Always Look Twice by Elizabeth Goddard


Always Look Twice is book two in the Uncommon Justice Series by Elizabeth Goddard. This is a modern day romantic suspense that takes place in Bridger County, Wyoming. Harper and her sister, Emily, have returned to their childhood hometown as Emily rushes to meet the deadline for her new book. Harper is on leave from her job as a crime scene photographer, as a result from covering a case very similar to her own childhood tragedy. While photographing in the national forest, she witnesses and photographs a murder. When she sees the murderer watching her she tries to run but falls, gets hurt and loses her camera. When the body is not found, it is questioned if she really witnessed a murder.

Heath is the owner of a guest ranch. While out with his guests he hears a scream and a gun shot and takes off to investigate. He finds Emily, a really good friend from childhood. Heath is also a volunteer with the local law enforcement and is assigned to protect Emily. The local law enforcement is low on staff and has multiple crimes taking place at the same time. That include the bombings of mailboxes, a guest cabin at Heath’s ranch and a building in town.

This is a great story. Being part of a series, this is also great stand alone story. The story lightly references the characters from the first book. This story is full of adventure and suspense with a touch of romance. The Christian aspect of the book is very mild, but the story has a good message of faith, caring for others and second chances. This is a great book that is hard to put down. I was kept guessing almost to the end as to who the criminal was. I would highly recommend this story to those who enjoy crime stories.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing and the author as part of the launch team. This is my honest review.

Series: Uncommon Justice (book 2)

Story length: 357 pages

ISBN: 9780800729851

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A Christmas Haven by Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall


A Christmas Haven, by Cindy and Erin Woodsmall, is an Amish Christian romance story that takes over where A Christmas Remedy left off. This is a wonderful story to read, it shows love, caring and compassion for others. This story is a blend of English and Amish cultures, showing a glimpse into the different restrictions the different Amish sects have. The story shows the struggles each of the members go through while make the decision to stay with their religion as well as the lack of knowledge they have to other cultures. This is brought out by Magda’s comment that her mother never told her how babies were made. I really enjoyed the message given with Arlan going against his family to save his younger sister, while struggling with how to repair the damage his actions bring. I appreciate his questioning some of the rules with wondering where the Bible says. As well has how he went back to his family to try to restore his relationship with them, telling his father he will always welcome contact even many years in the future, and secretly giving his younger siblings phone numbers to call if they need to reach out.

In this story we stay connected to the Zook family as well as meet the Keim family. The Zooks are Old Order Amish and the Keims are Swartzentruber Amish; which are ultra conservative. The Zook family lost their father years ago and the mother and two local daughters are left to care for their dairy farm alone while working with their normal jobs. Holly is planning to marry later this year and Ivy is planning to move away to the English world to enable her party-planning business to grow. Ivy loves to decorate and arrange parties but needs the technology not allowed to make her business grow.

Arlan Keim takes his unwed pregnant teen sister, Magda, away to get the medical attention she needs, but is being denied by her father. When his car has brake issues, they crash into Greene’s Pharmacy. sSe is taken to the local clinic and receives care but is released only if she goes to the Zook home to allow for follow up care. Arlan is eager to help around the farm, that needs so much care. With Arlan’s help, the farm is growing again.

I received an ARC of this story from WaterBook and Multnomah Publishing and the authors. This is my honest review.

Series: Sequel to A Christmas Remedy

197 pages

ISBN: 9780525653295

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Erin helps her mother-in-law edit, brainstorm and research for their stories. She is also a writer, musician, wife and mother.

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The Melody of the Mulberries by Tonya Jewel Blessing


The Melody of the Mulberries, by Tonya Jewel Blessing is book two in the Big Creek series. It takes off where The Whispers of the Willows ends. So it is best to read them in order. The stories take place in the 1920s in the untamed Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia.

Emie is now married to Rudy and has a young daughter, which Rudy is raising as his own. The young girl’s father, Charlie, is in prison.

Emie’s younger sister, Coral, is feeling that she needs to visit Charlie. She travels with the local school teacher, Charlotte , and pastor. She and Charlotte visit Charlie spreading the message of God.

Emie’s brother, Ernest, use to be close friends with Mercy. She has left the area and now is back, expecting a child and has plans to marry Ernest. While she was gone, Ernest, helped Charlotte with the school children and they have developed a deep friendship.

This is such a good story. The topics of grief, unwed mothers and prisoners are not always easy to read. There are twists and turns within this story that made me want to keep reading to see how each situation would turn out. I enjoyed the young boys the author wrote into the story. Their humor is so fun to read. I enjoy the way the author wrote parts of hymns into the story as well as the strength the characters have. I feel anyone who enjoys reading stories based in the early 1900’s will enjoy this story.

I received a copy of this book from BookCrash. This is my honest review.

