Thank You, God, for Grandma by Amy Parker


Thank You, God, for Grandma-Now matter what I do, I know she’ll always love me, and …Grandma, I love you too!”

Thank You, God, for Grandma is a soft covered board book written by Amy Parker, Illustrated by Rosalinda Lightly. It follows a grandmother bear with her 2 cub grandchildren while they explore Grandma’s house, dress up in her clothes, play hide-and-seek, bake treats, play and sing. The story also shows how Grandma cares for the cubs and teaches the bear cubs about caring for others. Each set of pages has a short rhyming poem relating to Grandmother.

This adorable little book is just 20 pages long. The story is very cute. It is the perfect length to read to a young child. The pages are so colorful and have a lot of details within them to make for a conversation between the reader and the child. This is a great book for describing the relationship between a grandma and her grandchildren. This book will help little ones realize the special gift God has given them – their grandma. The book is the perfect size for toddlers hands to hold. The cover and pages are easy to clean and very durable. This would be a cute book to have in the home to help teach the youngest of children about their grandmothers when they are not able to see them often.

I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers and have written an honest review.

20 Pages

ISBN: 9780718089252

Thomas Nelson Publishing

This book can be purchased at:


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