Life After by Katie Ganshert


Life After, written by Katie Ganshert, is a very powerful novel. Autumn Manning is the only survivor of a train explosion that took the lives of twenty – two other people. It has been a year since the explosion and Autumn is still struggling with getting on with her life. The story takes us through the different events that help her get her life back on track.

Paul Elliott’s wife was one of the victims. Right after the explosion, it is believed that Autumn is his wife and he is called to the hospital. When is become evident that she is not his wife, his daughter begins writing letters to her. Paul’s daughter, Reese, reaches out to Autumn without her father’s knowledge.

Reese is struggling with the lose of her mother. She makes a suggestion to do a memorial of the victims. Autumn gets involved with this along with her ex-boyfriend. As she works on the memorial, she starts getting pieces of her memory of that day back. She takes a job and is slowly starting to live again. When the memorial video does not turn out the way Autumn expects it to, she tries to change it, ruining it.

This is a very powerful story. It deals with the subjects of violent attacks, murder, dealing with the death of a loved on and survivors guilt. What we see in this story is that after the loss of Reese’s mother, Reese changes her memories to what she wishes they really are. We see Autumn wondering why she survived when no one else did.

I really enjoyed reading this story and would recommend it to  anyone who enjoys reading contemporary  fiction. There is just the right amount of suspense in it to keep the readers attention as well as some romance.  The Christian references within the story are very mild.  This is a really good story!

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books. I have chosen to write this honest review.

352 pages

ISBN: 9781601429025

Publisher: Watherbrook Publishing

You can read more about the author and the books she has written at:

Some places you can buy this book are:


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