The Beloved Christmas Quilt by Wanda, Jean and Richelle Brunstetter


The Beloved Christmas Quilt is a collection of three novellas that followed an Amish family through three generations of women.

Luella’s Promise by Wanda E. Brunstetter is the story of Luella. Luella was caring for Dena Zook and her family. Dena knew her life was coming to an end and gave Luella a quilt that her mother made her.

Karen’s Gift by Jean Brunstetter is the story of Karen, Luella’s daughter. Karen and her husband moved away from their families. Karen struggled with not having her family near her and turned to the Bible verse on the back of the quilt her mother past on to her.

Roseanna’s Groom by Richelle Brunstetter is the story of Roseanna, Karen’s daughter. Roseanna was ready to be married when her groom ran away from the wedding and from the area. Her old boyfriend came back to town and she struggled with her feelings for the two men. She went to stay with her grandparents. Her grandmother Luella shared a bible verse with her. “For thou are my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me” – Psalm 31.3

This is a very good book that follows three generations and shows us the faith and love they each have. While marriage and the gifting of the quilt are the main themes in this story, this is also a great story of family and the struggles they each go through and how they cling to their faith. I enjoyed how the stories flowed together. Knowing the stories were written by three different authors, I was able to pick up on the slight writing difference they have. I have enjoyed Wanda’s and Jean’s writings for years and hope this is just the beginning of Richelle’s writing career.

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397 pages

ISBN: 9781683222255

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press

Wanda E. Brunstetter is an award winning author of over 90 books. Her books are researched and written to accurately show the Amish way of life.

Jean Brunstetter is Wanda’s daughter-in-law became interested in the Amish way of life after visiting her father-in-law’s family. She likes to include some of the Amish simple traditions into her life.

Richelle Brunstetter is Jean’s daughter. She became interested in writing when she took a creative writing class in high school.

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Where We Belong By Lynn Austin


God knows when the end of our days will be. We have nothing to fear.”

Lynn Austen’s Where We Belong is a Christian Historical Fiction novel inspired by twin sisters, Agnes and Margaret Smith. The story takes place in between 1860 and 1890 and focuses on sisters Rebecca and Flora, who grow bored of school and decide to go on an adventure. They get all the information needed to take a trip and present it to their father. This is just the beginning of their travels. The sisters are currently on a trip to the Monastery of St. Catherine on Mount Sinai in search of early manuscripts of the Bible. The sisters have taken along two young people they have recently employed. Soren is their butler and Katie is learning to be a lady’s maid. Soren and Kate both have done things in their past that have taken them to jail and the sisters taken them in. Soren and Katie do not get along at all. As the group travel, they each have memories of their past come back to them.

This is a very good book and brings out the theme that not every one believes the Bible is the way it was originally written. Rebecca’s boyfriend does not believe and she refuses to marry him because of this. The topic of faith and prayer is also very strong in the story. I really enjoyed this story, I especially like the questions the sisters had about what God’s plan was for them. I think anyone who enjoys reading of adventure as well as historical fiction with enjoy this story.

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480 pages

ISBN: 9780764217623

Publisher: Bethany House

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Across the Blue by Carrie Turansky


Across the Blue, by Carrie Turansky, takes place in 1909 in England. Charles Grayson owns three prestigious London newspapers. He has just purchased an estate in the country from Sir Richard and moved his family there. Sir Richard has left furniture and decorations behind and it gives the appearance the Graysons come from old money. My Grayson has offered a substantial amount of money as a prize for the first person that crosses the English Channel. The oldest daughter, Isabella, dreams of being a writer for the newspaper. She makes an agreement with her parents that she will write articles under a different name.

James Drake was born to a single mother who was turned away from her family. She went to live with a friend and when she died in an accident when he was four months old, the friend raised him. This person dies young and her brother, the Professor, raised James. James has no knowledge of who is family is.

James and the Professor are working on their plane near the Grayson’s estate. James takes the plane out for a trial flight and ends up landing it on Grayson’s property. He and Isabella develop a friendship and one day while visiting the Grayson’s estate he sees a photo on the wall of three girls, one of them is his mother.

I really enjoyed reading this story. It contains many issues, aviation, business and family, that make a well rounded story. I like that even though Isabella’s family does not attend church, she is open to attending church with James. There is also suspense with who is James’ family and will their plane make it across the channel. This is a Christian Historical Romance novel. I feel those who enjoy historical romance will enjoy this story.

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320 pages

ISBN: 9781601429421

Publisher: Multnomah

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Love Held Captive by Shelley Shepard Gray


Love Held Captive, by Shelley Shepard Gray, is book three in A Lone Star Hero’s Love Story series. This story takes place after the Civil War. Soldiers often raided homes and left the owners with nothing. Lizabeth was one of these owners. She was forced to turn to her cousin for employment. She is a maid at a hotel when she is cleaning Adam’s room, he comes and and makes advances at her. This is the man that raided her homes first and left her injured. She ran from his room, thinking Major Ethan Kelly’s rooms were vacant she ran to those to hide. When her cousin finds out, she is fired. When Ethan finds out what happened, he fears for Lizabeth’s safety and moves her to a home of a friend of his.

During the war Julianne met Adam, thinking he was single and about to propose, she had a relationship with him. She was caring for her grandmother who was very ill and both were starving. She became Adams mistress to provide for her and her grandmother. After the war, he ended the relationship to return to his wife. He returned to visit Julianne and Captain Devin Monroe is also showing an interest in Julianne. He shots Devin in the back as he rides home from visiting Julianne. Devin’s horse takes him to the hotel where Ethan is staying.

