The Amish Prodigal Son by Ashley Emma

My Review

The Amish Prodigal Son by Ashley Emma is book five in The Amish Bible Story Series. This is a series that modernizes parts in the Bible. They are stand alone stories that teach good lessons. This story shows how following your dreams affects so many people other than yourself. It also shows the hurt that others experience when truthful communication doesn’t take place. I enjoyed the characters of Theo and Evelyn. I admired Evelyn for waiting so long for him to return. Theo’s parents are very remarkable, with how he just left and did not stay in contact with them. Yet, when he returned home, they welcomed him and rejoiced in his return.

I voluntarily received a complimentary copy of this book, this is my honest review.

About the Book

Since he was a child, hot-headed Theodore Glick has dreamed of joining the military, but the Amish church forbids it. His father told him to give up his dream long ago, not wanting his son to leave the community, and he encourages him to get married and settle down instead.

Though Theo is in love with Evelyn Yoder and always thought he would marry her, his desire to join the military is stronger than his teenage love for her—he knows his ultimate purpose in life is to serve his country.

Knowing she would never leave the Amish for him, he writes Evelyn a note and secretly leaves Unity, Maine, for basic training, breaking her heart.

After foolishly squandering his father’s inheritance, the military transforms Theo from a rebellious, reckless teenager into an honorable, brave man. He nearly loses his life saving the lives of his comrades who once made fun of him for being Amish, receiving a Purple Heart.

For years, Theo has been secretly exchanging letters with Evelyn, but suddenly, her letters stop coming, making Theo realize just how lonely he truly is and how much he misses her.

After his tours in Afghanistan end, Theo longs to go home again, but will his father accept him back into the family? And most of all, is Evelyn still waiting for him to come home, or has she given up hope on him and fallen in love with someone else?


The Amish Prodigal Son is book 6 in the Amish Bible Series and is also a standalone novel with a happily ever after.
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About the Author

Ashley Emma wrote her first book at the age of 12 and published it when she was 16. She spent time living in Amish communities which helps her to write very realistic stories. You can learn more about her and the books she has written at: http://ashleyemmaauth

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