The Beloved Christmas Quilt by Wanda, Jean and Richelle Brunstetter


The Beloved Christmas Quilt is a collection of three novellas that followed an Amish family through three generations of women.

Luella’s Promise by Wanda E. Brunstetter is the story of Luella. Luella was caring for Dena Zook and her family. Dena knew her life was coming to an end and gave Luella a quilt that her mother made her.

Karen’s Gift by Jean Brunstetter is the story of Karen, Luella’s daughter. Karen and her husband moved away from their families. Karen struggled with not having her family near her and turned to the Bible verse on the back of the quilt her mother past on to her.

Roseanna’s Groom by Richelle Brunstetter is the story of Roseanna, Karen’s daughter. Roseanna was ready to be married when her groom ran away from the wedding and from the area. Her old boyfriend came back to town and she struggled with her feelings for the two men. She went to stay with her grandparents. Her grandmother Luella shared a bible verse with her. “For thou are my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me” – Psalm 31.3

This is a very good book that follows three generations and shows us the faith and love they each have. While marriage and the gifting of the quilt are the main themes in this story, this is also a great story of family and the struggles they each go through and how they cling to their faith. I enjoyed how the stories flowed together. Knowing the stories were written by three different authors, I was able to pick up on the slight writing difference they have. I have enjoyed Wanda’s and Jean’s writings for years and hope this is just the beginning of Richelle’s writing career.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

397 pages

ISBN: 9781683222255

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press

Wanda E. Brunstetter is an award winning author of over 90 books. Her books are researched and written to accurately show the Amish way of life.

Jean Brunstetter is Wanda’s daughter-in-law became interested in the Amish way of life after visiting her father-in-law’s family. She likes to include some of the Amish simple traditions into her life.

Richelle Brunstetter is Jean’s daughter. She became interested in writing when she took a creative writing class in high school.

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An Amish Christmas Love – Four Novellas by Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Ruth Reid and Kelly Irvin


An Amish Christmas Love is a book containing four novellas. Each of the stories is just under 90 pages long and contain the theme of love at Christmas.

Winter Kisses by Beth Wiseman is a story of a family of ladies spanning three generations. Naomi has not allowed herself to get into a relationship due to the loss her mother and grandmother had when losing their husbands. The women have rented their daadi haus to three men .

The Christmas Cat, by Amy Clipston, is a story of Emma, who lost her husband in July after 45 years of marriage. A cat has chosen her home to go to and has taken over her husband’s chair. When Emma is not able to go to a neighbor’s home for dinner, the younger members take dinner to her.

In Snow Angel, by Kelly Irvin, David and Molly have been seeing each other for a year. David has not been able to move forward with the relationship, until his Englisch ex-girlfriend comes back to town and wants him back.

And Home for Christmas, by Ruth Reid, beings Englischer Ellie back home when she inherits her aunts home. She intends to get the home sold so she can go back to her Englisch life.

These are four very good short stories. The characters are remembering past loves. The stories are the perfect length to read in an evening. I enjoyed reading them all. I think anyone who enjoys Amish stories will enjoy this book.

A couple of things that stand out to me are:

In The Christmas Cat, one of the young ladies asked Emma how she made it through their struggles. Her response was “We just kept our faith in God and believed He would get us through somehow.” Emma’s husband had a feed store that went through financial struggles. And even though they wanted children, they were not able to have them.

In Home for Christmas, Ellie is looking through her aunt’s belongings and find a letter her aunt left Ellie in her journals. Her aunt wants her to find wealth of faith and the power of God in the pages of the journal. The journal contains not only things about her aunt but also the people she was praying for.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers. This is my honest review.

378 pages

ISBN: 9780529118707

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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The Blessing by Wanda E. Brunstetter


The Blessing is book two in the Amish Cooking Class series written by Wanda E. Brunstetter. When the adoption of a baby falls through, Heidi Troyer decides to have another cooking class. Just like the first class, this one has a mixture of students who bring with them personal issues.

