Arms of Mercy by Ruth Reid


Arms of Mercy is book two in An Amish Mercies Novel by Ruth Reid. Catherine and Zach have a date to take a sleigh ride. They have been seeing each other for several years and Catherine is thinking Zach will propose. Until Catherine’s ex-boyfriend Elijah returns. When Catherine realizes Zach is not going to propose, she makes plans to travel to Florida to help a family member. Elijah finds out she is going on a trip and gets tickets to go as well. Their trip is filled with tragedy, they are involved in more than one bus accident, both are severely injured and separated.

This is a really good story. Even though it is part of a series, it is a good stand alone story as well. It is a good clean story that shows us the need for forgiveness and listening to God. While reading the story I was repeatedly feeling like nothing else could possibly go wrong. One of the things I liked about this book is that in the worst of times, Catherine still knew the importance of God and prayer. Even when she did not know who she was. I also enjoyed that both Catherine and Elijah were open to listening to the man that would pop into their lives from nowhere and disappear again, possibly an Angel? Catherine has to open her heart to forgiving, not only Elijah, but others who caused Elijah to leave Catherine years earlier. I would recommend this story to any one who enjoys reading Amish stories.

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Series: An Amish Mercies Novel (Book 2)

338 pages

ISBN: 9780718082468

Ruth Reid is a best selling author of Amish series. She is a full time pharmacist. She lives in Florida with her husband and children. You can find a list of books she has written at:

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Falling for You by Becky Wade


Falling for You is the second book in A Bradford Sisters Romance series by Becky Wade. This is a contemporary romance story that takes over where the first book ends. Willow is a famous model and has agreed to take care of her parents inn until the new manager arrives. She is enjoying the peace and quite of her home town, until a young girl, Charlotte, brings her back together with her ex-boyfriend, former NFL quarterback Corbin.

Corbin suffered a serious injury that has forced him off the field. He and his father are in the process of renovating his home. When his father notices Corbin’s feeling for Willow are back, he talks with Willow and asks her not to come back when she leaves.

This is an enjoyable story to get lost in. It has the mystery with what happened to Charlotte’s missing family member. The story deals with topics such as cancer, family and political secrets and per-marital sex. The thing I like most about this story is the forgiveness Willow and Corbin must have to move forward with their relationship. I also enjoyed the sisters relationship through the story as well. I feel anyone who enjoys Christian Romance will enjoy this story.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishing, this is my honest review.

Series: A Bradford Sisters Romance (book 2)

368 pages

ISBN: 9780764219375

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A Rebel Heart by Beth White


A Rebel Heart is the first book in The Daughtry House Series by Beth White. The story is a historical romance story set in set in Mississippi in 1870. Selah Daughtry’s father went to fight in the War Between the States, leaving his wife and daughters alone at the plantation. During the war, soldiers visited the home and killed the mother while the girls hid. Now, five years later, Selah is on the brink of losing the family plantation that means so much to the family. She turns down an offer to sell part of the plantation.

Levi Riggins is a Pinkerton agent working in the area. He sees Selah on the train and decides then he wants to marry her. He meets with the man who wants to buy her property and convinces him to make a deal to repair and rent the Daughtry home and hire Selah to manage it.

This is a fast paced, easy to read book. The story is about forgiveness, with the former slaves agreeing to help repair and run the hotel. It is also about faith, in that trusting God to help supply their needs through using their home as a hotel. I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the rest of the series. I feel anyone who enjoys reading historical stories will enjoy this one. Not only does it give history to our country is also has mystery and suspense.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing, this is my honest review.

Series: The Daughtry House Series (Book 1)

368 pages

ISBN: 9780800726898

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Justice Betrayed by Patricia Bradley

9780800727161 (1)

Justice Betrayed, by Patricia Bradley, is book 3 in A Memphis Cold Case Novel series. This is a romantic suspense story that will keep you reading to find out “who done it”. Even thought this is a series and some characters are introduced in the previous book, this book can also be a stand alone story.

