Amish Sweethearts by Amy Clipston


Amish Sweethearts is a collection of four novellas written by Amy Clipston. Each story is around one hundred pages long, just the right length to get lost in for a short while. The stories are so well written it is easy to just jump right into them.

A Home for Lindsey– Matthew Glick has been busy building a house on his sister and brother-in-law farm for he and Lindsay to live in when they get married. Despite his sister and brother-in-law knowing they are going to lose the farm, they do not tell Matthew until just weeks before they have to move. Matthew tries to buy the land his house is on from the bank, and tries to get a loan to buy land, but he is denied. He feels he has no option but to move to Ohio and work with his cousin.

Lindsay knows something is bothering Matthew, but he refuses to talk with her about it. It is not until her friend asks her about it, that she knows. When she asks Matthew, he breaks off their engagement. He feels he they cannot be married because he cannot provide a home for her.

Love and Buggy Rides – Jonathan comes to Lancaster to visit his grandparents and gets offered a job to drive buggies and give tours. One day at the end of a tour, his buggy is rear ended. Janie, a new co-worker, witnesses the accident but does not have time to speak with the police when they are investigating. Her father has now forbidden her to get involved. He has even forbidden her to date Jonathan. When she finds out Jonathan and her boss are going to be sued for something not their fault she decided to talk with her boss.

Where The Heart Is – Tobias left home during the night without letting anyone know. He traveled to visit his uncle in Florida, who helped him get the treatment he needed for alcoholism. He has finished treatment and is now home to apologize to his father, his family and his community. His sister is getting married soon and her friend Mariella is helping with the dresses and decorations. Mariella has had feeling for Tobias for years, and he is now noticing she is more to him than her sister’s friend. With Mariella’s encouragement, Tobias is able to speak with his father and find out things his father has never shared.

Love Birds – Seth Lapp was killed by an accident at work and his mother and sister, Ellie, are now left to take care of themselves. Ellie takes a part time job working at a gift shop in town. The gift shop is losing money and needs new items to sell. Lloyd is overworked with running his family farm, as his father keeps reminding him, it will be his one day. He tries to help Ellie and her mother a couple days a week with their animals. And he carves birds as a way to relax. Ellie accidentally sees his shop while she is at his home for youth group and tries to get him to sell them at the shop. Lloyd does not want anyone to know about his carvings. But she talks to her boss anyways and ruins their budding relationship.

All four of the stories are good and easy to read. I feel anyone who enjoys reading Amish fiction will enjoy reading this book.

Please note: Love and Buggy Rides was also published in An Amish Harvest. Love Birds was also published in An Amish Market.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and BookLook Bloggers, this is my honest review.

369 pages

ISBN: 9780718091156

Publisher: Zondervan

To learn more about the author to go:

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