How To Be a Perfect Christian by The Babylon Bee


How To Be a Perfect Christian by The Babylon Bee is Christian humor that will make the reader sit back and really wonder. While it is written as satire, some of the topics the author touches on will cause the reader to take a second look at themselves. This is not a book to sit down and read all in one sitting. But rather to be read and thought about. This book gives “tips” on topics such as choosing the right church, worshiping correctly, how to volunteer or take part in a potluck as well as sharing on social media.

I have to confess, I have never heard of The Babylon Bee. And I do not generally read humor or satire. I also take my Christian life very serious. But this is a good book. The authors touch on sensitive topics in a humorous way that would make using this as a group discussion book rather fun. I would honestly recommend this book to my friends who enjoy reading humorous writings.

This 208 page hard covered book is published by Multnomah Publishing. I received a copy of this book as part of the Launch Team. I was not required to write a review.

208 pages

ISBN: 9780735291522

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When God Says Go by Elizabeth Laing Thompson


When God Says Go, written by Elizabeth Laing Thompson, is a book dealing with women’s issues and spiritual growth. The author tells the story of people in the Bible who were called by God to do His will, to help the reader to choose to “go” when God calls. The books has 12 chapters that consist of a stories of people in the Bible such as Moses, Mary Magdalene, Esther, Samuel, Peter and Mary the mother of Jesus. The author also uses personal experiences and Bible verses. Each chapter ends with a discussion session, “Let’s go deeper”, which include reading recommendations for further study as well as items for consider for journaling and prayer.

This would be a great book for a Bible Study or discussion group. I like how the author tells the story of the people from the Bible and with their reactions to being called to do God’s work. The things that stands out the most for me in this book is that when God calls us, it is not about us, it is about God. When He calls us, He wants our all. Another thing that stands out for me is that we do not get to choose when changes will come into our lives, but we do get to choose how we respond.

“I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.”

222 pages

ISBN: 9781683225553

The author writes at about “clinging to Christ through the chaos of daily life.” She is also a minister, speaker, novelist, wife and mother.

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Surviving “Uncle Hitler” Journey of a German Girl by Dorothea Wollin Null


What I want most for my story to convey is that the Lord led me through the trials and tribulations of my life in order that I could find meaning, joy, and peace. Because I am approaching the end of my life, I want to inspire my readers to question their own choices, priorities and values in order to find peace with the Lord and joy in their hearts.”

Dorothea Wollin Null has written her accounting of her life during WWII. Surviving “Uncle Hitler” is a short book of just 119 pages that takes the reader through a young German girl’s life during WWII. Dorothea tells us of her travels to flee the bombings to go live with her aunt until they are forced to flee there due to the Russians coming. She tells of her life in a camp and then in a tiny third floor apartment after the war. The book tells the reader how the war shaped Dorothea and other family members into the adults they became. The author also tells us of the family dynamics and how they affected her through out her life.

This is an interesting quick read that show the reader how life was for the younger people in Germany during the war. The author also tells us of her faith and that of her family members. Some things that stand out for me in this book is how important school was, even while living in camps, the children had school outside. As well as the depth of their struggles for housing and food. This is a good book that would be enjoyed by those who enjoy reading about that time in history.

I received a copy of this book from First Step Publishing through Book Crash and this is my honest review.

121 pages

ISBN: 9781937333492

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Prayers for a Heart-Shaped Life by Karen Moore


Prayers for Heart Shaped Life by Karen Moore, is a compilation of over 200 prayers. This is a hard covered book that is just the right size to keep with a Bible to use during devotional time. Each selection starts with a Bible verse and contains a heartfelt prayer focusing on different issues, such as: family, troubles times, asking forgiveness and spreading kindness. I enjoy this book. There are times when there are just no words to pray and it is easy to pick up this book and say a prayer that inspire you and bring you closer to God. This would make a beautiful gift. The pages are a very soft blue and it has a yellow ribbon bookmark.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

219 pages

ISBN: 9781683223207

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press

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Long Before Luther by Nathan Busenitz


Long Before Luther, by Nathan Busenitz, attempts to answer the question “Was the Reformation doctrine of justification by faith alone an invention or a recovery?” The author has done very extensive research to give answer to this question. Using quotes from pre-Reformation writers and scripture from the Bible, the author shows us the doctrine held by the Reformers were not new but rather were taken from the Bible and carried down.
This book goes into so much depth that I found myself no able to understand some of it. This book gives a lot of detail about church history as well. The book is broken up into four sections with just 11 chapters and 64 pages. The book give a look into church history, the beliefs of pre-Reformers and Reformers. The book also contains 25 pages of 100 quotes from church history showing salvation by grace alone and the truth that believers are justified through faith in Christ, not by works. This was the part of the book that spoke to me the most.
Due to the extensive quotes, I feel this book is far advanced for the person who wants to learn more about the reformation and church history. I feel this book is meant more for the students, scholars, or theologians. For this reason, I give this book a 4.
I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishing, this is my honest review.
242 pages
ISBN: 9780802418029
Publisher: Moody Publishers/Masters Seminary Press
Nathan Busenitz is teaches Historical Theology at the Master’s Seminary. He has completed his doctorate in church history focusing on patristic theology.
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A Prairie Girl’s Faith by Stephen W. Hines


A Prairie Girl’s Faith, by Stephen W. Hines, is a biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder. The author has done years of research to write this story showing the spiritual and religious upbringing that Laura and her family had. The author has written this book to show us how Laura’s and her family’s faith brought them through all the difficult times in their lives. He explains to the reader that the Ingalls girls more than likely learned their Christian teaching from their mother, in their home, and that their father often played worship and praise songs on his violin. The author shows the importance the Ingalls put on fellowship. The Ingalls moved several times and at points in their lives did not live close to a church, so they had church services in their homes. Charles was also instrumental in helping to bring church services to Walnut Grove and De Smit.

