The String by Caleb Breakey


The String is book one in the Deadly Games series by Caleb Breakey. It is a good Christian suspense story that is very intense with a lot of violence and killing and very little Christian references. There is a mad man, known as the Conductor, that is selecting students and staff from Trenton University giving them orders to do what he wants them to do or suffer the consequences, even death. Markus Haas, a university cop is one of those selected. The Conductor takes Markus’s girlfriend and her two girls to hold as hostages to get Markus to do as he is told. Markus has to make the decision to do what he is told or try to save his girlfriend. Markus and a few of the others selected work together to try to find the Conductor before it is to late.

This story is very well written. Even with a lot of characters, it was easy to follow It is very fast paced and covers just a few days times. This is a good story for readers who enjoy intense thrillers that leaves them guessing who the Conductor is and why he is doing what he is.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Blogging Program. This is my honest review.

Series: Deadly Games (book 1)

310 pages

ISBN: 9780800735074

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Light from Distant Stars by Shawn Smucker


Light from Distant Stars, by Shawn Smucker, is a Christian fiction novel that tells the story of Cohen. Now in his middle age, he is faced with losing his father. While spending nights in the hospital, he finds himself reliving events from his childhood. We also see the guilt he feels over his father’s pending death, due to a disagreement he had with his father. The story also shows the result of the family breakdown after the father, a former pastor, has an affair. It shows the need Cohen has for the father he knew as a young boy. While members of the family have left the church, Cohen still has a strong need for the church and confessional.

This is an interesting story to read, with a very good message. The story moves between modern day and Cohen’s childhood, which makes it a little hard to follow at times. The flash backs with the two children in his childhood are dark and use a living dark shadow to show the evil in the situation. This may not be something everyone will want to read. The thing that stands out most for me in this book is when the pastor tells Cohen “Your father loved you, Cohen. I know you know that. Your father loves you. As does God. I think you’ve been waiting for the God of your childhood to return as well, but God is not in the past. God is always here. You must only open your eyes to see.” Another thing is the strong need Cohen has to wash his father’s body when he dies.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing. This is my honest review.

394 pages

ISBN: 9780800728519

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The Express Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse


The Express Bride, by Kimberley Woodhouse, is book 9 in The Daughters of the Mayflower series. This is my favorite book in the series so far. Even though this is a series that advances in history, these are stand alone stories that do not require reading previous ones. The characters do not follow through in the series, with the exception of a possible reference to ancestors.

Set in 1860 in Utah territory, Jackie takes over managing her fathers stage coach and Pony Express station after his death. Single handedly she manages the crew and cares for them. She meets every Express rider that comes to her station. When a stage comes with two men seeking answers, they turn to Jackie for help. Mr. Crowell has asked for her help in tracking down forged treasury notes that are being shipped in the Express mail. Elijah has been sent to find his bosses daughter, who was taken away many years earlier by her mother. While Elijah stays at the station, waiting for a response from his boss, he and Jackie develop a friendship and Elijah questions if Jackie could be the one he is looking for.

This is a great story that is hard to put down. The author uses scripture to bring out the message of forgiveness in the story. This story is also one of action and mystery. It is written so well, it captures the readers attention until the very end. It is fun to read a story based on the Pony Express and that time in history, when staying in contact with those far away was not easy.

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Series: The Daughters of the Mayflower (book 9)

253 pages

ISBN: 9781643520636

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Just. You. Wait. Patience, Contentment, and Hope for the Everyday by Tricia Lott Williford


I don’t normally promote a book before I read it, but this one is so timely for me. Tricia Lott Williford’s book “Just. You. Wait.” was published this week.  The summary of the book touched me like few do.  It seems like we spend our life waiting for others and  for things to happen.  The summary says there is joy in waiting, that waiting is a time for us to sit back and believe God is working for us.  It is through waiting patiently for God to do his work in us that we can say “Look out world; I am getting ready to shine. Just you wait.”

Since a foot injury over 3 months ago, I have had many days; that after my work is done for the day, I can do no more.  For you, my followers, this is why fewer book reviews have been posted.  My patience has been very thin, waiting to get appointments with doctors, waiting to find out the extent of the injury, waiting for medication to work,  waiting for the pain to go away and wanting to get back to my normal life. So for the rest of my recovery time, I will attempt to read and review more, I will try to imagine what my life will be like post recovery and I will dream of resuming my normal life. AND, I will read this book!


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