Home by Ginny L. Yttrup


In order for God to begin healing our pain, we need to allow ourselves to feel the pain. And in order to experience God in the midst of our pain, we must remain present through the pain.

Home, written by Ginny L.Yttrup, is an awesome Christian Contemporary Fiction story that focuses on sensitive topics such as infertility, mental illness and financial issues. The story is told by it’s three main characters.

Melanie is an author who is struggling to get her new book written by the deadline.  She is also a middle-aged woman who was not able to have children.  Her way of coping with this problem was not to face it. Melanie’s husband, Craig, owns a construction company.  With the change of the economy he is not able to do very well.  Their bank account is empty and the only job he has is building a custom home for a beautiful widow.  Craig has not told Melanie about the financial problems they are having.  He is spending time in prayer in a Catholic retreat area, that was a secret of his mothers and now his. Melanie takes a friend’s offer to go away to be alone to write the book.  Meanwhile Craig is  at home facing the financial issues alone.  He feels a strong need to pray for Melanie and the unresolved issues of infertility.  Craig is also forced to sell personal items to make the house payment and put the house up for sale. Craig and Melanie both feel something is wrong with their marriage and relationship.

Jill is a neighbor to Melanie and Craig.  She has 3 children, 2 twin boys.  She has terrible nightmares that she is struggling to understand and is constantly anxious about germs and something happening to her family.  Her husband notices the issues she has and tells her it is time to get help.  She is diagnosed with OCD and PTSD.  With her doctors help, she is able to understand what is causing the nightmare and tries to work through her anxiety issues.

This is one of those books I could not put down!  I wanted to keep reading to see how each of the main characters handled the struggles they are given. When I finished reading the book, I just wanted there to be more.  I found it very realistic with how each of them dealt differently.  The issues in this story are very real issues that are dealt with today.  But are not talked about very freely.  I like how the author has brought each of them out and shown realistic solutions and treatments for them.  The author shows how avoiding dealing with these issues also affects those who love and care for you.  I think anyone who likes to read about contemporary women issues would enjoy this book.

The author has also written ten discussion questions at the end of the story that are very thought provoking.  This would be a great book for book discussion groups to read.

I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing.  I have chosen to write this honest review.

318 pages

318 pages

ISBN: 9781634099554

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press

You can learn more about the author at: http://ginnyyttrup.com/

Some places you can purchase this book are:









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