Cherished Mercy by Tracie Peterson


Cherished Mercy is the third and final book in the Heart of the Frontier series written by Tracie Peterson. Though out this series we have followed the Flanagan sisters as they made their way to the Oregon Territory. The older two sisters have married and started their families but Mercy has yet to find the man for her. Mercy receives a request from a friend, Eletta, to travel to the Browning Mission in the Rogue River Valley. Eletta is having problems with her pregnancy and has taken to her bed. Mercy helps with Eletta’s home and young adopted daughter, Faith, as well as helps Eletta’s brother-in-law, Adam, teach the Indian children.

The government is trying to take all the Indians to a reservation and has hired men to help. Some of the men take it upon themselves to kill the Indians instead. Browning Mission is attacked and the white people are forced to flee. Eletta’s husband was killed prior to the attack and Eletta passes away when they reach the new town. It is now up to Mercy and Adam to take care of Faith.

This is such a good series, it should be read in order as the three sisters are the focal point in each story. This series covers some tough topics, such as racism, greed, war and rape. This book is a reminder the importance of prayer, showing mercy to others and keeping our faith even in the worst of times. The characters are well developed and the writing is so clear it is easy to envision the fear of the white man’s attack at Browning Mission as well and the Indian’s retaliation and the hunger at Fort Miner. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction based on the settling of our country.

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Series: Heart of the Frontier

310 pages

ISBN: 9780764213298

Publisher: Bethany House

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Peace in the Valley by Ruth Logan Herne


Peace in the Valley is book 3 in the Double S Ranch series by Ruth Logan Herne. This is Trey’s story.

Trey was adopted by his uncle Sam Stafford as a very young boy. His parents were music stars who died as a result of drug addiction. When Trey got older he went against Sam’s wishes and developed a music career for himself. He married a music star as well. Even though she had been clean for several years, she reverted to the drug scene and died as a result.

Sam has developed a serious illness and will need a liver transplant. His only timely option is Trey. Sam does not want Trey to take the risk, but Trey wants to do this for Sam. When Trey comes into town, he misses a new stop sign and hits a van. The van is driven by Sam’s neighbor, Lucy Carlton, and carries her flowers to sell at market. Both her van and the flowers are destroyed and she has no way of replacing them. Trey does not want to get the insurance companies involved and tells her he will take care of replacing what she lost. Trey is overly generous and Lucy struggles with accepting his help.

When Trey gets to the ranch, Sam informs Trey that he wants Trey to help make repairs to the neighboring property, Lucy’s property. Sam has caused problems for a lot of people during his lifetime. He has become a Christian and now wants to correct the wrongs he did. While Trey is helping with Lucy’s property he develops a friendship with Lucy and her children.

I just love this series and could not wait for this book to come out. This is a great story of forgiveness and faith. This is a great series that deals with family and the issues some families might have. I have enjoyed reading how the family who had left the ranch had all come together when their father became ill. Sam was a hard man with strict rules and basically pushed his two sons away, but now they are back at the ranch and have moved past the hurts and are putting the needs of their father as priority. They have also come together to help their brother that remained on the ranch.

I have really enjoyed reading this series. Anyone who enjoys reading good clean romance and westerns with really enjoy this series.

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Series: Double S Ranch (Book 3)

341 pages

ISBN: 9781601427809

Publisher: Multomah – Penguin Random House LLC

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A Promise in Defiance by Heather Blanton

51a4gifgful-1A Promise in Defiance is book three in the Romance in the Rockies series written by Heather Blanton. For this story we continue where the second one leaves off. Charles and Naomi have very recently married and the 10 year old half breed son of Charles has been dropped off at their place. Two Spears struggles with living with them and Charles leaves Naomi to take care of Two Spears. One day Two Spears takes off and ends up in town struggling with 2 men. Just as Logan Tillane comes back to town Logan was an outlaw until he accepted the Lord, now he is back in Defiance as their pastor.

A new lady has arrived in town, Delilah has opened up the Crystal Chandelier as a bar and brothel. She also sells virgins and has shows. Delilah is well know for her businesses and employs men to carry out her orders.

