An Amish Homecoming by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Shelley Shepard Gray and Kathleen Fuller


An Amish Homecoming is a compilation of four wonderful short stories written by four great Christian authors. These stories involve Amish ladies who are returning home after being gone for some time. The ladies struggle with how they will be accepted into their community. I really enjoyed reading these stories. They show how sometimes we have to ask others to forgive us for our actions, and we have to forgive others so that we can move on. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading Amish stories.

No Place Like Home”, by Amy Clipston, is about Eva who left her home and went to live near her husband’s family. After the death of her husband, she stays near them so they have their grandson nearby. When her young son asks about meeting her parents, she goes home. She finds their part time farm hand is now working full time and living in her parent’s daadihaus. She accuses him of wanting her parent’s farm.

When Love Returns”, by Beth Wiseman, is about Sarah who is forced to go home for a place to stay following Hurricane Harvey. Her parents and ex-boyfriend, Abram, do not know she has a child. Because of an unfortunate incident, she is not sure who the child’s father is. Now that she is home, she is forced to work on her relationship with her mother and Abram.

The Courage to Love”, by Shelley Shepard Gray, is about Irene who has recently lost her English husband. While on a trip she meets the Wengerd’s and agrees to work part time for them in exchange for living with them. Their son Marcus does not approve of the arrangement but is forced to apologize to her for his actions.

What Love Built”, by Kathleen Fuller, is about Carolyn who left her community many years earlier. At her brothers request, she moves back home and is working on opening her dream bakery. She is very head strong and does not allow others to help her. Atlee comes to her bakery one night looking for his friends home and sees that she needs help. He works out an arrangement to help her. But just before the opening, her bakery is vandalized.

I received a copy of this book from Zondervan publishing through Booklook Bloggers. This is my honest review.

399 pages

ISBN: 9780785218487

My rating 4.8 stars

You can learn more about the authors and books they have written by going to their web sites at:,

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