The Divide by Jolina Petersheim


The Divide, by Jolina Petersheim, is the second book and conclusion of the Alliance series. This is an awesome series. It was well worth the year wait to read the second book. Just like the first book in the series, this book has a lot of depth and twists and turns. I found myself staying up very late to find out what happens. The story is very well developed. We get to know more about the main characters as well as their background. One of the things that is stressed in this series is that violence is not God’s way so it is not the Mennonite’s way. But Leora has lived a life caring for and protecting those she loves. She wonders if she will have to choose between her family or her faith.

In book one, an attack destroyed the region’s power grid and changed the life for everyone. People fled their homes in search of food and shelter. The Old Order Mennonite community became under attack and the community fled to the mountains and built a new community.

Now in the new community they find food was very scarce. People got sick and many died. Bishop Lowell is killed by someone trying to get into the community and Jabil is now the Bishop. AS spring comes the community start gardening and moving toward the future. Leora is torn between clinging to her love for Moses and a life with Jabil. She accepts Jabil’s proposal but starts having doubts about being part of the community. Her brother has left the community to join the militia.

Members of the militia have manged to get an old airplane working and have located the Agricultural Resurgence Commission’s (ARC) camp. The ARC is going around forcing the people to join their group and work for them. Those who refuse are killed. Some members of the militia decide to take down the ARC.

I think anyone who enjoys reading about the Mennonite life will enjoy this story. As well as anyone who enjoys suspense and romance stories. However, this story does have a fair amount of violence and death

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Series: The Alliance (book 2)

400 pages

ISBN: 9781496402226

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

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The Calling by Rachelle Dekker


The Calling, by Rachelle Dekker, is book 2 in A Seer Novel series. Carrington Hale was a Lint working as an Authority Worker and Remko Brant was a guard at CityWatch. While at CityWatch, Carrington went to meetings led by Aaron, who would talk about God, referring to him as Father. Some of those that attended his meeting chose to flee CityWatch.

Carrington and Remko were among those who fled. They married and now have a daughter. Remko is the leader of the Seers. He does not have the same faith and beliefs in God that Carrington does. A small group of the Seers sneak back into CityWatch to try to rescue prisoners facing death. While on a mission, a group of Seers find a building that is used to house people who are being used as test subjects.

The guards for CityWatch are also trying to locate the Seers. They are given a tip and capture most of the Seers while Remko is away. He has no idea where Carrington and his daughter are.

This is a futuristic novel. It is fast paced and has a lot of suspense. I enjoyed this book, it was hard to put down. I wanted to keep reading it to see what was going to happen. It was nice to read about the strong faith some of the Seers had and the sacrifice they would give for others.

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Series: A Seer Novel – Book 2

464 Pages

ISBN: 9781496402271

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishing

The Choosing by Rachlle Dekker


The Choosing is book one in A Seer Novel series  written by Rachelle Dekker.

The year is 2107 and a vaccine has been developed that is intended to wipe out all illnesses and slow the aging process. The vaccines are given in a series of 5 injections over 36 months. About 1-10,000 people did not respond favorably to the vaccines. For the rest the vaccine initially appear to be successful. Between October 2112 and May 2113, an illness associated with the vaccine took the lives of 9 billion people. This event is known as the Ruining. The world changed drastically with all the death and destruction and those remaining clung to Robert Carlson as the new leader. He introduces them to theVertas which he claimed was the true word of God. Less than 1000 people remain and Robert brings them together to rebuild their lives in the center of Washington DC.

The year is now 2257, almost from birth girls are trained how to be proper wives and look forward to the Choosing Ceremony where they do their best to be chosen by a young man to be his wife. Those who are not chosen are taken away from family and friends to City Watch where they will live as Lints, working as Authority Workers. They are given jobs to do and live in Lint Stacks, small suites that they live in with other girls. Carrington Hale has worked very hard all her life to be chosen but for some unknown reason is not.

Isaac Knight is the preacher for the City Watch and does regular mandatory ceremonies to remind the people about the Vertas, teaching them to be subject to the Authority as the only true authority is through God and those appointed. Isaac’s wife dies and he asked the Authority to allow him to choose a new wife. With the Authority’s approval he chooses Carrington. She is given a second chance, something no one else has ever been given. But is Isaac really who he appears to be.

This is a futuristic book, it is very fast pace and has lots of suspense. I have trouble seeing this as a Christian book. This is the only reason I am giving it a lower score, I prefer to read books that encourage me in my Christian walk.

