Little Critter Little Blessings Collection by Mercer Mayer


Little Critter Little Blessings Collection, by Mercer Mayer, contains four stories to help teach children how to treat others, how to be thankful for what they have, to not lie and to forgive others and ask for forgiveness.

You Go First: Little Critter always wants to be first. His teacher explains to him that having fun isn’t about being first, it’s about enjoying time with others. She tells the class that the God wants us to treat others as we want to be treated.

It’s True!: Little Critter has a tendency to not tell the complete truth. He leads his classmates to believe his grandfather has a real bi-plane and they all want to ride in it. Not knowing how to tell them it is just a model plane, he decides to run away. His grandfather picks him up and teaches him that God tells us the truth will set you free. If you are not truthful, you will not be happy.

Being Thankful: Little Critter is always wanting what he does not have. His father tries to tell him others would be happy with what he has. After spending the night at his Grandparents, his grandfather gives him a thankful rock to carry him his pocket to help remind him to praise God for all he has.

We All Need Forgiveness: Little Critter makes mistakes and hopes others will forgive him, but he is not forgiving to others. His friends get mad at him and his mother explains to him everyone needs to forgive each other, just as God forgives us.

This book is such a great book to help teach younger children basic life lessons about getting along with others and being thankful. Little Critter has been a long time favorite. The stories are easy to read and fun for little ones. These stories are written for preschoolers through third grade. The pictures are cute and colorful with lots of details. This is a hard covered book with regular pages, so could be damaged by the very young child. I think this book would be enjoyed by all little ones and their parents, especially the parents that grew up with Little Critter.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Tommy Nelson, through Book Look Bloggers. This is my honest review.

Series: Little Critter

Pages 104

ISBN: 9781400310821

To learn more about the author and other books he has written go to: this web site also included coloring pages and activities.

Some places this book can be purchased are:


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