You’re the One that I Want by Susan May Warren


You’re the One That I Want is the last book in a Christiansen Family series by Susan May Warren. This is the continuation of Owen’s story. Owen suffered an injury while playing for the NHL that cost him his career. He is now working on an Alaskan crabbing boat. A storm causes the ship’s owner’s daughter, Scotty, to get tossed into the waters and Owen goes in after her. When it is believed they are lost at sea, their pictures are on the TV and Owen’s bother, Casper sees it. He is looking for Owen to get Owen’s permission to marry the mother of Owen’s daughter. When Casper and Owen try to fly home to Minnesota, they are taken into custody as Carper is a suspect in a murder. Scotty is in law enforcement and is asked to make sure they get back to Minnesota.

I have enjoyed reading this series. This book brings the family back together and shows the faith they have as well as the love and devotion they have towards each other. This story contains mystery, suspense and romance. While each of the books focuses on one of the family members, it is also a continuation of the whole family. So this series should be read in the order it is written.

Series: Christian Family (book 6)

384 pages

ISBN: 9781414378466

Publisher: Tyndale Fiction

Susan May Warren is a best selling award winning author. You can learn more about her and the books she has written at

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