For the Love of Lilies

1011947_4423173355771_1562491765_n.jpgWhat are my favorite flowers? ….. I guess close to the top of my favorites are lilies! With our move a few years ago, we gained a family of deer that just love lilies and nothing will stop them from having a late night snack! Believe me I have tried everything short of a fence. And my yard has a lot of shade so finding a site where the lilies get enough sun was tricky. I am really hoping for them to all bloom this year, since I didn’t see them last year.

My first lilies were the old fashioned orange ones. An orange daylily from my mother. And orange tiger lily and orange stargazers I found on our second property. I do not have photos of the day lily or tiger lily so will need to add those. When they bloom.


When we moved to the county and had more room for gardens I started collecting. One of the first was given to me by my sister-in-law. This was the Stella-de-Oro. That plant has grown and spread so much that I have given to many people over the years.


Also at our county home I added a pink star gazer, a yellow tiger lily, a yellow day lily (Hyperion), and a spider lily (Fireup).


Then 2009 came. That was a year that has forever changed my life. After months of being told by doctors nothing was wrong with me, I was told I had a precancerous liver condition. I had 8 surgical procedures between May and September. During one of my 3  “good weeks” of the summer,  we made a trip to our son’s.  While the guys were working on the deck, the rest of us made a trip to Bachmans.  I picked up a few more day lilies. And guess what hubby had to say when I showed him – “Is that all you could find”. Yup, he must have seen it as a good sign that I was looking toward the future instead of trying to get through each day. The next day he even asked if I wanted to go back and look for more plants. What a guy! I did not go back, but because of this, those plants are some of my favorite.  My Sweet Rose, Darling Deception, Baha, and Grape Ette.


On one of my trips to watch grandson, he and I made a trip to Bachman’s again! It was late August and plants that had already bloomed were drastically marked down. Who can resist a bargain – at just a dollar a pot I got more – this time Asiatic and tiger lilies. Fagitti (or fafifififi as my grandson called them at the time) in pink and yellow, Nappa Valley Tiger Lily, large yellow and large rose lily.



A couple years ago, I was looking through a gardening catalog and could not resist getting a white and a black stargazer .  Unfortunately when the Midnight Black arrived it was a bi-colored flower.


I have planted a couple lilies in the past couple years that grow but refuse to flower.  One is a tall double lily and the other is a pompom lily.  I keep hoping this will be my lucky year!



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