The Intimate Connection by Dr. Kevin Leman


The Intimate Connection, by Dr. Kevin Leman, covers many topics to help create a happy marriage. Using examples of his own life and those of couples he counseled, Dr. Leman explains ways to help create a life long relationship with your spouse that is filled with respect, communication and love. The author touches on topics such as a person’s early life, past experiences, personalities and birth order to show how they may respond in their marriage. The author gives suggestion for understanding your spouse and gives tips to avoid trigger points or help them grow.

This is an interesting book that should be read by both partners to get the most benefit from it, whether they be engaged or married for many years. The author brings out many good points on how to built a better relationship. I liked that he also included the importance of faith and Biblical teachings in a relationship.

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270 pages

ISBN: 9780800734947

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Friends, Partners & Lovers by Kevin A. Thompson


Friends, Partners & Lovers, by Kevin A. Thompson, tells the reader what it takes to make a marriage work. It is not just a book for those who are struggling in their marriage, it is also a great resource for any one who is married or going to be married.

The author points out that the number one cause of divorce is that the marriage died because one or both of the spouses neglected to intentionally invest in the marriage. In a healthy marriage both spouses play the roles of friends, partners and lovers. By doing this, we let our spouse know that we will always be by their side, we will always have their back and we let them know someone will always see their soul. Being a good spouse takes time and is demanding. Unless we play all three roles we are failing to give our spouse everything we promise, and everything they deserve.

The author states that healthy marriages do not have less conflict, rather they have more positive interaction. He also states that if both partners are willing, a marriage can radically change. But you can’t change your marriage by trying to change your spouse. You can pray for a change in your spouse, but you must start with a change in yourself. The conclusion of the book gives us eight questions to think about, to see if there are areas in our lives that we need to change.

I enjoyed reading some of the personal things the author puts in the book. The one thing that stands out most in my mind is that he felt he could tell how the marriage will last by how the couple feeds each other the cake at the wedding. I think back at weddings I have been to and seen couples “smash” the cake into their spouse, while other weddings the couple have been so respectful that if they get frosting on their spouse, they take a napkin and clean their spouse’s face. I have not thought of this before, but it makes sense that those who take care with their spouse show more respect and love.

Another thing that is pointed out in this book is that your spouse needs to be your friend. But they cannot be your only friend. You need other friends that you can turn to, that you can talk with about things that your spouse does not care to talk about.

This is a good book for married, or soon to be married people. I really think this book is one that should be recommended at marriage enrichment classes or counseling. There are some points within the book that may offend the reader, as the author goes deep in how we need to treat our spouse and what we need to do to help our marriage. To get the most out of this book, I feel it should be one shared by both spouses, and not just read by one. In my opinion, if only one is going to read the book, it will be the one who is putting in the most work to make a marriage work. And some points in the book may make they sit back and think about things that are not being done in their marriage. As well as things they deserve in their marriage that they are not getting from their spouse. Each chapter ends with “Be Intentional” questions that will make you really sit and think.

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224 pages

ISBN: 9780800728113

Publisher: Revell Publishing

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Under a Desert Sky by Lynne Hartke

Under a Desert Sky.indd

Under a Desert Sky, by Lynne Hartke, is a very powerful book of Lynne’s walk through cancer followed by her parents’ walks through cancer. Lynne writes a very emotional and inspirational book. Her writing is so honest and truthful, asking the “why me” questions so many of us ask in the privacy of our own thoughts.

This book takes us through Lynne’s life and journey through cancer. Lynne fought the cancer fight and won. Shortly after, both of her parents began the cancer fight. Each fighting their fight in their own way.

The author takes us on hikes with her and her family, describing the beauty they see and the trials they go through. The one hike that sticks in my mind, is when their daughter just laid down on the dusty trail and told them to leave her there. But when her father reached for her, she got up, dusted herself off and went with him. To me, this relates to me the walk we have with God and through our lives. During the good, easy time, life is beautiful. But when we get ill or things get hard, we get overwhelmed. We want to just throw ourselves down and not go on. With God’s help we are able to get back up and finish the walk.

I just love this book! It often brought back memories of watching my parents’ through their cancer walks. At times I though she was writing my story. So truthful and honest and powerful and emotional all wrapped up together. This is a book that everyone would benefit from reading. Regardless if their trial in life is cancer or any other situation. This story will inspire you to keep going, to trust and will encourage you.

Just after I started reading this book, I received a call from my husband that I never wanted to receive. We dropped everything to make necessary arrangements and notify the children. We were making an ‘rush trip’ for my husband to have surgery. As I laid in the hotel that weekend, it was this book that I grabbed to read. While our situation was very serious, we were not alone. Others have had worse situations and through Lynne’s experiences I was able to just shrug off my normal life for the time my husband needed our every thought and action to be on him.

I want to thank this author for writing such a wonderful book. And the publisher for allowing this book to be available on their blogging network.

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256 pages

ISBN: 9780800727741

Publisher: Revell Publishing

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I Wish He Had Come With Instructions by Mike Mechtle


I Wish He Had Come With Instructions, written by Mike Bechtle, is a book written to help us women take a peak inside our man’s brain. It is a suggestion for how to approach the man in our lives.

This book has many good points in it. The author points out the physical difference between the man’s brain and the woman’s brain. He also points out how this makes the difference for how men and women act.

The author has several topic that he points out to the readers. Some of them include, what men want women to know, myths about men and how men communicate. The author also points out a few things that we as women can do to develop a satisfying relationship with our man. Those include:

Constantly look through his eyes to see his perspective.

Waste time together.

Make laughter a priority in your relationship.

Show him respect whenever you can, in little and big ways.

Clarify expectations.

Take care of yourself.

Be intentional.

The title of this book is what made me decide to read it. And my husband had a good laugh about it. The author has a humorous approach to writing this book. The one we laughed about was the process of putting together do-it-yourself furniture. The author writes out the steps: open the box, look for instructions (or at least the wife does), lay out the pieces, try to follow instructions, get frustrated, eat cookies. I appreciate the author pointing out that we cannot change our man, as so many women try to do. We can develop a better relationship by trying to understand our man and working with that. The part in the book that stands out to me is that most men would rather make a difference in others lives. They want to make an impact at work as well as at home, and with family and friends. Men want to be heroes to the people in their lives who matter to them. Above all else, that includes the women in their lives. I especially appreciate the authors pointing out that this is not a book to help a troubled relationship, that no book can. The author stress the importance for good communication and gives guidance on developing good communication skills to avoid placing blame.

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224 Pages

ISBN: 9780800723835

Publisher: Revell Publishing

Unstuck Escaping the Rut of a Lifeless Marriage

51ftawKAp4L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Unstuck: Escaping the Rut of a Lifeless Marriage by Barry D Ham, Ph. D is awesome. The author follows a couple from newlywed to life after their children are grown giving examples of the struggles they had, that so many couples experience. The author points out the importance of commitment instead of enduring. I especially enjoyed the chapter “Relearning The Dance”. In this chapter he compared working on a marriage to learning how to dance. I liked the examples of look into her eyes, lead and protect, moving as one, and make each other look good. This is so true.

This is such a good book. Even though a lot of people buying the book will do so because their marriage is not what they would like it to be, it would be a great book for every couple. I will be recommending this book to my friends, it is that good!

I received a copy of the book from the author and Book Club Network for an honest review.