Beyond The Desert Sands by Tracie Peterson

My Review

Beyond the Desert Sands is book two in the Love on the Santa Fe series by Traci Peterson. This is a Christian romance set in 1911 in New Mexico. As a young child, Isabella’s parents moved the family to a small mining town. As a young lady, she pushes her parents to allow her to move to her aunts in California. When her parents have her come to them for Christmas she is not happy to leave her aunt’s home, her friends, activities or her boyfriend.

This is a nicely written story that shows the importance of communication. Had Isabella’s parents explained the true situation to her, her life would have been different. She would have know the importance of the move. This is a story of forgiveness, second chances and having faith. I especially enjoyed the part of the story when Isabella was told the truth. I can appreciate how she felt about the time that was lost. I enjoyed the questions raised about her boyfriend and how his father responded to them.

I voluntarily received a complimentary copy of this book, this is my honest review.

About the Book

Can she reconcile who she’s become with who she’s meant to be?

Accustomed to an opulent life with her aunt, the last thing twenty-five-year-old Isabella Garcia wants is to celebrate Christmas in her parents’ small silver-mining desert town, leaving her handsome beau, Diego Morales, behind in California. Adding insult to injury, she must bear the company of Aaron Bailey, the disapproving Santa Fe Railroad businessman her father has sent to escort her home, who clearly finds her spoiled.

But she is surprised to see how much the town of Silver Veil has grown and how fragile her father’s health has become. Then a surprise visitor shows up with news that entirely upends the comfortable life she’s been leading.

Faced with all these changes, Isabella struggles to sort through her future and who she wants to be. But trouble is brewing, and there are those who hope she stays just as she is, even if it costs her everything.

About the Author

Tracie Peterson is an award-winning, best-selling author of over 100 books. After giving her heart to Jesus at the young age of six, Tracie has felt called to some form of ministry, especially writing. She has speaks at writer’s conferences, and teaches at women’s conferences sharing her testimony and insight for Christian living. Her books have won numerous awards. You can learn more about her and the books she has written at

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