Ever Faithful by Karen Barnett


Ever Faithful is book three in A Vintage National Park series by Karen Barnett. This story is set in Yellowstone National Park in 1933. While being part of a series, these stories are stand alone novels. The author has written an awesome story that shows what the park was like and all the workers that was needed to keep the park going. Her writing is so descriptive, it is easy to envision watching the animals and the environment. I enjoyed the terms of the employees that was used based, on what they did. I also enjoyed the accuracy of how the park was at the time. This story gives great history of the park as well as how the park was affected by the depression.. This is my favorite book in the series so far.

President F. D. Roosevelt’s New Deal is set in place during the Great Depression to give jobs to unemployed young men. Nate tries to take the blame for what his brother did, to keep his brother out of trouble. He is given the chance to work with the Civilian Conservation Crops (CCC). He is quickly chosen for a leadership position, which will help send more money back to his family. To do so he has to keep a secret.

Elsie is the daughter of a Park Ranger. She has worked as a maid in the park’s hotel for years and hopes this year will give her the money she needs to go to school. When jobs are being cut, she takes on a second job teaching the men of the CCC.

I received an uncorrected proof of this story from Waterbrook Multnomah publishing. This is my honest review.

Series: Vintage National Park Series (book 3)

352 pages

ISBN: 9780735289581

Karen Barnett is a former park ranger. She also worked as a ranger naturalist and an outdoor educator.

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You can read the first two chapters of this book at: https://waterbrookmultnomah.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Sneak-Peek-Ever-Faithful.pdf


Rise of the Mystics by Ted Dekker

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There is no fear in love. They will know you follow me by your love.”

The Rise of the Mystics is part two in the Beyond the Circle series by Ted Dekker. Taking over where part one ended, this set of books has to be read in order to follow along. Rachelle Matthews, also known as the 49th Mystic, has been taken in by a group of people who are trying to take away her memory and stop her dreaming. When she falls asleep she enters the Other World through her dreams. She has two of the five seals left to find with just a short time to keep the worlds safe. With Steve’s help she escapes after having her memory wiped again. Together they flee and work to conquer Vlad Smith.

This is a suspenseful futuristic thriller. The story bounces between our world and the Other World where there is fighting and killing. This at times, is confusing. The story references the Bible and through the finding of the five seals, teaches a lesson of knowing God, surrendering to Him, and finding True Love. For the readers who enjoy Christian science fiction or futuristic stories, this would be an enjoyable story.

I received a copy of this story from Revell Reads Blog Tour program. This is my honest review.

Series: Beyond the Circle (Book 2)

416 pages

ISBN: 9780800735999

To learn more about the author go to: https://www.teddekker.com/

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The Watch on the Fencepost by Kay DiBianca


The Watch on the Fencepost, by Kay DiBianca, is a story of Kate Frasier, who lost her parents in a questionable car accident. After the accident, Kate is introduced to people from her mother’s past. One of whom is the owner of the watch Kate found on a fence post and they quickly become friends.

Kate’s father use to leave her little clues to follow to find things he has for her. With her birthday approaching, her father had planned well in advance the clues he has left for her. Together with her new friend, she searches for subsequent clues to find what he has left her.

This is good easy to read mystery of the who done it type with a touch of romance written in. The story is very well written with not a lot of characters to keep straight. It is a good clean story with good lessons. Some of the things I enjoyed about this story, other than the mystery, is the friendships that develop. Kate and her mechanic both had negative feelings about each other, but with a little help from comments her father made in the past, they are able to see they were mistaken about each other. The mechanic felt Kay felt going to the shop was beneath her, which actually Kay was just shy. This points out that sometimes we are too quick to make judgment without know all the facts.

I received a copy of this book from the Bookcrash blogging program. This is my honest review.

253 pages

ISBN: 9781633571549

Kay DiBianca is a retired software developer and IT Manager. This is her first book.

