Abiding Mercy by Ruth Reid

_225_350_Book.2305.cover.jpgYou’re godly people, right? You’ll take good care of her. I can trust you, right?

Abiding Mercy, written by Ruth Reid, is the beginning of An Amish Mercies Novel series. This story is of a very young girl, Adriana, who was kidnapped by her nanny. The nanny has taught the little girl to call her Mum so it appeared the child was hers. The nanny left her with Irma and Mordecai, an Amish couple, thinking they would not go to the police. She told the couple she would be back for the little girl, but never returned. The couple raised her as their own along with their other little girl, Olivia, who named her Faith.

The story moves forward 15 years and the girls are now helping Irma at the restaurant. Olivia works as the waitress and is not as dedicated to helping as Faith is. When their Amish parents are in a buggy accident, it is Faith that works the hardest to keep the business going. Olivia was courting and planning to marry Gideon, but has chosen not to be baptized. Now Gideon has become friends with Faith and helps her out with washing dishes and taking care of her parent’s animals while they recover.

One day a reporter comes to the restaurant and takes a photo of his food to write an article in the paper. The day the article is printed, a story is also printed about the young girl that went missing 15 years earlier. That article contains photos of Faith when she was taken and what she could look like now. There is a reward and someone reports that Faith resembles the photo. The police show up and take Faith to return to her biological parents and her Amish parents are held for questioning and can have no contact with Faith. Her biological mother quickly changes Faith with new clothes and hairstyle.

This is a must read story for anyone who likes to read about current events such as abductions. The story is filled with the theme of loving and helping others. It also contains a little romance and suspense. The story is part of an Amish series, but it also includes a lot of the English world. The story bounces back and forth between 15 years ago and today as well as between Faith’s biological and Amish families. I really enjoyed reading how well adjusted Faith is in her faith and walk with God. At just over 16 years old she is already preparing to be baptized. And she is very devoted to her family and helping her parents. When she is forced to live in the English world she goes along with what her biological mother wants even if she doesn’t want it. Yet she knows when she is old enough she can return to her Amish life.

The points that stand out for me are the repeated visits by a red haired man. I get the feeling the author has written him in to resemble God, as this man is very helpful, positive and encouraging to those he speaks with.

I received a copy of this book through BookLook Bloggers. I have written an honest review.

Series: An Amish Mercies Novel (Book 1)

352 pages

ISBN: 9780718082444

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

To learn more about the author visit: http://ruthreid.com/

Some places you can buy this book are:







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