The story takes place in Memphis during Elvis week. One of the Elvis impersonators comes to Detective Rachel Sloan with information regarding a cold case murder. Very soon after he is murdered. Another impersonator has his medication tampered with and almost dies. Rachel is knee deep in the investigation that could be linked to her mothers death many years earlier. She gets help from her co-worker Boone, who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend, to try to find out who the killer is.

I really enjoyed this story. It has many twists and turns to keep the reader guessing who the murderer is. It is very fast paced and does not have an overly large amount of characters. Each of the characters are well introduced, so it is easy to follow the story. I enjoyed the way Rachel and Boone were able to work together and how they were able to put their past behind them to solve the case. I also enjoyed the references to the elderly women who went to the Elvis activities as well as to her grandmothers who do not get into modern technology. I feel anyone who enjoys police stories will enjoy this story. It is a good clean story with a lot of suspense and mystery alone with a little romance.

I received a copy of this book from Revel publishing. This is my honest review.

Series A Memphis Cold Case Novel (book 3)

368 pages

ISBN 9780800727161

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Send Down the Rain by Charles Martin


Send Down the Rain, by Charles Martin, is a story about two brothers who grew up without their father. When Bobby, the older brother, received his draft notice, the mother asked Joseph, the younger brother, to take Bobby and go to Canada until the war was over. Instead Joseph, just over 17, takes Bobby’s place in Vietnam. Bobby rents an apartment in Joseph’s name, gets mixed up in drugs and marries Joseph’s girlfriend. Now many years later, Joseph is trying to live with what he has lived through and Bobby is a senator.

Joseph encounters a young mom with two children who are running away from a very bad man. He takes them to her brother. On his way home is comes across the wreckage of his ex-girlfriend’s husband’s semi. Allie is grieving and wants to draw on the life insurance but there is none. And the truck that blew up is not the one she was paying insurance on. Joseph helps Allie get to the bottom of what has happened and then helps her get her restaurant back in operation. Meanwhile, the young mother he helped calls him and needs his help.

This is a very powerful story with many different things happening that all come together in the end. The theme in the story is about forgiveness and helping others. Yet, the story is filled with violence and lies. It is a very complex story that covers many topics, abandonment, divorce, drug addiction and PTSD. The story does not have an overall Christian message in it, other than memories of Bobby and Joseph’s mother praying. I enjoyed reading this story. Though I did not feel it was very realistic, with all the deception that took place.

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331 pages

ISBN: 9780718084745

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Blind Betrayal by Nancy Mehl


Blind Betrayal is book three in the Defenders of Justice series by Nancy Mehl. Just as Casey Sloane and other members of the St. Louis US Marshals office are about to transport a reporter to Washington, their headquarters is attacked. Their plans for taking the witness have been changed and the person called in to help is a person from Casey’s past. E. J. and Casey are able to get caught up and work out past differences while traveling with the witness, while being extremely careful to keep the witnesses safety top priority. Yet their safety is compromised when the witness keeps in touch with the bad guys to ensure her sister’s safety.

This has been a great series and this story kept me wanting more. While it is not necessary to read the series in order, it is helpful since characters are brought back. The story is full of adventure and suspense with just a touch of romance mixed in. One of the things I like about Nancy’s stories is that typically one of the marshals is a very strong Christian and is helpful to the ones who are searching. The story is not overwhelming or preachy, but just a good clean story that keeps me wanting to read to see what happens.

I would recommend this story to those who like suspenseful law stories.

I received a copy of this book from the author. I was not asked to write a review, but this is my honest review.

Series: Defenders of Justice (Book 3)

312 pages

ISBN: 9780764217791

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The Hawaiian Discovery by Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter


The Hawaiian Discovery by Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter is the sequel to The Hawaiian Quilt. As young ladies Ellen and Mandy took a cruise to Hawaii. When they missed their cruise ship they were forced to stay on the island a while longer. This is where Mandy met Ken. They married and opened a B&B Middlebury, Indiana. When Ken’s father suddenly dies, they move to Hawaii. Ellen is left to continue running the B&B until it is sold. Shortly after the sale, Ken is attacked by a shark while surfing. With a lot of surgeries and medical treatments ahead of him, there is no one to run his parents chicken business. Ellen gets the church’s permission to fly to be with Mandy and help with the business. Ken’s mother also hires Rob Smith to work for them.