Nicole, a teenager that is now responsible for caring for her family has been given the cooking classes by her father. Nicole is failing in school due to all the family responsibilities. Bill is taking the class to learn different things to cook for his friends when they go hunting. He also works at the school Nicole goes to and wants to do something to help her without her knowing.

Allie was given the class as a gift from her policeman husband. Allie is questioning why her husband is having to work so much. He is very seldom home and now she sees him with a female officer.

Lisa is a caterer who is taking the class to learn new things to use in her catering business. Todd is a food critic who takes the class to write an article. He attends a reception Lisa caters and criticizes her food. They develop a friendship but Lisa refuses to let it become more due to Todd not being a Christian. Lance is a widower who enjoys the smells of Heidi’s home when he delivers her mail. He has left his brother stay with him for a while. When this does not work out, Lance arranges for his brother to rent an apartment from Lisa.

With the longing to have a family Heidi and her husband start going through the process of becoming foster parents.

I am really enjoying this series. I enjoy how Heidi gives the classes to have something to do as well as to help others. I like how the author uses the characters to help each other out with the personal struggles they are going through as well as how the students react to the Bible verses Heidi writes on the recipes. I like how the author uses a variety of backgrounds for the students. The story is like having several little stories built into one. I like that some of the characters from the first story are brought back to this one. For that reason it is important to read this series in order.

The theme of Heidi and her husband wanting and not being able to have a child is emotional. Yet they move forward and are open to options for having a family.

I especially enjoy the recipes and the discussion questions at the end the book.

I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys reading about the Amish and their lifestyle.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

Series: Amish Cooking Class (Book 2)

318 pages

ISBN: 9781624167454

Publisher: Shiloh Run

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Gathering the Threads by Cindy Woodsmall

The voices in her head grew louder. One group said money was evil and poverty was God’s will, that made people rely on Him more. Another group shouted louder than the first, saying that it was not from the Enemy.Still more voices said that being poorly due to a lack of education. A dozen more camps were heard, and Ariana was powerless to sort them out. 

Gathering of Threads is the third and final book in The Amish of Summer Grove series written by Cindy Woodsmall. I really enjoyed reading this series, I consider it one of the best. To follow the story, the series needs to be read in order. This book finishes up the story extremely well. It answers all the questions I had while reading the series. Especially those surrounding Quill leaving five years earlier and why he and his brothers could not visit their mother. It explains some of the strict Old Order Amish rules and how they affect people. It also explains the history behind why the Brenneman family has struggled financially.

After sending several months living in the English world, Ariana returns home with so many options going through her mind. It just seems like everything she does upsets her father, boyfriend or the bishop. She is not allowed to work in her restaurant or go to help Quill’s mother like she use to. While she stays at home she is able to go over the restaurant books and when she is allowed to work there, she is able to expand the business. She also re-establishes her friendship with Quill and helps him with his volunteer work.

Skylar has been with the Brenneman’s while Ariana was gone and she has been able to get off of drugs. She has found her place in the family and working in the restaurant. She manipulates situations like getting new plumbing for the family and makes trouble for Ariana. As time goes on she decides to go back to school and help others.

I really enjoyed this book. It shows how the girls were able to learn from their experiences and rise above the difficulties. One of the points that I especially liked in the book was how the community came together to help correct the wrongs the bishop had done over the years to hurt Ariana and Quill’s families. The story contains enough romance for those who enjoy romance stories, but it is not overwhelming for those who do not. It also contains some suspense to keep the interest while reading. There were many times I did not want to put the book down.

I received a copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah as part of the Cindy Woodsmall Launch Team. This is my honest review.

Series: The Amish of Summer Grove (Book 3)

352 pages

ISBN: 9781601427038

Publisher: WaterBrook Multnomah

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Fraying at the Edge by Cindy Woodsmall


Fraying at the Edge, book 2 in The Amish of Summer Grove, written by Cindy Woodsmall is a must read! Ariana and Abram Brenneman and Skylar Nash were born twenty years ago. Ariana and Skylar were accidentally switched after their births. Ariana was raised in the Old Order Amish life style and Skylar was raised in the English life style without any regards to the Christian life and split her time between the people thought to be her mother and step-father and father and step-mother.

