Beneath the Summer Sun by Kelly Irvin


Beneath the Summer Sun is book 2 in An Every Amish Season series by Kelly Irvin. This is a powerful story of surviving a loss of a husband and father. Jennie was stuck in an abusive marriage. When her husband died she felt guilty, as she wanted the abuse to stop so bad. Now, a few years later, she is trying to move forward. The traveling book salesman is interested in forming a relationship with her. He is not of the Amish faith. And Leo is ready to try again with Jennie. Years earlier Leo tried to have a friendship with Jennie, but the loss of his own father was too great.

In this story we catch up with the widows of the community that were introduced in book 1. The other widows watch out for Jennie and help her when she needs them. Bess is moving forward with her life and is soon to be married.

I enjoyed reading this story. The topic of living in an abusive relationship is not easy to read. The author has done a great job of touching lightly on the subject so we know the struggles Jennie and her family go through. We especially see how her son is affected. For me it is frustrating to know others knew Jennie was living through this but nothing is done to help her. This is a great story of faith. I especially enjoyed the support the widows show for each other.

I am really enjoying reading this series and am looking forward to reading the rest of the books. I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Book Look Bloggers. This is my honest review.

Series: An Every Amish Season (book 2)

357 pages

ISBN: 9780310348085

Publisher: Zondervan

To learn more about the author and books she has written go to:

Some place this book can be purchased are:

My review for the first book in the series “Upon a Spring Breeze” can be viewed at:


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