GodRunner by Will Hart



Everyone is called to something, somewhere.

GodRunner is a non-fiction book written by missionary Will Hart.  Will tells his story of coming to the Lord and about his missionary work.  Will was the son of hippies.  His mother became saved from listening to the radio.  She was filled by the Holy Spirit and the family thought she had gone crazy.  Even though his father was at times scared of the situation, he decided the family would follow her.  When Will was a senior in high school, he became saved and decided to be a missionary instead of going to college.  This is a book of places he’s been, people he has saved, as well as his family life.

Some of the points he makes in this book are to go out and do what the Spirt wants you to do.  You do not have to leave the country, you can be used by God right where you are, in what ever you are doing.  We are to take every opportunity God gives us to work with others.  God created us in love and he will never stop loving us.  God is seeking us and pursuing us.  He seeks us when we are least expecting it and sometimes that makes us uncomfortable.  But sometimes God has to take us to our lowest point to restore us and rediret us.

While this book is not what I expected, it is very well written and  has  good points in it.  I especially liked the parts in the book where the author talks about his young life and his mother’s personality.    I typically do not read auto-biographies, and at times it felt that this is what the book is.  I did however, think he did a good job of describing what a missionary family’s life it like.  While not going into detail, he did show the sacrifices the entire family had to make. I am giving this book a 4, only because of the auto-biography feel.

I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network.  I have chosen to write this honest review.

183 Pages

ISBN: 9781629117737

Publisher: Whitaker House

To learn more about the author and his ministry go to: http://www.hartministries.com/

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8 Steps to Achieve Your Destiny by Samuel R. Chand

29885734.jpgUsing a wealth of examples gleaned from today’s top organizations, Dr. Samuel R. Chand lays a solid foundation to prepare today’s leaders for the unavoidable difficulties. Whether you run a corporation, a non-profit organization, or a church, 8 Steps to Achieve Your Destiny will provide insight into eight issues every leader must face.”

In this book the author writes about the importance of the people you work with That those you have worked with in the past are not the ones that will be good for your future. He talks about the importance of having positive people, people who will help you grow and those that will grow with you.

He writes about the places our future will take us. As humans we cling to the familiar, but with God’s help we strive for the unfamiliar. It is in the unfamiliar that we learn to trust God and have faith in him. To have growth we must walk in the unfamiliar. The author points that for some people that being left in the familiar too long will lead them to becoming bored and restless. These gifted visionaries need to move on.

Each time we respond to a new possibility, new doors open for us. Our attitude and thinking changes. He also walks us through the importance of personal preparedness for growth. But not everything about growth is easy. There will be pain, there will be criticism from others.

When I was asked to read this book, I did not realize that it would become a book that would help me with my “growth”. As a volunteer of many different programs, most in the leadership capacity, I have had to step back and take a look at what direction my future holds. This book has been very helpful during this time. As I step away from programs that I have been with for a long time or those that are very near and dear to my heart, I have felt extreme pain. But through this book I have come to realize this is the way it should be. That to have stayed in those positions I would have grown frustrated. The hardest thing for me when moving forward has been leaving the people what I have worked with. And with this book, I see that is also normal That I will now be involved with a whole new group of people who will help me grow even more.

I really was helped a lot by reading this book. It helped reaffirm to me that the changes I am making in my volunteer life are doors that God are closing and opening for me. Some of them not always what I thought would happen. If you are in a leadership position and are feeling frustrated, bored and felling there is something else out there for you, this is a must read book!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Book Club Network. This is my honest review.

167 pages

ISBN: 9781629117348

Publisher: Whitaker House

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Alive in the Spirit by A. W. Tozer


Nothing is more beautiful than a Spirit-filled church displaying the marvelous harmony of the Holy Spirit in its midst.”

Alive in the Spirit, written by A. W. Tozer, is a book compiled and edited by James L. Snyder. A. W. Tozer was a self taught theologian authoring more than 40 books. After his death in 1963, his estate gave Reverend James L Snyder the rights to produce new books from over 400 never-before-published audiotapes. This is one of the books Snyder has compiled and edited from those tapes.

Using scripture to support his writings, Tozer believed that our churches were in need of revival. He felt that we have become Christians that go about doing God’s work without having the Holy Spirit. He points out in history that when a revival took place, God scrapped everything and started a new.

