A Note Yet Unsung by Tamera Alexander


A Note Yet Unsung is book 3 in A Belmont Mansion Novel series written by Tamera Alexander.

Rebekah Carrington moved to Vienna shortly after her father’s death. While living there she was there she worked for a musician, often transcribing his music. She also learned how to play several music instruments. Her grandmother has past away and she is has returned to Nashville. Now wanting to live with her mother and step father, she allies for jobs the day she arrives.

Rebekah manages to get an interview with the maestro of the Nashville Philharmonic orchestra. She does not get the job of his assistant but one of his co-workers gives her the names of Adelicia Cheatham, mistress of Belmont Mansion to apply for a job. Rebekah gets a job working Adelicia’s daughter’s violin teacher. Adelicia hires members of the Nashville orchestra to play music for one of her events. The musicians end early and Rebekah takes it upon herself to play more music. The orchestra maestro, Nathaniel hears her and goes in search of who is playing.

Situations bring Rebekah and Nathaniel together and Rebekah eventually starts working for him. Nathaniel is very hard o n the musicians he is working with. He accuses them of not playing the music properly, but he is actually losing his hearing. Rebekah hides the truth of her background from Nathaniel as women are not allowed in orchestras. With Rebekah’s help, Nathaniel is trying to finish his symphony for the opening of the new opera hall.

This is a wonderful book. The story is so well written that it easy to hear the music while reading the story. At 422 pages this is not a quick read book, but it is very enjoyable and full of history. This story shows the life as it was for a woman. To be consider a weaker person than a man. It also brings out that people considered where you grew up as to what you could do as an adult. It has some mystery and suspense as well as romance in the story.

The parts of the book that really impressed me where when Rebekah visited Nathaniel’s family and when Nathaniel’s could not play his father’s favorite song, Rebekah did. She knew her secret about her music ability would come out, but her feeling for Nathaniel’s and his family were more important. I also thought that Nathaniel was very fortunate to be allowed to go to school and develop his talents but he loved his family so much he returned to them very often and helped them out financially.

The books in the series are stand alone stories. But characters from the first stories can carry forward, so reading the books in order is encouraged. The book is about a real mansion in Nashville, Tennessee. And the author has done research to keep the story true to history. The author has also set up a web site that allows you to look at photos of the mansion and listen to music at www.tameraalexander.com

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishing. I have written an honest review.

422 pages

ISBN: 9780764206245

Bethany House Publishing

Some of the places this book can be purchased are







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