Walk Beside Me by Christine Handy


Walk Beside Me by Christine Handy is a fictional story. Part of the story is based on the author’s experience while going through cancer treatment.

Willow Adair has what so many people want. She is a former model, who’s husband is very successful in his career. They have two children and live in a wealthy area in Columbus, Ohio. They vacation in Nantucket and own a second home in Miami. But – her husband travels a lot with his job. And her teen age daughter is rebellious and going to school out of town.

Willow has struggled with her health and has a routine colon surgery. A vein is cut during the surgery and she almost died. Even after the surgery she is still very sick, until she eventually goes to a specialist out of town and learns she needs to change her diet.

Willow injures her wrist and has a simple surgery for a torn ligament. While recovering she has a blood clot and then after the cast is removed her arm starts to hurt and swells. Her doctor insists nothing is wrong. Her husband accuses her of seeing more doctors than anyone. She eventually goes to a specialist out of town who tells her, she has a really bad infection that has destroyed her wrist. She will need to have it fused.

Before she has finished the treatment for her wrist, she is diagnosed with breast cancer. She has had it and is thinking of ending her life. When her friends find out, they gather around her and schedule for someone to be with her everyday while she goes through treatment.

This is a good, inspirational story. Once I started reading it, I wanted to keep reading it to find out how Willow progressed. This is a good story of friendship and reaching out to those in need. I enjoyed the part of her friends surrounding her with prayers and encouragement constantly. I hope fellow readers learn from Willow’s mistake and seek medical care when they think something is not right.

I have to give this book a 4 due to the language. I feel the message would have come across just as well, or even better, without the swear words. I also hope people realize this is fiction and don’t shrug off their medical concerns. I do think Willow should have thought more about her husband’s feelings and kept weekends for family without friends always there.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good story. . Having gone through a very severe injury then cancer treatments I know you have to be your own health advocate. I wish the story had more of this to help those going through health struggles.

I received a copy of this book from the author. I have written an honest review.

424 pages

ISBN: 9780692638583

Publisher: Proper Press LLC

To read more about the author go to: http://www.christinehandy.com/

This book can be purchased at:




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