With Winter’s First Frost by Kelly Irvin


With Winter’s First Frost is the fourth book in An Every Amish Season series by Kelly Irvin. The stories in this series focus on women of different ages. While this is a series, each of the stories also make a good stand alone story. This story focuses on seventy three year old widow, Laura Kauffman. When Rosalie is taken to the hospital, Laura stays to watch the children. Ben’s great-grandfather Zechariah also lives with the family. Together these elderly people care for the young children, while trying to manage their health conditions.

This is a wonderful story that shows the difficulties the elderly deal with when their health is affected. Zechariah feels his family is taking away his independence as they make decisions for him. This story also shows the struggles the younger people deal with as they make decisions about their future. With humor, the author writes an inspirational story that shows the faith the members have as well and the care they give to others in their community. I especially enjoy how the author writes in some of the Amish traditions, such as how they select their church leaders. I feel anyone who enjoys reading stories of the Amish will enjoy this series.

I received a copy of this book from Zondervan publishing through BookLook Bloggers. This is my honest review.

Series: An Every Amish Season (Book 4)

336 pages

To learn more about the author and books she has written go to: http://www.kellyirvin.com/

This book can be purchased at:





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