After one of the Brenneman’s son saw Skylar and noticed the strong resemblance to his sister, the family started an investigation. When it was found out that the girls were switched at birth, Nicholas, Ariana’s biological father insisted Ariana spend a year with them. If she didn’t he was going to file charges against the persons involved in the babies’ births. Skylar was given the option to go into rehab for drug abuse or go live with her Amish biological parents.

This is such a good book. It is so sad to see how the girls have been forced to leave the lives they grew up with and are now forced into new lifestyles that they know nothing about. And how will they feel after adjusting to their new lives, will they be able to go back to the life they grew up with? This is not the ordinary “simple” story that so many Amish stories are. We are given a glimpse into the feelings that some non-Christians have toward the Amish and their life style. This book is so well written it actually feels like two stories in one. I appreciate the strong faith Ariana clings to during this difficult time. Her strength comes out when she discusses religion with Nicholas, who does not believe in God. I also appreciate the love the Brenneman family gives to Skylar during her struggles.

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

Series: The Amish if Summer Grove (Book 2)

352 pages

ISBN-10: 1601427018

ISBN-13: 9781601427014

Published by WaterBrook

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Ties That Bind by Cindy Woodsmall



Ties That Bind is book 1 in The Amish of Summer Grove Series written by Cindy Woodsmall. Twenty years ago three babies were born at an Amish birthing center as a fire swept through the center. As Lovina was waiting for her baby to be born she embroidered baby’s feet on the baby blankets that her baby would be wrapped in. Lovina and Isaac had twins, a boy and a girl. While the young English girl had a baby girl. It has bothered Lovina for a long time that her little girl, Ariana, was not wrapped in the blanket she embroidered for her. She questioned this but was told the blankets got mixed up.

Ariana family was poor and her dream has been to open a restaurant to help raise money to help her family. She and her twin, Abram, have been saving for years and now they have just a very short time to come up with the rest of the money.

Five years earlier Ariana’s friend quill left the area with her friend. Ariana thought they had left and gotten married, but they didn’t. Quill’s mother is ill and Quill has sneaked back to visit her. Since Ariana helps his mother, she found out Quill was back. While they were visiting, Quill suggested she have a fun raiser to get the money for the restaurant.

Ariana’s other brother Mark is building stage pieces for a school play when he sees a girl that looks just like his other sister. He tells his parents and they have Quill investigate whether this could be their daughter and if the girls could have gotten switched at birth.

This young girl is Skylar Nash. She has been raised by her mother and step-father and father and step-mother. Her father is much older than her mother and was married at the time of her birth. They had an affair when her mother was young and though he would leave his wife for her. Skylar is a very talented actor and musician who struggles with drug addiction and keeping up with her classes.

This is the beginning of a great story that takes place both in the Amish and English world. It is not the typical simple Amish story. I really like how this story shows us rules that the Amish have and how it affects them. We see a young family that is considering leaving the Amish way of life. But we also see a big loving family that work together and help each other out and prays for each other.

Anyone who enjoys reading Amish will enjoy reading this book.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and I have written an honest review.

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Abiding Mercy by Ruth Reid

_225_350_Book.2305.cover.jpgYou’re godly people, right? You’ll take good care of her. I can trust you, right?

Abiding Mercy, written by Ruth Reid, is the beginning of An Amish Mercies Novel series. This story is of a very young girl, Adriana, who was kidnapped by her nanny. The nanny has taught the little girl to call her Mum so it appeared the child was hers. The nanny left her with Irma and Mordecai, an Amish couple, thinking they would not go to the police. She told the couple she would be back for the little girl, but never returned. The couple raised her as their own along with their other little girl, Olivia, who named her Faith.

