Steal Away Home by Billy Coffey


Steal Away Home, by Billy Coffey, is the story of Owen Cross. The story starts out at a major league baseball game in New York. Owen is 29 years old and plays in the Double – A’s. He has been invited to be a back up player for this one game. Through out the game, he spends his time remembering events surround his home town, school friends, parents and Micky. Owen comes from a small town where it was not allowed to mix with those from Shantytown. For those in that area, there was not even a church to attend. Until prom night when Micky, from Shantytown, saw something that encouraged her to start spreading the word of love and of leading her people in fellowship.

Owen comes from a family that from the outside looks idea. Owen’s father is training Owen to excel in baseball to have the future his father did not have. Owen and his father’s connection is baseball. But for Owen’s mother, who felt left out of their lives, Owen loved her just as she loved him. She was supportive and caring. She knew about Micky and Owen’s relationship and help them to continue seeing each other when it was not proper.

In a time and place where it was not normal to go to college, Owen received a baseball scholarship and went on to play ball. His plans were to take Micky with him to get her out of Shantytown, but when her father disappeared with her church’s money, her church went up in flames and she disappeared, that was not possible.

I found this story a little hard to follow. The story is told to us by Owen and flips between the major ball game and his past. I found the story to be rather slow going. With that said, the story has a very good message. The parts in the story that stand out to me are the feelings towards those from Shantytown, the poverty and the lack of even a church. Another things that stands out to me is Owen’s mother’s feelings about Owen and his father having baseball while she had nothing with them. Owen admission that he had to work with his father in baseball to get his approval. But his mother loved him, just as he loved her, he did not have to work at it. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy the sport of baseball and enjoy reading good clean stories.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers.

372 pages

ISBN: 9780718084448

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

To learn more about the author and books he has written go to:

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