Walk Beside Me by Christine Handy


Walk Beside Me by Christine Handy is a fictional story. Part of the story is based on the author’s experience while going through cancer treatment.

Willow Adair has what so many people want. She is a former model, who’s husband is very successful in his career. They have two children and live in a wealthy area in Columbus, Ohio. They vacation in Nantucket and own a second home in Miami. But – her husband travels a lot with his job. And her teen age daughter is rebellious and going to school out of town.

Willow has struggled with her health and has a routine colon surgery. A vein is cut during the surgery and she almost died. Even after the surgery she is still very sick, until she eventually goes to a specialist out of town and learns she needs to change her diet.

Willow injures her wrist and has a simple surgery for a torn ligament. While recovering she has a blood clot and then after the cast is removed her arm starts to hurt and swells. Her doctor insists nothing is wrong. Her husband accuses her of seeing more doctors than anyone. She eventually goes to a specialist out of town who tells her, she has a really bad infection that has destroyed her wrist. She will need to have it fused.

Before she has finished the treatment for her wrist, she is diagnosed with breast cancer. She has had it and is thinking of ending her life. When her friends find out, they gather around her and schedule for someone to be with her everyday while she goes through treatment.

This is a good, inspirational story. Once I started reading it, I wanted to keep reading it to find out how Willow progressed. This is a good story of friendship and reaching out to those in need. I enjoyed the part of her friends surrounding her with prayers and encouragement constantly. I hope fellow readers learn from Willow’s mistake and seek medical care when they think something is not right.

I have to give this book a 4 due to the language. I feel the message would have come across just as well, or even better, without the swear words. I also hope people realize this is fiction and don’t shrug off their medical concerns. I do think Willow should have thought more about her husband’s feelings and kept weekends for family without friends always there.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good story. . Having gone through a very severe injury then cancer treatments I know you have to be your own health advocate. I wish the story had more of this to help those going through health struggles.

I received a copy of this book from the author. I have written an honest review.

424 pages

ISBN: 9780692638583

Publisher: Proper Press LLC

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Storm by Bonnie S. Calhoun


Storm, written by Bonnie S. Calhoun, is book 3 in the Stone Braide Chronicles. The Sorrows happened 150 years earlier and the story takes place in post apocalyptic United State. Selah is just 18 years old and is a novarium trying to complete the Third Protocol. Selah, along with a few friends and her family, work endlessly to get the clues Selah needs.

After the Sorrows the atmosphere is covered in volcanic ash. The group finds out there are two domes that cover entire cities where people live. These domes are in original cites from before the Sorrows, Cleveland, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois. The group go to Cleveland just as a major storm arrives. They are forced to stay at the dome several months. While there, Selah works with the Keeper to learn more about the protocol and how she can complete it. Moljica, Yaraji and Bodhi get go through training for combat and survival. Selah’s younger siblings spend time reading the fairy tales from The Stone Braide Chronicles.

The keeper tells Selah she needs to go to the Chicago dome and see the Seeker. When the group gets to Chicago they experience trouble with their transport. They work on fixing it while Selah meets with the Seeker. The Seeker is not able to help her, but tells her about an old lady who might have information. Selah is told they need to go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

While on their way to Milwaukee, their transport blows up. They eventually get to Milwaukee and are not safe there. They no longer have transportation so they decide to go by train and do not know where to go. Selah’s younger siblings use the symbols used in the Stone Braide Chronicles to decide white trip to take. All the while Selah is getting very weak and it appears she will not be able to accomplish the Third Protocol.

This is a very good teen fantasy. The series should be read in order, but enough information is included in this story to understand what is happening. There is a lot of action that takes place while the group work to reach their goal alive. And there is suspense with who they can trust and with what is going to happen next as well as will Selah be able to complete the protocol. While there is violence in this story, it is not very offensive.

The parts of the story that I enjoyed the most was when the group worked together to find clues that would lead them to succeed. I enjoyed the children’s part in the story, the memorizing of the fairy tales and the mischief they get into when the transport breaks down. I also enjoyed the selflessness of Selah when she donated blood, know that it will shorten her life. I was disappointed the book is published by a Christian publishing company, yet there isn’t Christian references in the story. This story will be enjoyed by people who enjoy fantasy and action packed stories.

I received a copy of the book from Revell Publishing and I have written an honest review.

Series: Stone Braide Chronicles (Book 3)

Pages: 400

ISBN: 9780800723781

Publisher: Revell Publishing

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Scarlet Moon by S. D. Grimm


Scarlet Moon is book one in the Children of the Blood Moon written by S. D. Grimm. Jayden spends her time hanging out with her brothers and learning how to throw her dagger even though she does not want to kill others. This comes in very useful for her as the story goes on.

Soldiers are going around collecting the Children born on the Blood Moon. The soldiers arrive at Jayden’s home and kill her family trying to get her. As she is fighting one of the Feravolk, Ryan, her betrothed arrives and they escape on Jayden’s horse. Ryan is injured during the escape. They end up in the Forest of Legends. Jayden goes for help and wakes up in Anna’s home. She ends up bringing Ryan to Anna’s.

Ryan has been shot by an poisonous arrow. His only hope is to be treated by a rare plant. Anna is a healer and she tells Jayden and Logan, a protector who has also just arrived at Anna’s home, they need to go get a special plant to save Ryan’s life. This plant only grows in the Valley of the Hidden Ones, which is home to dangerous animals including unicorns. Ryan needs this plant right away and the trip to get is will take them by the Royal Army, the soldiers trying to collect all the Children.. Ryan is also a Child of the Blood Moon.

This is a fantasy fiction. If you like fantasy you will like this book, but this book is not for everyone. There is a lot of violence and killing in the story. As well as wolves, lions and unicorn that are dangerous. Some of the characters bond to animals and have conversations with them. Logan has a wolf he communicates with that ends up help Logan save his and others lives. The story also deals with magic. There is so much action in this story that even if you do not care for this type of story, you will want to keep reading it to see what happens to the Children.

I chose to read this book thinking as it was advertised as a Christian book. I was disappointed as the only Christian reference was to “the Creator” in a couple instances. The story also bounced around a lot from character to character so I found it slow reading to follow the story. I wish the author would have taken more time to explain the background of the Children of the Blood Moon.

I received a copy of this book from the author and Book Club Network and have written an honest review.

Series: Children of the Blood Moon (Book 1)

382 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1683700500

Publisher: Gilead Publishing

Beware The Orchids by Cynthia Kickey


Beware The Orchids is book one in A Shady Acres Mystery written by Cynthia Hickley.

Shelby Hart was a teacher at Cooper Elementary, waiting at the church to marry Donald, the principle, when she receives a text message from him saying he changed his mind. She resigns her teaching position and takes a job as gardener and activities planner at Shady Acres retirement community. Just hours after she arrives at her new job, she finds a dead body in the green house. At the request of another resident, she attempts to find out who the murderer is.

The same day Shelby starts her job, her grandmother becomes a resident of the community. Her grandmother starts dating the officer in charge of the murder investigation. Shelby’s friend, Cheryl, comes to spend a week with Shelby as well. Shelby, Cheryl and her grandmother actively try to find the killer as the killer strikes again.

This is a cute little mystery. There is a lot of things happening within the fast paced story. There is romance as well. I like how Shelby and her grandmother get along so well. This is a good, clean, easy to ready story.

I received a copy of the book from the author and Book Club Network for an honest review.

Series: A Shady Acres Mystery

216 pages

ISBN-10: 1944203060

ISBN-13: 978-1944203061

Publisher: Winged Publications