BLINK by S. A. Jewell


BLINK by S. A. Jewell is such a good book! Have you ever thought of what the end times would be like, for you, for your non-believing friends and family, for the rest of the world. Using Bible scripture, the author has written this amazing story of her interpretation of what that time will be like. This story is so good it is hard to put down.

In the blink of a moment people have gone missing. No one knows what has happened. While they do know all of the people were Christians, some left behind are also considered to be Christians. The President of the United States has been shot, the military is hurting as well as the country’s financial stability. When the European Parliament President is missing, Marcus Junius is chosen to step in. He quickly becomes the leader of the world with plans to destroy Israel. He plans to get rid of all Jews and Christians, starting at Israel and going across the earth. If anyone wants to live, they must worship him. For seven long years those left behind are having to deal with one bad thing happening after another. Food is very limited, the water has gone bad, animals have disappeared, wild fires and storms are happening every where. For those who have turned to the Bible for answers, they know the rapture has occurred and they must find a way to survive.

This is such a good book, I would recommend everyone read it. While not a true story, it will make the reader sit back and give thought to where they are with God. While this book was written for young adults, it will be enjoyed by adults as well.

I received a copy of this book from the author through Book Crash. This is my honest review.

306 pages

ISBN: 9781620206324

Publisher: Ambassador International

S. A. Jewell is the author of two young adult fiction books. She has a master’s degree in Bible Studies as well as a BFA degree, She is the founder of, a non-denominational Christian ministry encouraging Bible study and helping the needy.

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