He felt that many Christians were satisfied with just being saved. That being saved meant they would go to Heaven so they could sit back and relax. He felt people were satisfied with what they have and that churches are satisfied with numbers, programs and methods but without the Holy Spirit. Tozer felt if we were to be the church God wants, that we would be so filled with the Holy Spirit that it would flow out of us

Tozer offers us some deep questions to ponder, “Where does the Holy Spirit fit into our churches? Is He the foundation of our ministry or have we replaced Him with our programs and entertainment. We will never get anywhere without allowing the Holy Spirit to bring us into a relationship with Jesus. For the Holy Spirit to work without our lives, we need to surrender to him and allow Him to work in our lives. The Holy Spirit transforms and changes us, making us holy inside. When the Holy Spirit comes, we will have the power to do everything God has called us to do.

This book will cause you to stop and think about where you are at in your spiritual walk. It will encourage you to want more in your Christian life. It will also may you stop and think about the Christian activities that you take part in. Are you just going through life, or are you growing in your Spiritual life? This is a wonderful book to help you sit back and think about your life and what may be missing or needing maturing. I really enjoyed reading this book. It made me stop and think about many things, including where to go from here to get where I want to be in my walk with God. I would recommend this book to every Christian no matter where they are in their Christian life.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany Publishing and this is my honest review.

192 Pages

ISBN: 9780764218071

Publisher: Bethany House

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The New Believers Guide to the Christian Life by Alex Early


As a new believer, you may have questions about what to expect. You wonder how to please God, or what will happen is you mess up. But being a Christian isn’t about what you do. It’s about who you are: a child of God. And God loves his children unconditionally. Through his overwhelming love, he changes us from the inside out.”

Alex Early has written this book to help new believes in Christ in their Christian walk. He attempts to answer some of the questions new believer have as well as give them understanding and direction in their new life. The book contains nine chapters that cover topics such as being a child of God, prayer, baptism, being part of a church and money.

The author points out that as a Christian you have already made some important decisions, you believe that God exists and that Jesus has the power to take care of your greatest fears, and take away your guilt and shame. He also points out that God wants all of us, not part of us. He saved us to have a relationship with Him, not to use us.

The author also teaches about prayer. He spends time teaching about the Lords Prayer as well as touching on how we should pray. He are to turn to God first and foremost to pray, to pour out our troubles and complain. He also points out that as time goes on we may become distracted and our prayer life may become boring. This is normal, Christians sometimes goes through a period where they feel God is distant. When this happens we need to remember that this is because of us, not God, God is not boring and has our best interest in mind.

The author also touches on church membership and it’s role in Christian maturity. I thought his chapter on church membership was especially refreshing. So often we attend the church we grew up in, or have been attending for years, even if it is nor leading us in our walk with God. The author points out that we are to find a church that exalts Jesus, one that teaches the beliefs we believe in. We are not to look for a church because we like the gimmicks, such as their music or social activities.

I think this is a really good book, not just for new believers but long term ones as well. Some of the information in this book may be a little overwhelming for a new believer, but a good refresher for a person who has been a Christian for some time. Each of the chapters end with questions to consider. This is not a book for quick reading, but rather a book to sit and think about. The author uses a lot of Bible verses and quotations from other writers to bring his information to the reader. I think this would be a good book to pass on to new believers, or someone struggling with their Christian walk.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany Publishing and I have written an honest review.

172 pages

ISBN: 9780764218361

Publisher: Bethany House

God’s Feminist Movement by Amber Picota

gods_feminist_movement_finalfrontcoverGod’s Feminist Movement, by Amber Picota, is a great book that helps set women free and helps equip them for ministry. The author goes into detail explaining the difference between the old covenant and the new covenant. We are living under the New Covenant and we are actually living under a new law, the law of Christ, which is that we love one another as He loved us. The author helps us to understand how important love is. Love helps us to do good, to not have other gods above God, to not cheat, steal or kill, Love fuels us to do good works.

Using Bible verses and stories, the author points out that women in leadership was also spoken about in the Bible. She used 2 of my favorites, Ruth who pursued Boas and the prophetess Deborah.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It shows us that women being a part of the church is not a new thing even though some people feel women do not belong in leadership in the church. The book also reaffirms that we should not take verses out of their context and use them in ways they were not intended as well as if something preached is not Biblical, it is not true.

