The Elusive Miss Ellison by Carolyn Miller

9780825444500The Elusive Miss

Ellison, written by Carolyn Miller, is book one in the Regency Brides A Legacy of Grace series. The story is set in Gloucestershire England in 1813.

Lavinia Ellison is the only child of the local minister. She lost her mother to a terrible accident when she was a little girl. Her mother’s sister came to live with them and helped raise her. She spends much of her time helping out the local poor families. She takes them food and helps them when they are in need. She also tends to her own gardens and does not rely on servants to do her work.

Nicholas has just become the new Earl of Hawkesbury and has come to check on his property. He suspects something is wrong with the accounting of the property and find out the person in charge has not been caring for the homes of the workers as he should. The homes have been left to deteriorate resulting in many of the families becoming ill.

Lavinia holds many things against Nicholas. She blames him for the poor conditions of the worker’s homes and hold her mother’s death against him. When she gets sick, it is Nicholas who finds her and takes her to his home to help her get better. While she is staying there, his mother comes to visit. She notices the feeling Nicholas and Lavinia have for each other and does not approve. Nicholas must friend a wife that has a background similar to his.

After Nicholas returns to London, Lavinia’s aunt takes her to meet her mother’s family. Lavinia’s mother was banned from her family when she married Lavinia’s father and Lavinia has never know the truth of who she is.

The is a wonderful quick little story to read. The perfect story to curl up with and forget the world around you. It is a Historical Christian Romance but has suspense written within it as well. The author has used easy to understand words to bring the story to life. The story is a reminder to us of how the working class of that time was looked down upon. As well as the expectations of the upper class and what happened when they did not follow them. I enjoyed reading of Lavinia’s love and generosity. I look forward to reading more books in this series.

I received a copy of this book from the author through Book Club Network. I have written an honest review.

301 pages

ISBN: 9780825444500

Publisher: Kregel Publications

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