Imagine: The Miracle of Jesus by Matt Koceich


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You have to meet Jesus. Your life will never be the same.”

Imagine: The Miracles of Jesus, by Matt Koceich, is the fifth book in the Imagine series. This story is of a twelve year old John Le. He is flying home from his sister’s when the plane goes through a turbulent storm. After rushing to the bathroom he finds himself in a tomb in ancient Bible world. That is just the start of his adventure. He finds himself sitting in a wooden fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee, in Cana, at the pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem and in Capernaum. He encounters the devil in the form of a red dragon, a snake and a lion. With these he hears the abusive words of his father, yet he is able to beat them by calling out to Jesus. He has breakfast with Jesus and witnesses different miracles Jesus performs.

This is a great story for young children 8 to 12 years olds that teaches the lesson of having faith, trusting in Jesus and following Jesus. The things that stand out the most to me in this book is to trust God completely and He will always give you His best, and that when you are at a point where Jesus is all you have, that is when your faith is the strongest.

This is such a great series. I like how this series takes the main characters back to Bible times and walks them through different parts of the Bible. It teaches children Bible stories in ways that are easy for them to understand. I would highly recommend it for families for their children. These are good clean stories for children that teach Bible stories and life lessons in adventuresome ways.

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Series: Imagine (book 5)

106 pages

ISBN: 9781643521558

Matt Koceich is a schoolteacher from Texas. You can learn more about him and see other books he has written at:

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Unscripted by Davis Bunn


Unscripted, by Davis Bunn, is a modern day Christian fiction that gives a look inside the movie industry. The characters are well introduced and the story is well written. This is an easy to read story of second chances and making good choices.

Danny Byrd is a line producer who is well know for doing a great job and his honesty. His partner and best friend since childhood, takes advantage of that and takes off with Danny’s and their investors’ money. But Danny is the one who serves prison time. Out of the blue, Danny is visited by an attorney, Megan Pierce, who works to get the charges dropped. While in prison Danny has inherited a share in an old hotel.

I enjoyed reading this story. It is a good, clean story of two people who are trying to do good. Danny was in the foster system and made mistakes, until he was taken in by a man who helped him turn his life around. Megan worked for a legal firm where she had to do things she was not comfortable with. She is now with a new, honest firm. This story has a perfect blend of fiction, mystery and romance.

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356 pages

ISBN: 9780800727871

Davis Bunn is also know as T. Davis Bunn and Thomas Locke. You can read a little about him and see a list of books he has written at:

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Breaking Anxiety’s Grip by Dr. Michelle Bengtson


Breaking Anxiety’s Grip is written by Dr. Michele Bengtson. Dr. Bengtson is a board-certified neuropsychologist. She has written this book using personal experiences as well as those of her clients. Dr. Bengtson feels we do not rid ourselves of the sources of anxiety, but rather, we recognize is originates from a spiritual influence. That we can use the power, love and sound mind God has given us to overcome it.

The book is split into eleven chapters as well as sections on longing for peace and living in peace. Each of the chapters ends with “Your Rx” which includes bible verses, a prayer and a recommended music play list.

This is a helpful book to help understand the different aspects of anxiety. I like how the author uses personal experiences to help show how different things can help deal with anxiety, especially prayer.

I received a copy of this book from the Revell Reads Blogging Program. This is my honest review.

ISBN: 0780800735937

199 pages

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A Distance Too Grand by Regina Scott

A Distant Too Grand.jpg

A Distance Too Grand, by Regina Scott, is the first book in the American Wonders Collection. Meg has been assisting her father with his photography for many years. After his sudden death, she intends to fulfill the contract he has to do an Army survey of part of the Grand Canyon. In 1871, women were not readily accepted as having an occupation. What she does not expect to find is a former gentleman friend as the leader of the group.

Ben is leading a survey of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, but he is also privately searching for any clues in his father’s disappearance.

This is a fun book to read. The characters are well developed and the writing is so clear it is easy to imagine the surroundings and what is happening in the story. It is a good, clean story that is very easy to get lost in. The story is filled with adventures and danger. One of the things I enjoyed the most in this story is how the characters were quick to help wherever they were needed and how they watched out for each other. I also enjoyed the brief history the author gives at the end of the story.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads Blogging Program. This is my honest review.

Series: American Wonders Collection (Book 1)

Story length: 356 pages

ISBN: 9780800736392

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Dangerous Ambitions by Irene Hannon


Dark Ambitions, by Irene Hannon, is book three in the Code of Honor series. Rick Jordan is checking his property when he finds blood and then an item that he links back to his military friend. He has told his friend, “If I can do anything for you, all you have to do is pick up the phone or email me or knock on my door.” Now Rick cannot get in touch with him and turns to PI Heather Shields for help. Their investigation links two deaths and the suspect is a politician running for governor.

This is a fantastic romantic suspense. The story is well written and is easy to get pulled in to. The story has a lot of action and suspense and it was not until the very end that I was able to figure out the person behind the deaths. While it is part of a series, for the most part it is also a good stand alone story. The story briefly mentions people from the earlier books. And in the beginning the characters were brought in quickly without detailed introductions. This made it a little difficult to keep the characters straight in the beginning. This is a good clean crime story with the topics of murder, theft and difficult childhoods.

I received a copy of this book from the Revell Reads Blogger Program. This is my honest review.

Series: Code of Honor (book 3)

Story length: 354 pages

ISBN: 9780800727703

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