The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker


The Minimalist Home, by Joshua Becker, is a self help book to help clear the clutter from our home to help us make our home be the inviting, peaceful home that we will feel comfortable in. The book is divided into three sections, the first being an introductory to what a minimalist home really is about. The second section is a guide of going through each room in the house and gives tips of how to clean out the clutter. The third section covers moving forward after going through our home. The chapters end with minimizing checklists. The author also included statistics and input from others who have minimized their home.

While there are many book on this topic, this book shows the cost of having more stuff, either financially or socially. Having more stuff, requires more of our time to maintain it, taking us away from spending time with others. Also as we collect more and more stuff, we often find ourselves needing to have a larger home for it all. I especially enjoyed the section on minimizing our wardrobe. Just because we have professional jobs does not mean we need to have a big wardrobe. I also appreciate the author pointing out how the family is affected by clearing the clutter from our homes.

There were times while reading this book that I felt it was unrealistic to declutter to the extreme the author discusses. However, since reading this book, I find myself looking at the things in my home differently. When I see the clutter, I automatically ask myself if I really need different things. When shopping I ask myself if I really need items, not just want. I feel most people will benefit from reading this book.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. This is my honest review.

256 pages

ISBN: 9781601427991

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8 Steps to Achieve Your Destiny by Samuel R. Chand


Using a wealth of examples gleaned from today’s top organizations, Dr. Samuel R. Chand lays a solid foundation to prepare today’s leaders for the unavoidable difficulties. Whether you run a corporation, a non-profit organization, or a church, 8 Steps to Achieve Your Destiny will provide insight into eight issues every leader must face.”

In this book the author writes about the importance of the people you work with That those you have worked with in the past are not the ones that will be good for your future. He talks about the importance of having positive people, people who will help you grow and those that will grow with you.

He writes about the places our future will take us. As humans we cling to the familiar, but with God’s help we strive for the unfamiliar. It is in the unfamiliar that we learn to trust God and have faith in him. To have growth we must walk in the unfamiliar. The author points that for some people that being left in the familiar too long will lead them to becoming bored and restless. These gifted visionaries need to move on.

Each time we respond to a new possibility, new doors open for us. Our attitude and thinking changes. He also walks us through the importance of personal preparedness for growth. But not everything about growth is easy. There will be pain, there will be criticism from others.

When I was asked to read this book, I did not realize that it would become a book that would help me with my “growth”. As a volunteer of many different programs, most in the leadership capacity, I have had to step back and take a look at what direction my future holds. This book has been very helpful during this time. As I step away from programs that I have been with for a long time or those that are very near and dear to my heart, I have felt extreme pain. But through this book I have come to realize this is the way it should be. That to have stayed in those positions I would have grown frustrated. The hardest thing for me when moving forward has been leaving the people what I have worked with. And with this book, I see that is also normal That I will now be involved with a whole new group of people who will help me grow even more.

I really was helped a lot by reading this book. It helped reaffirm to me that the changes I am making in my volunteer life are doors that God are closing and opening for me. Some of them not always what I thought would happen. If you are in a leadership position and are feeling frustrated, bored and felling there is something else out there for you, this is a must read book!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Book Club Network. This is my honest review.

167 pages

ISBN: 9781629117348

Publisher: Whitaker House

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The Water Saving Garden by Pam Penick


The Water-Saving Garden: How To Grow A Gorgeous Garden With A Lot Less Water, written by Pam Penick is a great guide to help the gardener who wants to have a water saving garden instead of a water guzzler. This book gives great information on how to plan your garden to make it more water friendly. Some of the authors suggestions are to have a rain garden or terraced garden. She also describes the difference between a making a berm to hold water and making a swale, or shallow gully, to collect water runoff. Other suggestions are to plant native plants and to get ride of the lawn by replacing the grass with sand or other hard surfaces that do not need water.

In addition to giving information on how to make your yard more water-saving, the author gives information on over 100 plant that are water saving plants. This list included plants from almost all regions.

Being an avid gardener I am always trying to find ways to save myself work in the gardening process. I thought this book was interesting to read. I wasn’t really looking to conserve water, I was looking for ideas to make my gardens self sustaining so I do not have to spend as much time on them. I think this book is good for that purpose as well as conserving water. I especially like that the author contained a part specifically listing the different types of perennials an annuals. Anyone that likes to have a nice yard but does not want to be tied to tending it constantly would benefit from reading this book.

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240 pages

ISBN-10: 1607747936

ISBN-13: 978-1607747932

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

The Flower Workshop by Ariella Chezar


The Flower Workshop is an awesome book written by Ariella Chezar. Ariella teaches us how to put together many different beautiful flower arrangements. She teaches us the basics of what tools to use, how to cut and prepare the flowers and other items used in the arrangements. As well as the important information needed to make the arrangement look perfect in color, texture and proportion. She uses more than just flowers in her bouquets. I have never seen strawberries in an arrangement before but they add just the right punch of color.

The book covers a lot more than making arrangements. It covers making handheld bouquets, including cascading bridal bouquets. Instructions include the wrapping and ribbons details for bouquets and boutonniere. The book also shows how to make flower crowns, chandelier crowns, fruit garlands, wreaths and even a marigold curtain.

The book also gives suggestions of alternate flowers and a seasonal flower guide with lists of flowers in various seasons.

I love this book! The book is sturdy hardcover book that will stand up to being read over and over again. The information is so well written and the photos are so beautiful. There are so many arrangement possibilities shown in this book. Some of them look so elegant that they look like they took days to make. But the instructions are so easy to follow. I received this book earlier today and just could not wait to spend time look and dreaming of all the possibilities there are to make the home look artfully decorated. If you like to have floral arrangements in your home, this book is a must. If you have a wedding in your future, this book is a must. It is just great.

