An Amish Heirloom by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller and Kelly Irvin


An Amish Heirloom is a book with four stories. Each of the stories focuses on young couples in Amish communities who reunite.

A Legacy of Love by Amy Clipston is a story of a girl who is getting ready to marry. She has an ex-boyfriend repair her grandparent’s rocking chairs. With the wedding quickly approaching, she is questioning if she is marrying the right person.

The Cedar Chest by Beth Wiseman is a story of a young married lady who goes to get a box of books from her parents basement. She sees an old cedar chest with a broken key that has been in her family for years. She and her mother open the chest and find letters. The letters tell the story of her great grandparents.

The Treasure Book by Kathleen Fuller is the story of a young lady who is called to help an elderly friend of her aunts while she is recovering from a sprained ankle. The elderly lady plays match maker and the young lady gets reunited with a young man she knew from back home.

The Midwife’s Dream by Kelly Irvin tells us the story of a young midwife who desires a family of her own but has yet met the right man. One day a brother of her friend brings a young couple to her who are having a baby. The young couple disappear and leave the baby behind with a beautiful old baby quilt. The young midwife seeks help from the friend’s brother to help locate the parents.

Each of these stories are easy to read stories, a good length to read in an evening. Each of the stories is built around a old object that has been kept for many year and has meaning. Each of the stories also deal with the struggles young couples have to build a firm foundation for their relationship. I enjoyed how when the young ladies would start questioning their love for the men in their lives, their mothers would be there to encourage them and help them realize love takes work, it is not always easy and even marriage that look perfect have their struggles. I feel this book would be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys reading stories of the Amish and their faith.

I received a copy of this book from Zondervan Publishing through book look bloggers, this is my honest review.

380 pages

ISBN: 9780310351887

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