The story moves forward 15 years and the girls are now helping Irma at the restaurant. Olivia works as the waitress and is not as dedicated to helping as Faith is. When their Amish parents are in a buggy accident, it is Faith that works the hardest to keep the business going. Olivia was courting and planning to marry Gideon, but has chosen not to be baptized. Now Gideon has become friends with Faith and helps her out with washing dishes and taking care of her parent’s animals while they recover.

One day a reporter comes to the restaurant and takes a photo of his food to write an article in the paper. The day the article is printed, a story is also printed about the young girl that went missing 15 years earlier. That article contains photos of Faith when she was taken and what she could look like now. There is a reward and someone reports that Faith resembles the photo. The police show up and take Faith to return to her biological parents and her Amish parents are held for questioning and can have no contact with Faith. Her biological mother quickly changes Faith with new clothes and hairstyle.

This is a must read story for anyone who likes to read about current events such as abductions. The story is filled with the theme of loving and helping others. It also contains a little romance and suspense. The story is part of an Amish series, but it also includes a lot of the English world. The story bounces back and forth between 15 years ago and today as well as between Faith’s biological and Amish families. I really enjoyed reading how well adjusted Faith is in her faith and walk with God. At just over 16 years old she is already preparing to be baptized. And she is very devoted to her family and helping her parents. When she is forced to live in the English world she goes along with what her biological mother wants even if she doesn’t want it. Yet she knows when she is old enough she can return to her Amish life.

The points that stand out for me are the repeated visits by a red haired man. I get the feeling the author has written him in to resemble God, as this man is very helpful, positive and encouraging to those he speaks with.

I received a copy of this book through BookLook Bloggers. I have written an honest review.

Series: An Amish Mercies Novel (Book 1)

352 pages

ISBN: 9780718082444

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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Gladden the Heart by Olivia Newport


Gladden the Heart is book five in the Amish Turns of Time series written by Olivia Newport. The story is based in central Pennsylvania in 1847. There is a Methodist tent revival taking place and some of the local Amish are curious and attend. Some of them start wondering what a true spiritual experience is.

Shortly after the revival takes place, Susanna’s cousin, Noah, sleep preaches after their service. He has been doing this for some time but he and his wife have kept it a secret. After preaching, Noah has no memory of doing so. And while he is preaching, he is not aware of his surroundings so he needs to be watched for his safety. With the increasing amount of his sleep preaching, his wife needs help with the farm as well as needing someone to watch Noah.

Susanna goes to help with Noah and eventually her Methodist friends finds out and helps as well. As word gets out, the Amish start coming around the time Noah preaches. The Amish bishop turns against Noah. One day Noah leaves his farm and the sleep preaching starts earlier than normal. Noah wonders off into the mountain, and when it is found out that he is missing, many come to help look for him. But only a few are there when they find him. Among those are the Methodist minister, his daughter and the Amish bishop. Disagreements take place between the minister and the bishop.

I really enjoyed reading this story. It is not your typical Amish story with the Amish only interacting with other Amish. And this story brings in more of believing in Jesus than some Amish stories do. I have not read the previous 4 books in the series, but I was able to understand the story very well. The main part of the story is about Noah and his sleep preaching, but there is the story of Susanna and Adam. The story also has family dynamics that is taking place in Susanna’s family, with her parents considering moving.

This story contains family life as it was for the Amish in the mid 1800’s. It also contains suspense surrounding Noah and his preaching. And it contains romance with the deepening of Susanna and Adam’s relationship. I think anyone who enjoys reading historical stories will enjoy this. Especially if they also enjoy reading Amish stories.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligations to post a review.

Series: Amish Turn of Times (book 5)

320 Pages

ISBN: 9781683221104

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press

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Naomi’s Hope by Jan Drexler


Naomi’s Hope, written by Jan Drexler, is book 3 in the Journey to Pleasant Prairies series. The year is 1846 and Naomi Schrock and her family have settled in an Amish community in Indiana. A few years earlier, Naomi and her family stopped at a home that had been damaged by a storm. Inside they found a little boy, Davey, who had hidden in the fireplace. He is the only one who survived. Naomi adopted Davey and is raising him with the help of her family. Every year they celebrate his birthday by allowing him to look through a box they took from the house. Inside the box are items that belonged to Davey’s family, including the title to their property.

