Without Warning by Joel C. Rosenberg


Without Warning is book three in A J. B. Collins Novel Series, written by Joel C. Rosenberg.

J. B. and his brother Matt are at the White House for the State of the Union when the city is attacked by ISIS. Days following the attacks, other cities in the U.S. are also attacked with poisonous gas. The President is saying all the right things to gain popularity, but J. B. feels it is just talk. J. B. has been personally threatened by ISIS and he and his family are now in danger. Meanwhile, J. B. finds out his ex father-in-law has left part of his estate to J. B and his brother. J. B. has also been left instructions pertaining to ISIS. J. B. and his family are moved into the witness protection program, but J. B. takes off and goes to Tel Aviv with plans to connect with those listed in the instructions. He is connected with a group who is working on finding the head of ISIS. They eventually find the ISIS leaders but have no way of getting them. J. B. comes up with the plan to go to the leaders and have a missile take them out. He is no longer afraid of dying as he knows he will go to heaven. Having accepted the Lord, he understands that there is no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.

This story takes off running and doesn’t stop until the very end. I am wondering if there will be more to the series, the ending just is not what I was expecting. The story is full of action, much of it violent, and suspenseful. The story is so well written it often felt like I was reading the newspaper. The author is so knowledgeable of the region where the action takes place, that it felt like I as there. While reading the story, I often thought how this story could actually be a true event at some time. I was left hurting for all those who lost loved ones in the attacks. I was frustrated at the government of the countries that would not take steps to stop the terrorism. This is an awesome story that would be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys military type stories. It is however, a very violent story that could be hard for some to read.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Publishing and I have chose to write this honest review.

Series: A J. B. Collins Novel Series (Book 3)

448 pages

ISBN: 9781496406163

Publisher: Tyndale Fiction

You can read more about the author and the books he has written by going to www.joelrosenberg.com

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