Send Down the Rain by Charles Martin


Send Down the Rain, by Charles Martin, is a story about two brothers who grew up without their father. When Bobby, the older brother, received his draft notice, the mother asked Joseph, the younger brother, to take Bobby and go to Canada until the war was over. Instead Joseph, just over 17, takes Bobby’s place in Vietnam. Bobby rents an apartment in Joseph’s name, gets mixed up in drugs and marries Joseph’s girlfriend. Now many years later, Joseph is trying to live with what he has lived through and Bobby is a senator.

Joseph encounters a young mom with two children who are running away from a very bad man. He takes them to her brother. On his way home is comes across the wreckage of his ex-girlfriend’s husband’s semi. Allie is grieving and wants to draw on the life insurance but there is none. And the truck that blew up is not the one she was paying insurance on. Joseph helps Allie get to the bottom of what has happened and then helps her get her restaurant back in operation. Meanwhile, the young mother he helped calls him and needs his help.

This is a very powerful story with many different things happening that all come together in the end. The theme in the story is about forgiveness and helping others. Yet, the story is filled with violence and lies. It is a very complex story that covers many topics, abandonment, divorce, drug addiction and PTSD. The story does not have an overall Christian message in it, other than memories of Bobby and Joseph’s mother praying. I enjoyed reading this story. Though I did not feel it was very realistic, with all the deception that took place.

I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through BookLook Bloggers. This is my honest review.

331 pages

ISBN: 9780718084745

You can learn more about the author and books he has written at:

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