Dollar Brides by Anne Greene

My Review

Dollar Brides, by Anne Greene, is a historical fiction story that takes place in Rhode Island in 1899. This is a fun short story to read and to learn a little bit about the Dollar Brides process in our history. This story has quite a few characters and in the beginning I had a little trouble keeping them straight. I admire Amelia’s strength as she fights for the young women who’s parents sell their daughters to English royalty to get a title. I also admire her for standing her ground with being pressured to marry a man she does not love. This is a sweet little romance that can easily be read in a sitting that also gives a little bit of history.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, this is my honest review.

About the Book

Newport, Rhode Island – 1899

What if you are one of the richest daughters in America, and your parents sell you to an unknown English Lord to gain a title for the family?

When Amelia Schermerhorn Astor’s best friend is sold to the elderly Englishman, Lord Suffolk, Amelia vows to stop this appalling form of slavery. No more Dollar Brides.

Amelia’s seen too many of these nightmare negotiations where wealthy fathers treat their daughters as negotiable objects much like they play the stock market. Amelia risks her entire future and fights the system.

After committing a grave mistake during a business trip to England, Bracebridge Brighton III has a choice. The Duke of Richmond gives Brace three options to right the wrong. Circumstances forbid Brace from taking the first two, so he must accept the third … return to Newport and procure a Dollar Bride for the deceitful Duke.

After a highly unorthodox meeting with Amelia, Brace falls in love with the feisty crusader. When Amelia discovers Brace’s mission, she cuts him from her life.

When they clash again will both forfeit their once-in-a-lifetime love?

About the Author

Anne Greene writes about heroes and heroines who are not afraid to turn to prayer in times of struggles. You can learn more about her and other books she has written at:

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