I enjoyed reading this series. The series does have to be read in order to get the most from it. This is a historical series with romance sewn into the stories The first book brought Charles and Naomi together, the second brought the older sister Rebecca and Ian together and in this book we get to seethe younger sister Hannah and Billy rekindle their relationship. The story line through out the series is based on bars and brothels and the wildness of the time and area. This may turn some readers off, but the real story of finding redemption is constant through the whole series. I enjoyed the notations the author has at the bottom of a few pages where she used incidents or people in her past in her stories.

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Series: Romance in the Rockies

308 pages

ISBN-10: 1534615199

ISBN-13: 978-1534615199

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Home on the Range by Ruth Logan Herne


Home on the Range, written by Ruth Logan Herne is book 2 in the awesome Double S Ranch series. This book takes up where the last one left off. The town is trying to rebuild itself. Colt has taken on the Stafford family’s responsibility in that process while Nick continues to manage the ranch and keep up with his daughters. His oldest daughter, Cheyenne, is having troubles with her school work and Nick takes her to Elsa to try to work through the issues that are causing her problems. Just when Cheyenne starts making progress, her mother, that left three years earlier, returns and wants to be back into their lives.

Nick is determined to be a better father to his girls than his father was to him. Nick and Elsa start to have feeling for each other but Elsa is also running from past problems. Nick’s family also like Elsa and Elsa likes them and the ranch.

Sam, the father, is ill and his health has taken a turn for the worse. His youngest son returns home to help with the ranch.

This is a wonderful story of family, family love and family commitment as well as a story of forgiveness and restoration of faith. The book is very easy and fun to read. The family members we met in the first book are also present in this story. The story is so realistic with the struggles the family is going through both the emotional and physical. I love this series!

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Series: Double S Ranch

320 pages

ISBN-10: 1601427786

ISBN-13: 978-1601427786

Publisher: Multnomah

Back in the Saddle by Ruth Logan Herne


Back in the Saddle is book one in the Double S Ranch series written by Ruth Logan Herne.

Sam Stafford is a single father of 3 grown sons.  Colt, the oldest, left the ranch nine years earlier and developed a promising career on Wall Street. Colt remembers his mother talking to him about prayer and taking him to church, but Colt no longer attends church. He is a man who is in control. Nick, the younger son, stayed on the ranch and helped his father build the ranch into what it is today. He is an over protective single father of 2 young girls. Nick tolerates the idea of faith because he is a father and that is what fathers are suppose to do. And Trey, Sam’s nephew and adopted son, also left the ranch and became a country music superstar. Trey was married but lost his wife due to a drug overdose. Trey owns his faith, it is seen in his eyes his actions and in his folded hands. The brothers are similar, they all are successful in their careers, yet they are so different.

Sam is ill and injured himself, at the same time Colt’s career takes a turn for the worse. Colt goes home to the ranch, for the first time since leaving almost nine years earlier, to help his sick father. He comes face to face with Sam’s housekeeper, Angelina Morales.

Angelina was a detective in Seattle and moved to Washington with her mother and son when her father was murdered. She has been very good for Sam and the ranch. But her former boss keeps calling asking her to come back, she finally accepts.

A fire breaks out in town, destroying the church and several other buildings. The Staffords step up to help rebuild the town. Sam has developed a relationship with God and wants to give back to the town. The town people are skeptical as in the past the Staffords have only cared for themselves. Colt has come up with a plan to rebuild their buildings as well as senior housing. He says he will stay to see this through, but he is getting great offers to go back to work on Wall Street.

I loved this story. I enjoyed reading about how the sons work together to get things done when their father becomes ill and can no take care of things. This is a great story about family and caring.  I enjoyed seeing the change that takes place in Colt once he gets back on the ranch.  I like how Sam wants to give back to those he had no time for before he became a Christian.

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Series: Double S Ranch

320 pages

ISBN-10: 160142776X

ISBN-13: 978-1601427762

Publisher: Multnomah