Healing the Scars of Addiction by Gregory Jantz, PHd and Ann McMurray


Healing the Scars of Addiction by Gregory L. Jantz and Ann McMurray is a self-help book for those who are dealing with addictions and are wanting to recover. The book goes into depth to explain the many different types of additions that one may have and how it affects them and other people. The author uses the stories of real people to show the pain and suffering those who deal with addictions have as well as how they moved forward with their lives to overcome their addictions.

This is an interesting book to read in the fact that I would never have thought of some of the types of addictions the authors describe. The book is very easy to understand with getting down to the basics of helping the reading know that taking the first step is very hard, but is not the only step to take. Overcoming an addiction is a long hard process that changes the person as they grow and heal. I found this book to be a very interesting book to read. I would recommend this book be read over time so the reader can spend time focusing on what is written and how to use it in their life.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing, this is my honest review.

208 pages

ISBN: 9780800727734

My rating: 4 star

You can read more about the author and other books he has written at: www.drgregoryjantz.com

This book can be purchased at:





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