Davey is an energetic little boy and spends time walking to their new neighbor’s place. Their new neighbor, Cap, is a single man who lost his wife and child years earlier. Davey and Cap develop a relationship and Davey wants to pretend Cap is his father. With Davey visiting Cap frequently, Naomi also spends time with Cap. Naomi doesn’t feel any one would want her and Cap is still mourning his family. They develop a friendship but Naomi does not approve of Cap’s suggestions and opinions of how she raises Davey.

A new preacher moves to the area. Shep and Cap knew each other when they were younger and Cap is not fond of Shep. Shep has left his wife with her family, saying her health was not good. She shows up at his door one day when a young girl is visiting him. When Shep does not get chosen to be a preacher for the area, he convinces the other Amish community to separate. Shep also breaks into the Schrock home, taking papers from Davey’s box. On one of his travels and he meets a family that looks like Davey. He talks them into going back with him and pretending to be Davey’s family. They will take Davey away and also get the papers for his family’s property.

I really enjoyed this story. It is a nice blend of historical fiction and Amish fiction. While this book could be a stand alone story, reading the books in order will help the reader know other characters and events. While things happen that test the people’s strength, the message of faith and hope are very evident in this story. The story gives us some incite into the Amish life and life in general at the time. While this is an Amish romance story, it is also a story of family and community coming together and helping each other out. I believe anyone who enjoys reading Amish stories will love this series.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing and I have chosen to write this honest review.

Series: Journey to Pleasant Prairie (Book 3)

384 pages

ISBN: 9780800726652

Publisher: Revell

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An Amish Summer


An Amish Summer is a compilation of four novellas written by Shelley Shepard Gray, Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller and Kelly Irvin.

A Reunion in Pinecraft by Shelly Shepard Gray is a story of two sisters with very similar names that go to a wedding in Shipshewana and meet the same man. Sharon is healing from a broken relationship, while Sherilyn loves to write letters to people. After meeting Graham at the wedding, she writes to him. They plan a vacation to Pinecraft with their friends. Graham realizes that he thought he was writing to Sharon instead of Sherilyn

Summer Storms by Amy Clipston is a story of Arianna and Jesse, who are engaged to be married. When Arianna’s brother, Tobias, gets drunk he tries to race Jesse. Jesse send Arianna home and stays to help Tobias. When Tobias and Jesse get to the home, Tobias and his father get into another argument. As a result his father decides Arianna and Jesse are not to see each other anymore and the wedding is called off.

Lakeside Love by Kathleen Fuller is a story of an Amish family who have a tourist home and shop. They also hire Judah to help on the farm. Esther has had a crush on Judah, but he only sees her younger sister Sarah. When the family takes in an Englisher, Sarah flirts with him and Judah is able to see her true side.

One Sweet Kiss by Kelly Irvin is a story of Jacob and Martha. They both lost their mothers at a young age. Martha was left to take over caring for the family. While Jacob is reckless and likes to have fun in ways Martha does not approve. Both have feelings for each other but Martha does not approve of the things Jacob does with his friends.

The stories within this book are short, easy to read stories to lose yourself in. All of the stories are romance stories that have couple who need to move past obstacles. Summer Storms and One Sweet Kiss are stories of what one must do to show their love. Jesse goes out of his way to help Arianna’s father and Jacob gives up his recklessness to show Martha he can be dependable. While in A Reunion in Pinecraft and Lakeside Love the stories show how we have to look inside of ourselves and follow God’s direction in our lives. Graham had to made the decision to make a relationship with the gal he remembered from the wedding or the one he has been writing letters to. Judah has to move past his feeling for Sarah and see who she really is.

I enjoyed reading these stories. They are the perfect length to read in an evening. I think anyone who enjoys reading stories of the young Amish will really enjoy reading this book.

I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers. I have chosen to write this honest review.

400 pages

ISBN: 9780718078843

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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