Gracie Lou Wants a Zoo, written by Shelly Roark, illustrated by Simone Kruger


Be patient if you can. Wait on God’s plan. He’ll take care of you…even if you want a zoo!”

Gracie Lou Wants a Zoo is a cute story for young children and early readers. The story, written by Shelly Roark, is about a young girl who lives in a big city apartment with her parents. She has a pet turtle but she wants more pets, larger pets. Her parents have valid reasons for not getting the pets she wants and explains them to her. One night she has a dream that she has the pets and she realizes what life would be like with them.

This book has beautiful pictures, illustrated by Simone Kruger. The pictures are bright and colorful. They take the listeners and readers through Gracie’s struggles with patience waiting to have the pets she desires. They are perfect for helping the young listener pick out the pets and learn about them.

This is a really nice short story for the young children to help teach them about patience. The story also points out that some of our wants are not practical and we have to find ways to get what we want when the time is right. This would make a great gift for children who love animals. The last page is for children to write in things about their favorite animals.

I received a copy of this book from the author through the Book Crash blogging program. This is my honest review.

Story length: 30 pages

ISBN: 9781733282826
Shelly Roark is the senior copywriter for Focus on the Family. She has written in various capacities for almost 30 years. She received numerous awards for her first children’s picture book, The Bubble Who Would Not POP!

Simone Kruger is a German based illustrator who use to be a graphic deisgner.

This book can be purchased at:

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