I Love Iris

What are my favorite flowers? I have many! I love iris!

I have the dwarf purple iris from my mother. I do not have a photo of this one so will include it when they bloom this spring. Some people call them flags by mistake. A flag iris is a semi-aquatic plant that grows in low, wetland conditions.They have narrower flower petal and sharper leaves.

I have old fashioned iris that I found in an abandoned flower garden at the second property my husband and I owned – over 20 years ago! I have no idea when they were planted as our neighbors who had lived there over 25 years at the time never knew there were gardens on the property.   I assume no one ever wanted to revive the gardens as they were full of poison ivy and all kinds of other weeds.  These are medium height. Despite purple being my favorite color, I just love the yellow one! It is so bright and beautiful!


I also have bearded iris that I have purchased over the years. 2 of my absolute favorite are the Edith Wallingford followed by Superstitian.13323542_10204901437934014_2502016974111980212_o13335590_10204901437894013_7043680751011800643_n

A couple years ago most of my iris developed root rot and I am still waiting to see if my Baby Blue will come back.

As you look through these photos you will see lupines. I like these for cutting and making bouquets for in the house. Another reason I like lupine is the shape of their leaves and the  look of the plant after they finish blooming.  They add a touch of whimsy to the garden. But I actually planted them because my husband has commented how pretty they are. My husband does not give any input into my gardens so when he says something is pretty I search until I find it.


This flower garden was  made for my husband to enjoy as he drives home from work. I had hoped to have the wild purple lupine but was not able to find the seeds so this is what we got. I have many cars stop along the side of our yard in the spring to just look at the garden and many have asked what they are. It gives me great joy to bring joy to others in this simple yet beautiful way.


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