The Seeds of Change by Lauraine Snelling with Kiersti Giron

My Review

The Seeds of Change by Lauraine Snelling, with Kiersti Giron, is the first book in the Leah’s Garden series. This is a great story Christian Historical Fiction story of four sisters, all named after flowers, who flee their home after Larkspur wins back what her brother and his friends have lost in a poker game. Needing to change her identity, she dresses as a young man and goes by the name of Clark.

This is such a fun story to read. I enjoyed how the girls had so many talents and were so loving and caring to those they met.. Their father had taught them how to shot a gun and use a knife for hunting and safety. Their mother had taught them the love of flowers and music. I enjoyed the way music was used in this story. I also enjoyed the strength they had to build up the farm and make a home for themselves and the children they adopted. I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

I received a complimentary copy of this story from the publisher through Netgalley, this is my honest review

About the Book

Larkspur Nielsen is ready for a change. Her parents have passed on, and her older brother is successfully running the family business. She bristles at the small-mindedness that permeates life in her small Ohio community, and she sees little chance of a satisfying future there. She has a little money saved, and after turning the tables on a crooked gambler who had fleeced several locals, including her younger brother, she can stake a new start for herself and her three sisters.

As the gambler’s threats of revenge echo in her ears, she and her sisters head to
Independence, Missouri, to join a wagon train bound for Oregon. Knowing that four women traveling together will draw unwanted attention, Larkspur dons a disguise, passing herself off as “Clark” Nielsen, accompanying his three sisters. But maintaining the ruse is more difficult than Larkspur imagined, as is protecting her headstrong, starry-eyed sisters from difficult circumstances and eligible young men. Will reaching their goal prove too much for them?

About the Author

Award-winning and bestselling author Lauraine Snelling has over 80 books published with sales of over 4.5 million. Her original dream was to write horse books for children. Today, she writes inspirational adult novels about real issues centered on themes like forgiveness, loss, domestic violence and cancer in both contemporary and historical genres. She is best known for the Blessing books about Ingeborg Bjorklund and family in the fictional town of Blessing in North Dakota. Lauraine enjoys helping others reach their writing dreams by teaching at writer’s conferences across the county. She and her husband Wayne have two grown sons and a daughter in Heaven.  They live in the Tehachapi Mountains with Lapcat, and “The Girls” (three golden hens).

You can read more about her and see her other books at

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