learn more about the author visit: http://ptbradley.com/

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The First Hostage by Joel C. Rosenberg


The First Hostage is book two in the J. B. Collins Novel series written by Joel C. Rosenberg.

The story takes place in Amman, Jordan. J. B. Collins is a reporter for the New York Times is in Amman covering the Middle East peace summit when they come under attack. Collins helps get the King of Jordan and his family away safely.

Some one is leaking information to ISIS about the summit and since Collins has warned others of possible ISIS attack, he is now the prime suspect. He is locked up and eventually is given the chance to call a friend. But this is all part of the plan.

The President of the United States is missing. ISIS has captured the President of the United States and is threatening to behead him unless all Americans convert to Islam. With the information Collins’s brother has given him, they are able to determine where the President is being held. Collins is taken with to help get the President back.

This book is so full of action that it is very hard to put down. The story is modern day and so well written that at times I felt I was reading the daily news. The story contains violent war scenes that could be uncomfortable for some. The story would not be as good if the violence were left out. The books left me wondering if this could actually happen someday. Though there are a lot of characters in the story, they are well introduced and easy to follow along with. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read modern day political thrillers.

I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network. I have chosen to write an honest review.

Series: J. B. Collins (Book 2)

460 pages

ISBN: 9781496406194

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

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An Amish Home – Four Novellas


An Amish Home is a book containing four novellas.

In A Cup Half Full, written by Beth Wiseman, Abram and Sarah Lantz were in an accident. While Sarah was in the hospital, Abram remodeled their home to make it wheelchair friendly. To do this he worked less hours, maxed out their credit card and borrowed money. Shortly after Sarah goes home, Abram loses his job and the lender is calling to get his money back. Sarah is also struggling with adjusting to her new life.

Home Sweet Home by Amy Clipston, is a story of an English couple that are evicted from their home and have no where to go. Chase’s Amish boss offered them to life in the daadihouse on his property. But when their daughter gets sick, Mia goes home to ask her parents for help. Once again they turn their backs on her.

A Flicker of Hope, written by Ruth Reid, introduces us to Thomas and Noreen King. They have been married for fifteen years and their marriage is struggling. Their house burns down, taking almost all their belongs. Their neighbors come together to help them out. They move into the bishop’s daadihaus. While there someone goes to their farms and steals what little they have left.

Building Faith, by Kathleen Fuller, is a story of a young couple who are engaged to be married. They are building their home and each of them talks to someone about building their cabinets, without the others knowledge. Faith enjoys working with her grandfather’s tools doing woodworking. Silas, has taken on his father’s woodworking business to allow his father time to spend with his mother. Faith and Silas were at one time engaged. Now they are thrown together to build their friends’ kitchen.

If you like Amish stories, you will love this book. Each of the stories are around 100 pages long. They start with a glossary of the meaning of the Amish words and contain discussion questions at the end. They are stories that can easily be read in one evening. The end of the book also included Amish recipes. These stories give us a look into what the Amish life is. As well as the traditions they follow. With A Cup Half Full and A Flicker of Hope, we see how family and neighbors come together to help out in times of crisis. My favorite story is Home Sweet Home. In this story we see a blending of the Amish and English lives and see the love of others despite their religious background. I enjoyed reading all these stories as they show us the strength each couple has and how they rely on God during their struggles.

I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers and have written an honest review.


ISBN: 9780529118691

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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Grace and the Preacher by Kim Vogel Sawyer


Grace and the Preacher is a novel written by Kim Vogel Sawyer. Grace Cristler’s uncle is retiring from his pastoral position and he has picked a new pastor to replace him. Grace has been exchanging letters with Reverend Rufus Dille. Grace and Rufus have developed feeling for each other through their letters. Rufus has given Grace and her uncle a date that he will arrive in town. The date has arrived and Rufus has not arrived.

Ten years earlier Theo Garrison was suppose to bring horses for his cousins to get away from a robbery and he did not. They were sent to prison and vowed to come after him when they were released. He has just found out they are coming home. He decides to leave town and go back to where he lived with his Grandmother. One day while he comes across a Rufus in distress and takes him to a doctor. Rufus dies and leaves all his belonging to Theo. And asked that Theo takes the news of his death to Grace.

While on his way to see Grace, Theo stops at a bridge to cross a river and is not allowed to pass that night. When he wakes up the next morning he finds the wagon and horses given to him are missing along with most of his belongs. He arrives in Fairland while the town is giving Grace’s uncle a party. It is the day before Rufus is suppose to start his new position. Theo is not really given the chance to give the information of Rufus’s death and end up taking on Rufus’s name and position.