There is so much information in this little book. The author uses Bible verses and her life experiences to teach us such things as dressing, dating and submission in marriage. The parts that really made an impression on me is that the Bible does not tell us how to dress, other than not to wear men’s clothing. Modesty is not about covering yourself up in clothing, modesty is a posture of the heart. However, if we dress to entice and arouse others, this is not love. I especially like the part that men are not animals and that we need to stop raising our boys believing the lie that they do not have the power to take their thoughts in control and turn them over to Christ. The one part that I truly appreciate the author writing is that our family is our first ministry. All to often the business of the world cause us to put our family and their needs down the priority list.

I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network in exchange for an honest review.

192 pages

ISBN-10: 0768409349

ISBN-13: 978-0768409345

Publisher: Destiny Image

SOZO Saved/Healed/Delivered


Sozo, by Dawna Se Silva and Teresa Liebscher is not at all what I was expecting. This book is to help provide us with the tools we need to build a strong connection with God. The book give advice on how to break from the lies, addiction and hindrances that can take over our lives.

Sozo is a word used over 100 times in the New Testament. The word Sozo is Greek for healed, salvation and deliverance. In this book the authors talks about understanding the Godhead, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. She tells us that Sozo goes beyond physical healing, it embrasses the concept of Spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.

I enjoyed reading this book even though it is more a book about the Bethel Sozo program and some of the people they have helped and the ways they work to help their clients achieve healing. I especially enjoyed reading about the “Father Ladder”. In this section the authors explain the correlation between members of our family and how they affect us and which part of the Godhead ties into this. I also found what the authors said about us responding to Jesus better than God or the Holy Spirit because we feel Jesus is our savior and friend and is easier to relate to.

The book end each chapter with discussion questions, steps for activation and additional reading. The author also list resources in the book to make an appointment for a Sozo session.

I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network in exchange of an honest review.

176 pages

ISBN-10: 0768409152

ISBN-13: 978-0768409154

Publisher: Destiny Image

Distant God by Chris Nye

9780802414373 Moody.jpg

Distant God, written by Chris Nye, is a book of biblical guidance on feeling closer to God when He feels far away. Our modern culture teaches us to take a step back and focus on our selves when times get tough. This is the exact opposite of what the Bible tells us to do. We are not meant for self absorption, but rather self giving. Every relationship has it’s times when the feeling of closeness is not there, it is the same in our relationship with God. God is always with us, but we go through times when we become distracted with what we want rather than seeking God.

God’s presence is something He blesses us with. This book reminds us of the wonderfulness of God’s presence and tells us what we can do to have God close to us, even in our sins. We miss out on the presence of God when we do not confess our sins, treating them like they are no big deal. God wants us to confess our sins so He can reveal His love to us.

This is a wonderful book that gives us gentle reminders of God and His ever presence to us. When God does not feel close to us, it is because we have become distracted with our lives and have pushed God away. I like that the author points out that there are times when we are at retreats and camps where we are focusing on our relationship with God and He feels so close, yet when we get home to our normal lives, that feeling goes away. I also like that the author uses stories in his book to get his point across. I especially like how the author reminds us to use the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 23 to help us in our prayer life.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishes for an honest review.

 208 pages

ISBN-10: 0802414373

ISBN-13: 978-0802414373

Publisher: Moody Publishers 

In Search of A Father’s Blessing by Doug Stringer

InSearchOfFathersBlessing (1)

In Search of A Father’s Blessing is written by Doug Stringer. The author uses bible verses and statics to stress the importance of having a father figure in the family. He points out that in recent generations many families are having struggles as a result of not having a father in the home. The author also uses incidents in his personal life in this book. Doug is the son of a divorced couple. His father and step father were Vietnam Veterans who turned to alcohol. His father was not there for him very often as a result of his military career.

When Doug’s father was dying, Doug often found reasons not to visit him. Doug reference the song “Cat’s in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin at this point. This song is from my teen years and I see it so common in my adult life. Many times fathers are so caught up in their careers and providing for the family, that they do not take time for their children. And as the children grow up and leave home, the father now has time for them, but the children are busy with their lives and don’t have time for their father.