Series: A Seer Novel – Book 1

464 Pages

ISBN: 9781496402240

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishing

Storm by Bonnie S. Calhoun


Storm, written by Bonnie S. Calhoun, is book 3 in the Stone Braide Chronicles. The Sorrows happened 150 years earlier and the story takes place in post apocalyptic United State. Selah is just 18 years old and is a novarium trying to complete the Third Protocol. Selah, along with a few friends and her family, work endlessly to get the clues Selah needs.

After the Sorrows the atmosphere is covered in volcanic ash. The group finds out there are two domes that cover entire cities where people live. These domes are in original cites from before the Sorrows, Cleveland, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois. The group go to Cleveland just as a major storm arrives. They are forced to stay at the dome several months. While there, Selah works with the Keeper to learn more about the protocol and how she can complete it. Moljica, Yaraji and Bodhi get go through training for combat and survival. Selah’s younger siblings spend time reading the fairy tales from The Stone Braide Chronicles.

The keeper tells Selah she needs to go to the Chicago dome and see the Seeker. When the group gets to Chicago they experience trouble with their transport. They work on fixing it while Selah meets with the Seeker. The Seeker is not able to help her, but tells her about an old lady who might have information. Selah is told they need to go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

While on their way to Milwaukee, their transport blows up. They eventually get to Milwaukee and are not safe there. They no longer have transportation so they decide to go by train and do not know where to go. Selah’s younger siblings use the symbols used in the Stone Braide Chronicles to decide white trip to take. All the while Selah is getting very weak and it appears she will not be able to accomplish the Third Protocol.

This is a very good teen fantasy. The series should be read in order, but enough information is included in this story to understand what is happening. There is a lot of action that takes place while the group work to reach their goal alive. And there is suspense with who they can trust and with what is going to happen next as well as will Selah be able to complete the protocol. While there is violence in this story, it is not very offensive.

The parts of the story that I enjoyed the most was when the group worked together to find clues that would lead them to succeed. I enjoyed the children’s part in the story, the memorizing of the fairy tales and the mischief they get into when the transport breaks down. I also enjoyed the selflessness of Selah when she donated blood, know that it will shorten her life. I was disappointed the book is published by a Christian publishing company, yet there isn’t Christian references in the story. This story will be enjoyed by people who enjoy fantasy and action packed stories.

I received a copy of the book from Revell Publishing and I have written an honest review.

Series: Stone Braide Chronicles (Book 3)

Pages: 400

ISBN: 9780800723781

Publisher: Revell Publishing

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The Valley of The Dry Bones by Jerry B. Jenkins


The Valley of the Dry Bones is a novel written by Jerry B. Jenkins. The story is set in the future and takes place in California. After a 17 year drought, California is evacuated with the exception of small groups who chose to stay behind. Of them is a group of 16 Christians who witness to others. This group is called the Holdouts.

The pastor’s wife, Jenne, has found out she has advanced cancer and the pastor, Bob, decides to step down. A new pastor has to be chosen and it comes down to either the leader of the group, Zeke, or the doctor, Doc. Doc feels he is best for the group while Zeke is putting it all in God’s hands.

One of the groups the Holdouts visits is a group of Native Americans. While on one of their visits they get a chance to speak with one of the elderly ladies. She also is a Christian. She dies shortly after their visit and a member of her group goes to Arizona with the story she is going to notify family that left California. What she actually does is give false information to the authorities about the Holdouts.

The FBI and government get involved and start Operation Dry Bones. They are searching for Doc for supposedly killing members and committing mass murder on the Indian Tribes. Resources also say that Zeke escaped from custody and now heads up a warren of underground bunkers full of hundred of armed combatants. The pastor’s son in law is also quoted for saying he always knew the pastor would murder his wife.

This is a very suspenseful book with a lot of action. A lot of different things are going on at the same time but it is written in such a way it is easy to follow. I like the Christian aspect of the story. Several of the members are very strong Christians who use the Bible as a guide to live their lives, but it is not a preachy book. I also like that is it a story of family and community with everyone working for survival and the good of the group. This is not the type of story that I typically read but with all the action and suspense, I found it to be a very good book. The end did move along really fast and I appreciate the author finished up the book with a summary of what happened following Operations Dry Bones.

I received a copy of the book from Worthy Publishing and First Look Blog Tour for an honest review.

Series: End Times

336 pages

ISBN-10: 1617950084

ISBN-13: 978-1617950087

Publisher: Worthy Publishing

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