Summer at Bluefin Bay by Laura Ashwood

My Review

Summer at Bluefin Bay, by Laura Ashwood, is contemporary fiction. This is such a good story! It is well written and easy to read. I enjoyed how easy it was to imagine what was happening through out the story. The main character, Abby, is a strong caring person who has lived a high society life. She has allowed her husband to take financial control and make major decisions for their lives. She stayed home while he travels immensely for work, where he hides his secret life.

I really enjoyed reading this story, it shows the strength Abby has and the big heart she has for her husband’s daughter. When Abby could have easily turned her back on the young girl, she took her into her life. As the young girl struggles with losing her parents, Abby makes it her top priority to help her. It was also interesting to see how those she thought were her friends had turned their back on her. I admire the strength she had to go to the one place that held pleasant memories for her to help her and the young girl heal.

I voluntarily received a complimentary copy of this book, this is my honest review.

About the Book

She had to lose everything to gain the only thing worth having…

Abby’s marriage wasn’t perfect. But she didn’t learn just how flawed it was until her husband died in a tragic car accident. As it turned out, while denying her the children she so desperately wanted, he was making a family with another woman—the same woman who died with him in the crash. Now, Abby’s the only one left to care for Cami, the twelve-year-old her husband and his mistress left behind.

The small town of Bluefin Bay is the perfect place to escape judgmental eyes and the shadow of Abby’s former high society life. What remains to be seen, however, is if she and Cami will remain two broken souls, connected only by grief and betrayal—or if they’ll heal one another to become the kind of family Abby always wanted, but thought she’d never have….

About the Author

Laura Ashwood is an award-winning, USA Today Bestselling author of sweet contemporary and historical western romance, and women’s fiction. 

In her novels, Laura brings to life characters and relationships that will warm your heart and fill you with hope. Her stories often have themes involving redemption, forgiveness, and family.

​Laura and her husband live in northeast Minnesota. She works a full time day job, and in her spare time, she likes to read, cook and spend time with her husband. She is a devoted grandmother and chihuahua lover. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Women’s Fiction Writers of America (WFWA). You can find out more at

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