God in a God-Forsaken Land by Gene R. Stark


I often meditate upon the words of Acts 13:47, which tells us to be witnesses “unto the ends of the earth.” I now knew where that was. I had located the ends of the earth in Northwestern Minnesota.”

God in a God-forsaken Land, by Gene R Stark is a fictional story based on Pastor August Hertwig. The majority of the story is set in Mid-western Minnesota in the late 1800’s. August Hertwig traveled to the United State and took a job working in the coal mines in Illinois. One of his co-workers invited him to attend church with his family. His life was changed and he attended seminary. His assignment was to move to Western Minnesota and minister to the people. He had no home, so he stayed with one of the local bachelors. He had no means of transportation, so he walked to the surrounding areas to minister to the people. He set up a schedule to meet with the people from different areas for service which he would speak in German. Just before winter set him, his flock came together and built him a log home and a fellow missionary brought him a horse. Toward the end of his first winter he was invited to go to St. Paul and meet with other pastors. While there he was introduced to a young lady who was interested in his missionary. They married and she joined him whenever he could.

This is a must read story for anyone in western Minnesota who is interested in their history. It is a great story that shows us the strength the traveling ministers had to have. The faith they had to possess and the struggles they endured. This story really opened my eyes to what it took for our early settlers to have church service and Christian fellowship. The things that stands out the most in the story to me is with all the traveling August did, he relied on God to strengthen and encourage him.

I received a copy of this book from the author through BookCrash, this is my honest review.

203 pages

ISBN: 9781633571235

My Rating: 5

Publisher: Crosslink Publishing

The author lives and writes in western Minnesota. He attends on of the churches Pastor August Hertwig started. You can learn more about his other books at: www.flyovercountryscribe.com

His book can be purchased at: https://www.amazon.com/God-God-Forsaken-Land-Gene-Stark/dp/1633571238

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