My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss Texas: Priscilla’s Reveille by Erica Vetsch


Written by Erica Vetsch, My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss, Texas: Priscilla’s Reveille, takes place in West Texas in 1874.

After hearing of her brother and sister-in-laws deaths, Priscilla Hutchens takes a leave from her job. She goes to Fort Bliss, Texas to get her twin niece and nephew. She doesn’t know what she will find when she gets there. She has no idea who is caring for the children. She just knows the military is not a place for them. After losing her military father and seeing what that did to her mother, she does not want anything to do with military life.

When Priscilla gets to Fort Bliss, she finds the children are in the care of their uncle. Their uncle, Major Elliot Ryder, is the fort’s doctor. His sister, the children’s mother,  asked him to care for the children. He is the only other family the twins have known. He has been caring for the twins, with help from other members of the fort, sometimes treating them like soldiers. There is no way he is going to let Priscilla take the children.

Elliot is forced to leave his home so Priscilla can stay there with the children. One day while watching Priscilla and the children he finds out that she is an artist. He asks her to draw pictures of the different plants that he uses in his medical practice. Priscilla also helps with assisting in the fort hospital.

This is an awesome story. This is the perfect book to curl up with and just get lost in. It is a quick read that is very hard to put down. I really enjoy reading Early American historical Christian fiction. I like how the author used the personality traits of some of the characters to bring about a good story of caring for others. I like how the author used Mrs. Bracken and Fern to show that you can be happy in any living situation is you want to.  But I was saddened to see how the bitterness that stayed with Mrs. after tragedy affected how she treated those around her. I like that even through the story had many characters, the author developed just a few as the main characters that are followed through the whole story.

The author uses different aspects of the military life at that time for the background of the story. The parts in the story about the twins are so cute. I was left wondering what kind of trouble they were going to get into next. But I was also a little disappointed that with the threat of Indians and nature, the children were allowed to run around so freely at such a young age.

I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing. I have chosen to write this honest review.

256 pages

ISBN: 9781634099301

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

You can read more about the author at:

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