Series: Big Creek (Book 2)

232 pages

ISBN: 9781951084004

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Moments We Forget by Beth K. Vogt

Moments We Forget

Moments We Forget is book two in the Thatcher Sisters series by Beth K. Vogt. This book focuses mainly on middle sister Jillian. She is struggling with getting her life back after going through treatments for cancer. She struggles with memory and doing her normal daily activities to the point she loses her job. Together with her two sisters, they try to form a book club, but the ongoing sister dynamics threaten their time together. Jillian feel’s like she is the lessor of the sisters and that she is to be the peacekeeper.

We also catch up with sisters Johanna and Payton. Johanna is very career focused and has been in a long term engagement that never advances to wedding plans. Payton struggles with the loss of her twin. And struggles with making the decision to follow Jesus for the right reason.

This is a very good contemporary Christian fiction story that focuses on women’s issues such as infertility, adoption, unfaithfulness and death and grief. While this is part of a series, this story is written in a way that it is also a stand alone story. The author introduces the characters and gives good background information. I appreciate the way the author handles the ongoing health concerns Jillian has. It is very realistic. I also appreciate how the author writes of Payton’s struggles with wanting to make a commitment to God for the right reasons.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale’s my readers reward club. This is my honest review.

Series: Thatcher Sisters (book 2)

448 pages

ISBN: 9781496427298

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Shadow of the Dagger by Anne Greene


Shadows of the Dagger is the first book in the CIA Operatives series by Anne Greene. In the past year Nicole has lost her husband and her parents. Her home has been searched and she received a note demanding she return a map she does not have. Her brother, Ian, is in Turkey for an archaeological dig and his interpreter has been murdered. He fears for Nicole’s safety and convinces her to leave Texas and be with him in Turkey. When she gets to Istanbul, he is not there to meet her and her purse gets stolen. CIA agent ,Josh Baruch is there, helps her check into her hotel and look for her brother. They find his room ransacked. When they go to the local police, Ian does not trust them. In a strange city, without her purse and with her brother missing; Nicole is forced to rely on Josh for help.

Through their search for Ian, several things happen that cause Nicole to not trust Josh. Josh is not honest with Nicole, she thinks he is on vacation in Turkey and does not know of his involvement with the CIA. So when the man from the police station shows up, she trusts him instead.

What a page turning story! It is so full of adventure, suspense and mystery, with a touch of romance, that it is hard to put down. There are a few things that really stand out to me in this story. Nicole very quickly trusts Josh, even though she does not know him. I know my reaction to the situation would have been very different. Nicole has very strong Christian beliefs and Josh has very strong Jewish beliefs. Yet they respect each other and share freely with each other.

I totally enjoyed this story, I enjoyed the rich history the author gives to the area. The writing is so descriptive it is easy to imagine the surroundings and what is happenings. The characters are well introduced and easy to follow.

I received a copy of this book from the author. This is my honest review.

400 pages

ISBN: 9781951080204

Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing

Anne Greene writes about heroes and heroines who are not afraid to turn to prayer in times of struggles. You can learn more about her and other books she has written at:

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The Girl Behind The Red Rope by Ted Dekker and Rachelle Dekker

mail (1).jpg

The Girl Behind The Red Rope is a Christian suspense written by Ted and Rachelle Dekker. Haven Valley is a small town lead by spiritual leader Rose. The town is surrounded by a red rope that it’s occupants are not allowed to cross. The belief is the darkness on the other side of the rope is filled with evil Fury. Ten years ago, evil was let lose on the earth and only believers were allowed into Haven Valley. Grace, her brother and mother live there, but not her father, a non-believer. Now her father is traveling to see them before he passes away. He travels with Eli, a young adopted boy. Rose is directed to kill Grace’s father and the boy. When Grace becomes aware of this, she gets Eli and hides him. She has already begun questioning the truth and who the real enemy is. Through Eli, she begins to open her eyes to where the evil really is.

This is a captivating story that will keep the reader’s attention to the very end. The suspense runs through the entire book. Some of the things that stand out for me in this story is the struggle to know the truth that Grace and her brother went through. Another is the love their mother has for Grace, offering up her life to save Grace’s. I enjoyed the use of a young boy to teach the truth.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads Blogging Program. This is my honest review.

336 pages

ISBN: 9780800736538

Ted Dekker has written over 30 novels and has been named one of the top suspense writers of all times by NPR. You can read more about him and see the books he has written at:

Rachelle Dekker, the oldest daughter of author Ted Dekker, has written several books. You can read more about her and the books she has written at:

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You Belong With Me by Tari Faris


Time heals all wounds.

You Belong With Me, by Tari Faris, is book one in the Restoring Heritage series. This is a contemporary romance that takes place in a small town in Michigan. There is a lot that is happening within this one story. Hannah is a local gal that is now a realtor who encourages her clients not to sell to a developer. She has talked the town into doing improvements to better the area.

Her brother ended his relationship and quickly moved on, even getting engaged. He has left his job, asked Hannah to sell their family home, and is planning to move away. But when his aunt and uncle ask him to take over their restaurant for a while, he can’t pass it up. It has been his dream for years, but his ex-girlfriend is back in town and has been asked to take over as the baker.