When Theo’s brother is looking for Theo, he comes across a person selling items and finds Theo’s grandmother’s Bible and finds out where Theo is.

This is a good Christian Historical Fiction story set in 1882. It has action, suspense and romance. The story is easy to read and quick moving. I likes how the author used Theo’s memories of his Grandmother and the importance of her Bible to help Theo return to Faith. As well as how the people his brother met along his search for Theo to soften his heart. Just as Grace is thinking love will never come her way, she find love in Rufus. When she finds out the truth, she finds it hard to forgive Theo and once again wonders if love will be in her future. I enjoy reading stories based in the pioneer days and any one who likes reading about this time will enjoy this book.

I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books. I have freely written an honest review.

352 pages

ISBN: 9780307731418

Publisher: WaterBrook

You can read more about the author and download the first chapter of this book at:http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/books/221714/grace-and-the-preacher-by-kim-vogel-sawyer/

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The Seekers by Wanda E. Brunstetter


Wanda E. Brunstetter has won our hearts with another Amish story. In The Seekers, book 1 of the Amish Cooking Class series , we get to meet Heidi and Lyle Troyer. They have been married for eight years and have no children. With lots of spare time on her hands, Heidi decides to follow in her aunt Emma’s footsteps. Emma gave quilting lesson in her home and now Heidi has decided to give cooking lessons in her home. She has five students sign up for the classes.

Charlene is engaged to be married and cooking is not something she does very well. Loretta is a widow with 2 young children. Her grandparents were Amish and she is looking for a simpler life in which to raise her children. Kendra was kicked out of her parent’s home when her father found out she was pregnant. She is staying with a friend that encouraged her to sign up for this class. Eli is a widower. Lyle convinces him to take Heidi’s class so he can learn to cook for himself. And Ron is a Vietnam Veteran who faked RV troubles so be able to park his RV at the Troyer’s home.

Just like her Aunt Emma, Heidi has found that her students all bring with them individual situations they are faced with and just being at the cooking class helps them.

I love this book and cannot wait to read the rest of the series. This story is easy to read. It basically is several little stories that make up the whole story. We get a glimpses into the grief that Loretta and Eli have experienced with losing their spouse. We see the struggles of a young unwed mother who is forced out on her own with no way to support herself. As well as the decision she has to make regarding her child’s future. We see a soon to be wife who is trying to deal with issues with her soon to be mother in law. We see the change in a thief when he is taken car of by Heidi and Lyle who witness to him. And we see the hurt Heidi suffers with not having children and the changes that take pace within Lyle..

I especially like the part in the story that Heidi makes up informational lists and recipe cards for the students. She puts Bible verses on the back of each verse. Just one simple thing like this can help the students so much. And, I love that the author has included the recipes in the back of the story for us all to try.

I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and I have chosen to write this honest review.

Series: Amish Cooking Class (Book 1)

320 pages

ISBN: 9781624167447

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press

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Stars in the Grass by Ann Marie Stewart


Stars in the Grass, a debut novel written by Ann Marie Stewart, is a very powerful, emotional story. The story is told by a nine year old girl who’s little brother died after being hit by a car while the family was on vacation. It is very sad to follow Abby through the first year after Joel’s death. It was sad that the adults in her life were so wrapped up in their grief that they were not able to help their children with theirs.

But there are also some funny parts to the story. I thought is was funny how Abby reacted to being taken along when Matt was practicing driving in the corn field. And when Matt wanted her to go with him as he followed their father on a run, to see where he went.

One of the parts in the book that stands out the most to me is that Pastors are people that we look to when we are in need of help dealing with personal struggles. We often don’t see them having to deal with their own struggles. The author does an awesome job bringing that point across in this story.

Abby is struggling with having to sleep in the room she shared with Joel. She is afraid of what people at school are going to say. Her fifteen old brother Matt is acting out and hanging with a bad group of friends who get into trouble. Matt has started smoking and drinking and is even questioned for the burning of a church members building. Her father, who was the pastor at Bethel Springs First Presbyterian Church is not able to move on. He goes for a run everyday and does not tell his family where he goes. He is no longer able to fulfill his duties as pastor and the church gives him times to work through the grief. But he only has interest in working in the basement on clocks. Abby’s mother, Renee is struggling with her loss as well as John and Matt’s problems. Several months after Joel’s death, Renee starts working for her neighbor who does tax returns. Not being able to deal with the break down of her and John’s relationship, she and Abby move in with the neighbor.

I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and I have chosen to write this honest review.

32 pages

ISBN: 9781634099509

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press

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