As Devin heals from his injury, Lizabeth and Julianne confess their pasts with Adam. Ethan and Devin call in a couple friends from their war years and together the men go after Adam.

This is a good story. The characters are well introduced and a lot of back ground information was given. It was very easy to follow along, however it felt like it also made the story move to slow. The story bounces between 1865 and 1867 to give additional background as the story moves on. The story is one of brotherhood that is formed between the soldiers that were held as prisoners. The story also shows us how Lizabeth and Julianne were forced to do things they didn’t want, as a way to survive, and the guilt they carried with them because of it. It also shows us how while Lizabeth was working just to survive, she as not able to get past the pain of hat happened to her and move on with her life.

Once I got into the story I really enjoyed it. I think anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction that contains romance as well as some suspense will enjoy this book. Even though it is part of a series, this is also a stand alone book.

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Series: A Lone Star Hero’s Love Story book 3

320 pages

Publisher: Zondervan

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Twintuition by Joan Bannan


Olivia, a single mom, grew up as an only child. When her mother dies, she inherits her mothers house. While going through her mother’s papers, she discovers she has a twin sister.

Vivian was in a plane crash that killed her parents and brother. She is now in need of another surgery and does not want others to know. She is thinking she needs a double to act as herself when Olivia shows up.

Olivia has been struggling financially, working full time yet not making enough to make ends meet. Vivian as adopted by a wealthy couple and has the means to help Olivia and her son.

This is a really good book. I did not expect Vivian to be so welcoming to Olivia but I really enjoyed reading the story of two sisters rebuilding their relationship. As well as of Olivia putting her life on hold to care for her and her son’s financial future. Once I got into the story it was very hard to put down. There is suspense through out the story with what Olivia finds in her mother’s home, as well as why did Vivian’s family plane go down and who was trying to get to Vivian now and why. Both sisters find themselves renewing friendships with men from their past bring a touch of romance to the story as well. I think anyone who enjoys reading modern day dramas with suspense with totally enjoy this story.

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219 pages

ISBN: 9780962762413

Publisher: Joan Bannan

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Fiercehearted by Holley Gerth


Fierceheart, by Holley Gerth, is a great book to help us women to understand that we are all the same. We all have fears and struggles and we need to go to God to work through these to become the woman God created us to be.

With forty short chapters, Holly tells us stories of her life and situations she has lived through. Holly writes this book in such a way that it feels like she is in the room visiting with me. Holly helps us to embrace the woman inside of us, living fully and loving bravely. Holly encourages us to never give in, give up or let go. Through her stories we see how Holly embraced live to life a life full of love and faith.

This is a great book. The writing is so real and honest. Each chapter is just a few pages long, making it the perfect length to use as a devotional. By using the discussion questions at the end of the book, this would be great to use as a Bible Study as well.

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200 pages

ISBN: 9780800722890

Publisher: Revell Publishing

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Christmas at Carnton by Tamera Alexander


Christmas at Carnton is a novella written by Tamera Alexander that takes place in Franklin, Tennessee during the Civil War. Aletta Prescott’s husband was recently killed in the war and she is left to take care of herself, her six year old son and her unborn child. She lost her job and has been notified the bank is taking her house. She has just two weeks to find someplace to live. She takes a job at Carnton Plantation to work for the Women’s Relief Society.

Captain Jake Winston is shot in the shoulder and suffers a head injury that affects his vision. He wants to return to the war but cannot focus to do his job as a sharpshooter. Jake has been ordered to go to Carnton Plantation to represent the soldiers at the Women Relief Society auction. Jake also assists Aletta with making the nativity for the event.

This is a wonderful story. The story is based on a real plantation and the cook is based on the real life cook at the plantation. The story also focuses on the Women’s Relief Society that was active during the Civil War. I really enjoyed reading about the work the women were doing to help the soldiers. This story is a reminder to us of how lives were changed with the Civil War. Part of the story that I really likes was when Jake realized that even though the women were not out fighting the was, the war was changing their lives. Many soldiers lost their lives and their wives were left behind to support themselves and their families. This is a story of hope and faith that God will provide when there is a need. Another thing I really enjoy about this book is the author shares the recipes of items mentioned in the book and also shares with us her plans for upcoming books based on characters from this book.

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224 pages

ISBN: 9780310293248

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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Isaiah’s Daughter: A Novel of Prophets and Kings by Mesu Andrews


Isaiah’s Daughter, Written by Mesu Andrews is a fictional story based on the prophet Isaiah, his family and especially his adoptive daughter, Ishma. Using Bible verses, the author tells us the story of Ishma and her friend Yaira, who were taken captive by Israel-soldiers who attacked Bethlehem. They travel to Jerusalem and are taken into Isaiah’s family. Following the attacks that killed her family, Ishma no longer speaks.

King Ahaz, of Jerusalem, declared the first born sons would be sacrificed. He sacrificed his oldest son. From that day on his next oldest son, Hezekiah, showed no response, staring blankly. Isaiah’s wife invited the Queen and her son to visit. During this visit, Ishma talked with Hezekiah and he responded to her. This was the beginning of their friendship.

This is a very good book. The story, told to us by Ishma, tells us the struggles the people of that time had. The wars that took place as well as the idol worshiping and religious beliefs. I especially like how the author builds her story around Bible verses to help us understand what it could have been like. This story is so well written it was easy to visualize Ishma cooing to her doves as well as the dangers the people were in with the threats from Assyria.

While reading this book, I wondered how we would respond to having prophets today. Would we take what they have to say seriously? If we did, would we be steadfast and patient while we wait for the fulfillment of the prophesy?

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400 pages

ISBN: 9780735290259

Publisher: Waterbrook

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