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American Omens by Travis Thrasher


American Omens, by Travis Thrasher is a Christian futurist novel set in 2038. This is one of those stories that makes the reader sit back and wonder if this could really happen in our future. The story focuses on Cheyenne Burne, a programmer of the world’s top technology firm. After receiving a coded message connected to her father, she is released from her job and goes on a wild adventure. Her father became a Christian a year earlier and has not been heard of since.

Another major character in this story is Will, the owner of a book store that was closed down for selling prohibited books, Christian books. He finds himself and his family, not only with bills and no way to pay them, but also in extreme danger.

This is a very fast paced thriller set in a time when technology rules and Christianity is outlawed. I enjoyed reading the story and kept waiting to see what was going to happen. I feel the story gave an insight into what could really happen someday. I enjoyed reading the parts where the people actually drove vehicles themselves instead of just riding in them. This story shows how Christians were forced to give up their lives as they knew them to follow God. The book bounced between Cheyenne, Will and other people, which made it hard for me to follow along with it at times. There also were so many characters, it was hard to keep them straight. While there is no indication this is part of a series, the ending comes so quick in the last few pages.

I received an uncorrected copy of this book as part of the American Omens Launch Team through Waterbrook and Multhnomah. This is my honest review.

352 pages

ISBN: 9780735291782

To learn more about the author, books he has written and order books go to: http://travisthrasher.com/

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The book trailer can be viewed at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-eWBg_DqPU&feature=youtu.be

Never Let Go by Elizabeth Goddard


Never Let Go, by Elizabeth Goddard, is book one in the Uncommon Justice series. Willow and her grandfather have a forensic genealogy business. This time a mother has come to them to find her child that was abducted 20 years ago. Willow’s grandfather turns to Austin, former FBI agent and Willow’s ex-boyfriend, for help. Willow grandfather is killed while riding his bike, their home burns down and someone breaks into their business. Some one is trying to stop them from find out who took the baby. Together Willow and Austin follow leads that take him back home, a place he has not been to for years.

This is an awesome new series that is full of adventure and suspense. I was kept guessing right to the very end as to who abducted the baby and why. This is great book that was hard to put down. This book is considered a romantic suspense, but the romance is very mild and clean. I enjoyed reading this story, it has a good message of faith, compassion and forgiveness. The story does include some violence.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing, this is my honest review.

Series: Uncommon Justice

358 pages

ISBN: 9780800729844

To learn more about the author go to: https://bethgoddard.com/

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Mind Games by Nancy Mehl


Mind Games is the beginning of a new series, Kaely Quinn Profiler by Nancy Mehl. If this book is any indication, this is going to be a great series. This story is so full of action and suspense. While listed as Romantic Suspense, the romance is so mild and takes a back seat to the story.

Kaely Quinn is a profiler with the FBI that is very good at what she does. She sits down at a table and imagines having a conversation with the suspect. She typically gets great results and helps solve the crimes. But this time, the suspect is after Kaely and copies other crimes that she or someone she works with has been involved in. Together Kaely, her co workers with the St. Louis division and the FBI work to find the killer before more people are killed.

This is a great fast paced story. The thing I like about this story is with God’s help Kaely has able to move past what her father did and help others. I feel anyone who enjoys suspenseful crime stories will really enjoy this story.

I received this book as a gift from the author. I was not required to write a review.

Series: Kaely Quinn Profiler, book 1

336 pages

ISBN: 9780764231841

To learn more about the author and other books she has written go to: http://nancymehl.com

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Chosen People by Robert Whitlow


Chosen People, by Robert Whitlow, is an outstanding modern day legal thriller. This is a very suspenseful legal drama that covers Atlanta and Israel. Lawyers Hana and Jakob work together to track down who was behind the terrorist attacks that killed Gloria Neuman. Hana is able to renew a friendship with investigator Daud. Even while being surrounded with danger, Hana and Daud develop a relationship. And with the attack on Jakob, that left him unable to drive, he become friends with a very aggressive driver.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I like how the author has written an outstanding story and blends in the Christian teachings as well. The story is very fast paced, with a lot of drama and action. The author has written in detail to help the reader visualize being there. I also liked the background information the author gives of the Jewish and Christian beliefs of the Arab Israeli and their country.