After Ken’s injury, his mother makes a major decision to sell the business and purchase the B&B owned by some friends who are moving to the mainland. Mandy, Ellen and Rob help run the B&B. Ellen and Rob start developing feeling for each other, but both know those feelings cannot lead to anything permanent. Ellen is committed to her Amish faith and Rob has suffered a tragedy in the past that he cannot get away from.

Yet another wonderful story by Wanda and Jean Brunstetter. It has been some time since I read the first book in this series and found this book very enjoyable. The authors give enough background information that it is not necessary to read the first book to enjoy this story. I enjoyed reading this story. It gives more information about the Amish faith than I knew before. Some of the things that stand out for me in this story are the way the Amish and other church groups pull together to help those in need. Another is how a mistake we make when we are young, can continue to follow us the rest of our life. And with the death of their father, Ken’s brother is not able to go on with his life in Hawaii. He and his wife move and he does not come back when Ken is injured. Some months later, he reaches out to his family for forgiveness. This story will be enjoyed by those who like reading Amish fiction.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review”.

Series: Hawaiian (book 2)

254 pages

ISBN: 9781683224471

Wanda E. Brunstetter is an award winning author of over 90 books. Her books are researched and written to accurately show the Amish way of life.

Jean Brunstetter is Wanda’s daughter-in-law became interested in the Amish way of life after visiting her father-in-law’s family. She likes to include some of the Amish simple traditions into her life.

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The Song of Sadie Sparrow by Kitty Foth-Regner


The Song of Sadie Sparrow, by Kitty Foth-Regner, is a book that will speak to you. Whether you are approaching retirement years or have family members at an age where they need help with their care, this story will really bring out some topics to consider.

The story focuses on three women of different ages:

Sadie is an 86 year old widow who has been moved to The Hickories nursing home by her daughter. Her daughter is so busy with her own life, she does not take much time for her mother.

Meg has recently lost her husband and at the age of 58, she has made major changes to her life. She has ended her business and has taken a job at The Hickories.

Elsie is a 32 year old single teacher who gave up her job to care for her grandfather. Her mother left when Elsie was very young and they have not heard from her or seen her for a very long time.

Jamie is a young pastor who visits the nursing home. He leads the Bible study Sadie has joined, he spends time witnessing to Meg and he develops a relationship with Elise.

First off, I love this story, and when I get old I want to be just like Sadie. She is so full of life and her imagination is very vivid. This story is so realistic, it is hard not to feel sadness for the residents who’s families are so busy they do not visit them. I also like the idea of the nursing home having a staff member get to know the residents well enough to write a biography of sorts for them and their families. I wish that were something all homes would do. I really think the book will be enjoyed by many regardless of age or gender. I think it will open many peoples eyes to the need to visit the elderly family members who cannot get out.

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395 pages

ISBN: 9781941555354

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Before I Saw You by Amy K. Sorrells


Before I Saw You, by Amy K. Sorrells is a wonderful story. Jaycee has gone out to rescue baby rabbit and left her little brother home sleeping. Her mother is at home with friends who could and do cause harm to her little brother. Her mother is sent to prison and Jaycee is all alone. She works at a diner and is now pregnant. She has broken up with her abusive boyfriend. With the support of friends and co-workers, Jaycee decides it is best to give her baby up for adoption. When the father’s family finds out they file for custody.

This is a great book. With discussion questions at the end, this would be a good book for book discussion groups. The story focuses on drug addition, unplanned pregnancy and forgiveness. Several things in this story stand out for me. One being how Jaycee is finally able to forgive her mother and turns to her for emotional support. Another is how the church members and elderly ladies in Jaycees life help her through the tough times. When her brother dies and her mother goes to prison, the church steps in to help her. Her neighbor, Sudie, is there through all her life helping her and her mother. And her employer is a friend as well as an employer. I really enjoyed this story. I feel anyone who likes to read about contemporary women’s issues will like this story.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Blog Network. This is my honest review.

358 pages

ISBN: 9781496409560

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