Freedom’s Light by Colleen Coble


Freedom’s Light, by Colleen Coble, is Christian historical fiction that takes place in Massachusetts in 1776. Hannah’s husband John was a lighthouse keeper and when he went to fight in the Revolutionary War, his duties went to Hannah. He was killed in a battle at the beginning of the war and she now feels she is doing her duty to help with the war by keeping the light going for the sailors.

I enjoyed reading this story. Once it got started, it was a fast paced story with suspense and romance. It was interesting to read of the strictness and lack of caring from church leaders. Hannah is a very caring person. She continues to care for the lighthouse her husband was responsible for after his death. She also stayed near his family, who were not supportive of her. She took in an injured sailor, an infant and her sister, Lydia, when they needed her. Doing this brought discipline from the church despite her strong faith and Christian beliefs. The characters of Lydia, and Galen were both selfish people. Their part of the story contains the subject of living together before marriage. The story also touches on the neglect and treatment of Hannah’s parents and the abuse from Galen.

I enjoyed reading this story. I feel anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction will also enjoy this book.

I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson. This is my honest review.

298 pages

ISBN: 9780785219385

My rating 4.5 stars

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