Travane by M. D. Schlatter


It is the condition of our hearts He cares about. In His eyes, no one is greater or less than the other – except in the condition of his or her heart.

Travane, by M. D. Schlatter, is a fantasy story. Rayna is the youngest child of the leader of the country Travane. She is anticipating her Coming of Age Ceremony but things happen to put it off. She studies Theology with Jeroha. One day he tells her they must meet in the Santuary. While there she is engulfed in purple and blue, The Divine has chosen her to be a Settling. The area has not had a Settling for many years. But Jeroha has troubling news for her. CherRio Nikalon is coming to their country and expected her hand in marriage, or there will be war.

She is to go on a journey with Nikalon. As she is getting ready to leave, her mother tells her that what ever truth she may find, to remember her mother loved her from the moment she saw her, to never doubt that she is her daughter. Rayna takes a friend, Oneve, on the journey. Oneve has had her Coming of Age Ceremony and has been interviewing for a husband. But it is Nikalon she has fallen for.

This is an interesting, well written story that has many good lessons. The story is fast paced with a lot of action. The author does a wonderful job of teaching Bible truths within this story. The author also includes the history of Travane and explanations of the different titles. This story is written for young adults that will be enjoyed by adults as well.

I received a copy of this book from BookCrash Bloggers. This is my honest review.

298 pages

ISBN: 9781732171190

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The White Knight The Lost Kingdom & The Sea Princess by Judy Carlson

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The White Knight The Lost Kingdom & The Sea Princess is a story of a lost kingdom, a girl that was turned into a mermaid and the White Knight.

As young children Prince Lael and Estarianna are planned to be married. One day while the families are on a boat, Estarianna falls into the sea and is not seen again until years later when she arrives at the side of Prince Lael boat as a mermaid. Legend has it that if you look into the eyes of a mermaid you will be mesmerized by them and throw yourself into the sea. With this at the back of his mind, Lael tries not to be taken with her. But they are seen together and she throws herself back into the sea to get away.

Clara and Ian arrive at their grandparent’s home in Minnesota. Clara has gone to the attic to look around as he mother had told her stories of the attic. Ian follows her up there and find a door. When he opens it they are both pulled through and taken to the Lost Kingdom. Here they are given assignments of which Ian is to capture the princess from the tower.

This is a fun book to read. There are many characters and the author has written a description of each at the beginning of the story. I did find it a little hard to keep up with them all during the action scenes. There is a lot that takes place in this story, and it has a lot of action and suspense as well as romance. The underlying theme in the story is building of morals and helping others.

This is a Epic Fantasy Fiction book and will be enjoyed by those who enjoyed reading about mermaids, Pegasus, prince and princesses. Judy Carlson, a Minnesota native, has written in a touch of her home state within this enchanting story.

I received a copy of this book from the author Book Club Network. This is my honest review.

472 Pages

ISBN: 9780983195757

Publisher:  Nordskog Publishing, Inc.

Scarlet Moon by S. D. Grimm


Scarlet Moon is book one in the Children of the Blood Moon written by S. D. Grimm. Jayden spends her time hanging out with her brothers and learning how to throw her dagger even though she does not want to kill others. This comes in very useful for her as the story goes on.

Soldiers are going around collecting the Children born on the Blood Moon. The soldiers arrive at Jayden’s home and kill her family trying to get her. As she is fighting one of the Feravolk, Ryan, her betrothed arrives and they escape on Jayden’s horse. Ryan is injured during the escape. They end up in the Forest of Legends. Jayden goes for help and wakes up in Anna’s home. She ends up bringing Ryan to Anna’s.

Ryan has been shot by an poisonous arrow. His only hope is to be treated by a rare plant. Anna is a healer and she tells Jayden and Logan, a protector who has also just arrived at Anna’s home, they need to go get a special plant to save Ryan’s life. This plant only grows in the Valley of the Hidden Ones, which is home to dangerous animals including unicorns. Ryan needs this plant right away and the trip to get is will take them by the Royal Army, the soldiers trying to collect all the Children.. Ryan is also a Child of the Blood Moon.

This is a fantasy fiction. If you like fantasy you will like this book, but this book is not for everyone. There is a lot of violence and killing in the story. As well as wolves, lions and unicorn that are dangerous. Some of the characters bond to animals and have conversations with them. Logan has a wolf he communicates with that ends up help Logan save his and others lives. The story also deals with magic. There is so much action in this story that even if you do not care for this type of story, you will want to keep reading it to see what happens to the Children.

I chose to read this book thinking as it was advertised as a Christian book. I was disappointed as the only Christian reference was to “the Creator” in a couple instances. The story also bounced around a lot from character to character so I found it slow reading to follow the story. I wish the author would have taken more time to explain the background of the Children of the Blood Moon.

I received a copy of this book from the author and Book Club Network and have written an honest review.

Series: Children of the Blood Moon (Book 1)

382 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1683700500

Publisher: Gilead Publishing