Luke, grew up in the foster care system, living with a widow who lived next to Hannah’s family. He has since purchased the home and is remodeling it. He and Hannah find a box that contains papers that may take the home from him. Luke has struggled with who he really is, if he has family and where he fits in. Hannah has secretly asked someone to research his background.

This is an easy to read story about relationships that suffer because of lack of communication. But it also focuses on healed relationships when forgiveness is given.

One of the things I enjoyed about this story is the reality of what is happening to our small towns. The struggles the businesses and the people have. This story shows the closeness and the support that is strong within small towns. I enjoyed reading of the friendships that turn into committed relationships between those who grow up together in small towns.

This is a Christian story, yet is written so nicely that it would not offend. It is not preachy in any way. It is a good clean story with a good message. Anyone who enjoys reading contemporary romance would enjoy this book.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads Blogging Program. This is my honest review.

Series: Restoring Heritage (Book 1)

368 pages

ISBN: 9780800736477

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The Words Between Us by Erin Bartels


The Words Between Us is a novel by Erin Bartels. Robin’s parents are serving time in prison. She changed her name and moved to live with a grandmother she never knew. During this short time, she became friends with Peter, who lent her books to read. When the grandmother died, she took off and was not heard from until she moved back to River City, Michigan and open a used book store. When the day of her father’s scheduled execution comes, she started receiving books from Peter in the mail, with poems she wrote for him now written in them. It is during this time she finally went to visit her parents in prison and forced them to tell her the truth.

This is a good, powerful story of a having your life changed in a blink of an eye and not knowing how to deal with it. To be put in a position of trying to be yourself and have a normal life, when everyone knows about your family. The story bounces between then, the time right after her parent’s sentencing, and now. This is a Christian Fiction novel with the slight Christian aspect coming from Robin’s father in prison. He has learned to forgive her mother, but is yet to tell her. This story has some suspense and a life long longing for a relationship between Robin and Peter.

I received copy of this book from Revell Reads Blogging Program. This is my honest review.

Story length: 355 pages

ISBN: 9780800734923

Erin Bartels is an author, poet and a member of the Capital City Writers Association and the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. To learn more about her and books she has written go to:

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The Gryphon Heist by James R. Hannibal


The Gryphon Heist, by James R. Hannibal, is book one of two in the Talia Inger series. Talia is fresh out of CIA training and hoping to get assigned to the Moscow desk but instead is assigned to a department in Eastern Europe called “Other”. As a new agent she gets assigned to a case that is so action packed and full of surprises she doesn’t know who she can trust. She has had ongoing health issues since the death of her father. As she works the case, things are revealed that let her know his death was not a simple accident.

This story is action packed almost from page one and doesn’t slow down until the end. This is not a fast read. There is also a lot of violence with the fighting and killings. There is so much happening in the story with so many characters, I struggled with keeping up with it at times. We see the Christian aspect of the story through one of people assigned to the case and how it has changed him and how that affects Talia.

I received a copy of this book from the Revell Reads Blogging Program. This is my honest review.

Series: Talia Inger (Book 1)

400 pages

ISBN: 9780800735777

The author is a former stealth pilot, a Silver Falchion Award winner and a Thriller Award nominee. You can read more about him and his other books at:

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The Spice King by Elizabeth Camden


The Spice King, by Elizabeth Camden, is book in in the Hope and Glory Series. This is a great historical fiction story that shows the importance of faith, family, forgiveness, and honesty. The story gives a look into the background of processing spices, what it takes to make good spices and how some companies misrepresent the product they make. It shows the dedication it take to help enforce the production of good quality products.

Annabelle has taken a temporary job at the Smithsonian to move with her sister to Washington D.C. Her blind sister so wants to live there, so Annabelle does what she needs to do to make this possible. She is asked to visit Gray Delacroix to get information on his prized plant collection. Others have tried to get to him, and failed so she thinks up an unusual plan. But her success only turns into being asked to do more. She is told if she can get information to convict him of a crime, she will be given a permanent job.

Gray is the owner of a major spice company who has spent his life traveling to learn about spices. He has now returned home and find his younger brother and sister leading different lives. His sister now works for the President’s wife and his brother has gotten involved in other causes. It is now up to him to keep the business moving forward and to keep the family together.

I loved this book and can’t wait to read the rest of the series. And how many will there be? It is a good, clean story with a very good message. I think those who enjoy historical fiction will really enjoy this story. I really enjoyed reading of the family dedication Annabelle possessed. She was ever mindful of the sacrifice her parents made so she could go to school and now move off the farm. Feeling responsible for her sister, he plans her day around being able to get her sister where she wants to be and to care for her. She and Gray have similar family responsibilities and must learn to move past things that have happened to help their family members.

I received a copy of this book from the author and publisher. This is my honest review.

Series: Hope and Glory (Book 1)

352 pages

ISBN: 9780764232114

Elizabeth Camden is a Christy and RITA award-winning author who is bet know for her historical novels set in Gilded Age America. You can learn more about her and other books she has written at:

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