This is a good book. I did not always agree with the stereo typing the author did of fatherless families as I know a lot of single parens who have done a wonderful job raising children who become responsible loving adult. I did however, appreciate the second and third parts of the book. The one part in the book that really stands out to me is taken from On the Edge of Eternity. “It’s time for the children to come forth, and we must give them strength. It’s time for the church’s rebirth, and we must persevere through the delivery!

God’s intended purpose is to being a great awakening to and through this generation. We must awaken from slumber and heed the Lord’s call for our nation and the world in this crucial hour.

The bottom line is this: God is doing something! We don’t need to fear what is happening but embrace it and take is one bit at a time. We must be willing to go with the change. We need one another; we simply cannot do it alone. There is a treasure in this generation, and we must find it

I received a copy of this book from Book Club network for an honest review.

160 pages

ISBN-10: 162911705

ISBN-13: 978-162911705

Publisher: Whitaker House

You Are Not Alone by Dena Yohe



You Are Not Alone: Hope for Hurting Parents of Troubled Kids is written by Dena Yohe. Dena is a former social worker, pastor’s wife and mother of 3 children. This is a look into their life as parents of a troubled child. Their middle child, Renee, has multiple diagnosis of mental illnesses. She was a cutter, an addict to drugs and alcohol and often on the edge of suicide. Dena’s story included lists to help parents watch for signs of self-harming and relapse.

Dena also included valuable information for parents who are going through this struggle. She stresses the importance of taking care of yourself, seeking help, talking to family and friends and making sure your marriage and other children are not neglected as a result of the troubled child. Dena writes about the importance of prayer, not just for the troubled child but also thankfulness for other things in your life.

The authors daughter, Renee, has also included some input in the book. She lets us know what it was like for her to go through this, how she felt about her self and what she was doing to her family. She also writes about helpful things that could have been done to ease her pain and suffering.

I think this is a really good book for parents whether they have a troubled child or not. It would be very beneficial for parents of troubled children, but also very helpful to those who know families with troubled children. I like that the author included advice from other parents and a section from grieving parents who have lost a child to this struggle. I especially like the section in the book for those who want to help. This section gives suggestions on how to be helpful and what to say and not say. The author has also included a lot of resources and a chair exercise to help with anger and loss.

I received an uncorrected proof of this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review.

224 pages

ISBN-10: 1601428375

ISBN-13: 978-1601428370

Publisher: WaterBrook (July 19, 2016)

Renee can be viewed on youtube talking about her music and life at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5ek5FRsk48

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Change of Heart

398709Change of Heart is the second book in the Paper Heart Series by Courtney Walsh. This is Evelyn’s story. Evelyn Brandt, wife of Senator Christopher Brandt is hostessing a luncheon with influential ladies when the FBI comes to her door. Her husband is being investigated for embezzlement. Evelyn is forced to send the ladies home and the FBI goes through her home.

Trevor Whitney’s Aunt Lilian makes him go to Evelyn’s aide. He takes Evelyn back to his farm and invites her to stay at his guest house. Trevor has loved Evelyn since high school but has had to force that love aside when she married his best friend. Trevor and Lilian have a farm where they raise vegetables and cattle that they sell. Trevor is trying to find other ways to make the farm profitable, Evelyn tries to help them. She comes up with the idea of having a community meal at their farm as well as opening their farm up to having people come pick their own produce.

Evelyn grew up in a home when she never felt good enough. She thought she was getting away from this when she married Christopher. What she did not know, was that Christopher felt of her as a trophy wife that would help his political career and that he lived a double life. Evelyn tries to get on her with her life without Christopher but someone is leaking personal information to the press. Evelyn finds friendship with the Valentine Volunteers. This group of ladies make it their duty to find eligible singles and try to find suitable mates for them. They also work with the Valentines Day street hearts.

This is a very good book. I like how Evelyn and Trevor are able to put their past behind them and work together on community projects. This story is a good reminder that God works through all things. That He is there during the worst times of our lives and will turn our lives around if we let Him. This story has mystery as well as romance. Even though it is part of a series, it stands alone very nicely.

I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network for an honest review.

Series: Paper Heart

400 pages

ISBN 16: 9781414398709

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.