I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson publishing, this is my honest review.

428 pages

ISBN: 9780718083045

To learn more about the author and book she has written go to: http://www.robertwhitlow.com/

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Enclave by Thomas Locke


Enclave, by Thomas Locke, is a dystopian novel that takes place many years in the future. Almost 100 years after the Great Crash and the country is basically cities governing themselves with very little support from the federal government. Kevin and his mother are part of a group that rescue refugees, give them new identities and sneak them into society. With the government suspecting this is happening Kevin and his mother find themselves fleeing for their lives.

Caleb is one of many people who have special gifts that allow them to know what is happening with others. The federal government is trying to find these people so he is now being forced to flee for his safety.

This story takes off with so much going on and so many characters that I struggled through the whole story to keep up with what was happening. The story is full of action and suspense, which I enjoy, but it did not flow smoothly. The background of the story is filled in very nicely and the story ends with a fight starting. This makes we wonder if this is the beginning of a new series. If you enjoy science fiction or dystopian stories and do not mind a lot of characters and multiple stories taking place at one time, this is a story for you.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads Blog Tour Program. This is my honest review.

269 pages

ISBN: 9780800727918

My rating: 3 stars

Thomas Locke is a pseudonym for Davis Bunn. To learn more about him go to www.tlocke.com

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Tell Her No Lies by Kelly Irvin


Tell Her No Lies, by Kelly Irvin, is a very fast paced, action packed, romantic suspense novel. The story takes many twists and turns that kept me guessing what was going to happen next as well as who killed Judge Geoffrey Fischer. Nina and her sister were taken in by their uncle and aunt, the Fischers, as young girls when their mother was unable to care for them. While they were well cared for, the Judge left them know very plainly when he disapproved of something they did. He also kept secrets from the family.

Nina and her friend try to do their own investigation into who killed the Judge. Instead of going to the police when they find out something, they strike out on their own and get hurt in the process. In this process, Nina is able to reflect on her friendships with Rick and Aaron. Nina also struggles with the Christian life, wondering if God is there for her.

This is a very good story. It covers topics such as gambling addiction and homelessness. I would highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys suspenseful crime stories.

I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through the BookLook Blogger program. This is my honest review.

330 pages

ISBN: 9780785223115

My rating: 4.8 stars

To learn more about the author and books she has written go to: http://www.kellyirvin.com/

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In Too Deep by Lynn H. Blackburn


In To Deep, by Lynn H. Blackburn is the second book in the Dive Team Investigation series. I have been waiting for this book to come out and it did not disappoint me. This is a great series that is best read in order. This book could be read as a stand alone story but since it references what happened in book one, I would not recommend it. After all they both are great, hard to put down, good clean stories with a lot of suspense and mystery, and of course romance.

In this story Adam is called away from his grandmother’s Sunday lunch to investigate a car and drive that went into the water. Dr. Sabrina Fleming is also called in to investigate the computer found in the car. Together Sabrina and the dive team find information that could implicate Adam’s family. And at the same time someone is out to get Sabrina.

OK, I love this series. I like the friendship and working relationship the characters have. There is friendly teasing but also respect for each others feelings and beliefs. The part in this story I really like, is when Adam is injured, his grandparents visit him in the hospital. His thoughts about his grandmother are changed by this one visit.

This story is so well written, I just did not want to put the book down until I know what has happened. But then the wait for the next book begins. I really think anyone who enjoys suspenseful crime stories will enjoy this story.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads Blog Tour Program. This is my honest review.

Series: Dive Team Investigation (Book 2)

348 pages

ISBN: 9780800729295

My rating: 5 stars

To learn more about the author and other books she has written go to: http://lynnhblackburn.com/

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