The Search Committee by Tim Owens


The Search Committee, written by Tim Owens, is a story of a Protestant search committee that is making visits to different churches on Sunday mornings to listen to pastors they think might be good for their church. The committee is made up of seven people with different backgrounds and ages. It seems like they will never agree on who they should have as their new pastor.

Each of the seven members has issues in their own lives that they are dealing with. And the intern pastors is also dealing with what has happened in his life.

This is a good Christian Fiction story. Each of the seven tell their own story in this book. We see the struggles of a single mother, as well as those of the elderly. We see the choices a young married professional has to make. What we really see is seven entirely different people working together to get a long and find the person they feel will best fit into their church.

I enjoyed reading this story. There were times is was slow moving and a little confusing. I would have liked it better had some of the characters been introduced a little better. The story is a simple story of every day people doing every day things.

I received this book as part of Tyndale Rewards. I have chosen to write this honest review.

400 pages

ISBN: 9781414364452

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishing.

You can read about the author at:

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