I really enjoyed reading this book and learning more about the Ingalls and Wilder families. Just like the author, I have loved the Little House books since I was very young. We have read them to our children and taken our children to De Smit to see where the Ingalls lived. This book gives a very good description of where buildings were in De Smit. I wish I had know that when we visited there. The parts of the book that I enjoyed the most was reading about Laura and Rose’s relationship as well as the friendships Laura had. This book also includes a section that has recipes from the pioneer women. I especially liked the authors notation regarding how they tasted. Anyone who enjoys the Little House stories will learn a lot from also reading this book.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Blogging for Books. This is my honest review.

183 pages

ISBN: 9780735289789

Publisher: Waterbrook

Stephen Hines is a recognized authority on Laura Ingalls Wilder and has written several best-selling volumes on her life and is a contributor to

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The Most Important Women of the Bible by Aaron and Elaina Sharp


The Most Important Women of the Bible by Aaron and Elaina Sharp, focuses on 32 different women in the bible. It shows us the strength these women had to live in the time that they did. This book also tells us about the men in the women’s lives and how they affected them, such as Tamar and Bathsheba.

The books is suggested to be used as a devotional or a Bible study, but I enjoyed reading it just to learn more about the women in the Bible. I like how the authors used only Bible scripture to give the reader the biography of each woman and then tells of her role in redemption. I also enjoy the little touches of humor the authors write into the book, such as wondering what Elizabeth’s reaction was when Zechariah was not able to speak. I would recommend this book to anyone who longs to learn more about the women in the Bible.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House. This is my honest review.

207 pages

ISBN: 9780764219627

Publisher: Bethany House

The authors are both graduates in Master of Theology. Aaron works for Insight for Living ministries and has authored “Everything the Bible Says about Parenting and Children” and “What Does God Say About That?” Elaina owns and operates a small business and writes curriculum for ministries.

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Spiritual Wisdom for a Happier Life by Mark W. Baker, PhD

Spiritual Wisdom 5.indd

Spiritual Wisdom for a Happier Life is written by Mark W. Baker, PhD. The book is broken up into eight sections that deal with the key emotions we all have. Each of these sections is broken up into several small, easy to read chapters. Each of the chapters starts with a Bible verse and then the author uses his personal experiences or clients stories to bring across what he is trying to teach the reader. In these chapters the author shows the reader how to deal with these emotions to be able to heal from emotional pain. The author uses his counseling experiences to help the reader to understand and learn how to deal with emotions.

This book is well written and gives a lot of very valuable information, but I personally feel it is not written as a self help book. I feel that this is more a resource for professionals who deal with helping those struggling with problems. The author explains emotions differently that I typically would think. Some examples would be: anger is energy to solve a problem and grief is a way you make room in your heart for future love.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing, this is my honest review.

400 pages

ISBN: 9780800728823

Publisher: Revell

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Fiercehearted by Holley Gerth


Fierceheart, by Holley Gerth, is a great book to help us women to understand that we are all the same. We all have fears and struggles and we need to go to God to work through these to become the woman God created us to be.

With forty short chapters, Holly tells us stories of her life and situations she has lived through. Holly writes this book in such a way that it feels like she is in the room visiting with me. Holly helps us to embrace the woman inside of us, living fully and loving bravely. Holly encourages us to never give in, give up or let go. Through her stories we see how Holly embraced live to life a life full of love and faith.

This is a great book. The writing is so real and honest. Each chapter is just a few pages long, making it the perfect length to use as a devotional. By using the discussion questions at the end of the book, this would be great to use as a Bible Study as well.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing. This is my honest review.

200 pages

ISBN: 9780800722890

Publisher: Revell Publishing

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All Saints, by Michael Spurlock and Jeanette Windle


All Saints, written by Michael Spurlock and Jeanette Windle, is the true story behind the movie. Reverend Spurlock went back to school to be a pastor later in life. The All Saints Episcopal Church in Smyrna, Tennessee was the first church he served after finishing school. The church had suffered through many of it’s members leaving. His responsibility is to take the church of just 25 members and a very large financial commitment and grow the church, make it self supporting and reach out in missions.

Just when the decision is made to sell the church, Reverend Spurlock walks the acreage the church is built on and is given the ideal to use the acreage for gardens to help feed others and sell produce. With the help of the Karen refugees from Burma and others God puts in his life, the church is not sold.

This is an inspiring story. The parts that stand out the most to me is how the people in the All Saints church and the refugees do not want to have separate services. Even though they do not all understand each other, they continue worshiping together and working together to save the church. This story also shows us that God will supply our needs, such as supplying the church with the money to start the gardens, the tractor and the irrigation supplies they needed. This is a good book to read to help get more information that just watching the movie.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishing. I have written an honest review.

207 pages

ISBN: 9780764230271

Publisher: Bethany House

Reverend Michael Spurlock served the All Saints Episcopal Church for three years. He is currently serving on clergy staff at Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Jeanette Windle is an award-winning author, an investigative journalist and a writers mentor.

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