Freedom’s Ring by Heidi Chiavaroli


Freedom’s Ring by Heidi Chiavaroli, is a novel that takes place in Boston in 1770 and in 2015. In 1770 the Boston Massacre takes place and Liberty’s brother is killed. Devastated and with no place to go, she returns to the British officer’s home where she has been working, to collect her things. She is attacked by the captain. With limited funds and no place to live, she takes the Lieutenant’s ring and flees.

In 2015 Annie is still struggling to move on after the Boston Marathon bombing. She was a runner in the marathon with her sister and niece waiting for her at the finish line when the bomb went off. She has separated herself from them for two years and then tries to reconnect after her mother says they are moving far away. While visiting her niece, she finds a card with the name of the person who rescued her. She reconnects with him, Brad, to give him back the ring he left with her when she was injured. Together they research to find out more about his background and the ring. What they find out is truly amazing.

This is a good story that shows the strength Liberty and Annie needed to deal with the struggles in their lives brought on by the cruelty of others. It also shows how they have to overcome these struggles to move forward with their lives and forgive others. I really enjoyed reading this story. In the beginning it was like reading two different stories, but the author does a great job of bringing the two together.

I received a copy of this book through Tyndale’s My Readers Reward Club. I was not required to write a review.

388 pages

ISBN: 9781496423122

My rating 4.6

You can learn more about the author by visiting

Some places to purchase this book are:

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