Dark of Night by Colleen Coble

My Review

Dark of Night by Colleen Coble is book two in the Annie Pederson series. This story takes over where the first one ends so it is best to read them in order. Annie lost her husband and parents. She is running the family business and raising her young daughter alone while working as a ranger.
This is such a good, very well written Christian Romantic Suspense. It is a fast paced, action packed story that grabbed my attention right away and kept me reading just to find out what was going to happen next. This story is filled with suspense and mystery. As Annie is trying to solve a missing person case, she is also trying to find out the true identity of a young woman who could be her sister and rebuild a relationship with an ex boyfriend. I enjoyed the rebuilding of Annie and Jon’s relationship and how careful they had to be with her daughter who is still grieving the loss of the man she knew as her father. I appreciate the character of his father and the realistic input he has in their situation.
I voluntarily received a complimentary copy of this story, this is my honest review.

About the Book

The law is about justice—not grace. But perhaps ranger Annie Pederson can find a way to have both.

As if the last few months haven’t been hard enough—complete with threats on her life and the return of her first love, Jon—Annie has to figure out whether or not to believe a woman who claims to be her sister, Sarah, who was abducted twenty-four years ago at age five. Annie’s eight-year-old daughter, Kylie, has plenty of questions about what’s going on in her mother’s life—but there are some stones Annie doesn’t want uncovered.

As Annie grapples with how to heal the gulf between her and her would-be sister and make room in her daughter’s life for Jon, she’s professionally distracted by the case of yet another missing hiker in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A woman named Michelle Fraser has now been abducted, and though the woman’s estranged husband is at the top of their suspect list, Annie and her colleagues will need to dig deeper and determine whether these recent mysteries are truly as unrelated as they seem.

In this second novel of bestselling author Colleen Coble’s latest romantic-suspense series, Annie and Jon must fight for the future—and the family—that could once more be theirs.

About the Author

Colleen Coble is a best-selling author of romantic suspense and her books have won several awards. She has nearly 4 million books in print. She is CO of American Christian Fiction Writers. You can learn more about her and the books she has written at www.colleencoble.com.

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