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review.

256 pages

ISBN-10: 1607747650

ISBN-13: 978-1607747659

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

Planet Heal Thyself by Jordan Rubin


Jordan Rubin was 19 years old , had finished his first year of college and was home in Southern Florida. Without warning he got very sick, losing 20 pounds in 6 days. He was eventually diagnosed with a very severe case of Crohn’s disease. His illness quickly progressed to the point the doctors told his parents his only option was to go to New York City and have surgery to remove his large intestine and part of his small intestine. His father was a natualpathic doctor and found a nutritionist in San Diego who had helped people like Jordan. The nutritionist offered a diet and health plan found within the Bible. After just a few months his body had regenerated itself. He later started a health and nutrition company and eventually moved his family to a thousand acre farm in Missouri. Rubin also authored “The Makers Diet”.

In this book, Rubin teaches us the importance of taking care of the soil where our food is grown. He covers the reason not to till up the soil, rotating crops and the importance of adding compost. He explains what organic and artisan really mean as well as what the difference in the labeling of eggs. He points out the benefits of different types of fruit and vegetables and their coloring. He also talks about the benefits of herbs, spice, nuts and legumes. Rubin writes about symptoms of gluten sensitivity and food allergies.

This is an extremely helpful book for those wanting to eat healthier and for those who want to grow what they eat. Having grown up on a farm, the importance of crop rotation and caring for the soil was not new to me. However, I found the chapters on the benefits of different types of foods and how they help your body very informative. A lot of the things he wrote about in this book, I had not given any thought to in the past. This is a book that I will be re-reading and referencing in the future.

I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network for an honest review.

208 pages

ISBN-10: 0768408598

ISBN-13: 978-0768408591

Publisher: Destiny Image

Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today


Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today is written by James W. Goll. This book explains to us spiritual gifts and explains how the Holy Spirit moves through them. Spiritual gifts are tools that you need to practice using. They are given by God for ministry to take place for the good of the Body of Christ. They are given though us as acts of kindness, mercy and love towards others and we are to give them as God shows us to.

Spiritual gifts are broken up into 3 types. Revelatory Gifts are the gifts that reveal, gifts of discerning of Spirits, word of wisdom and word of knowledge. Power Gifts are the gifts that do, gifts of faith, healing and miracles. Vocal Gifts are the gifts that speak, Gift of various kinds of tongues, gift of interpretation of tongues, and the gift of prophecy.

The gifts that were interesting to me were the gift of knowledge, the gift of miracles and the gift of prophecy.. The gift of knowledge is explained as having a “gut” feeling about something. You know you know something but you do not know how you know it. The book explains that no one knows everything, only God does. The gift of miracles is something I have witnessed. Miracles are a gift, you do not earn them, and they are only given by God. You will almost always find that a miracle was sparked by an act of obedience. The gift of prophecy does not predict the future as one might think. It is a word of encouragement that is personalized and aligned with scripture. It is meant to build up a person’s faith, encourage them to do good deeds and to comfort them. Page 168 in the book has a scriptural test to confirm if the prophecy is a gift of the spirit.

This book is very interesting. I appreciate the author explaining the proper times to use spiritual gifts and the reason for them. This book is very helpful in understanding Spiritual Gifts and is an encouragement to take the step to pray for a Spiritual Gift.

I was given this book by Book Club Network for an honest review.

192 pages

ISBN 16: 9781629116044

Publisher: Whitaker House

Jesus Called – He Wants His Church Back

_240_360_Book.1875.coverJesus Called – He Wants His Church back is written by Ray Johnston, founding pastor of Bayside church in California. The church serves more than 12,000 people, one of the largest churches in the United State.

The author points out the breakdown of our culture over the last 70 years. The book tells us how different our modern day churches and Christians are compared to the Old Testament church and Christians. It points out that we as Christians often believe the bible, but we do not want to live according to what it says. The book teaches how to get re-connected with our bible, to go out and evangelize and to have passion in our Christian life.

When I saw the title of this book, I knew I had to read it. I am so glad I did. The part of the book that really spoke to me was how our concern for safety has destroyed our faith. Playing it safe limits what we do, shrinks our faith, stunts our growth and shrivels our heart. There as so many parts of the books that surprised me, especially the statistics of how many churches close each year, and how few Christians attend church regularly. One part really sticks with me, “You’re not an authentic Christian until you learn to serve others and give your life away.” Jesus came to serve and give and we are to do the same. The author uses bible stories and scripture to back up what he writes. The book is written with humor that kept me wanting to read more. I will definitely be recommending this book to others to read.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program in exchange for an honest review.

208 pages

ISBN-10: 071807956

ISBN-13: 978-0718079567

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Focus: Eliminating Distraction for Enhanced Spiritual Vision


Focus written by Margie Fleurant is a book to help the reader identify what distractions they have in their lives that is hurting their spiritual life. The book contains ten enemies of our spiritual walk.

Offense is holding on to hurts instead of letting them go.
People-Pleasing is trying to please other people, rather than pleasing God.
Self-Absorption is focusing on our inabilities, rather than believing God is powerful enough to help us overcome them.
Focus On The Past is one of the man distractions we have. Satan loves to remind us of our past hurts and failures. God forgives our past.
The Easy Road is accepting what is good, doing small things. God has called us to do great things, more than we could ever imagine.
The Noise Of The Enemy is paying attention to troubling thoughts we have. Are these our thoughts are those from the devil.
Discouragement comes to us when things happen in our lives to get in the way of accomplishing our goals. Putting our hope in Jesus enables us to get past this and focus on our destiny.
The Treasures Of The World and focusing on money gets in the way of the true riches we get from God. Many people spend their lives striving to make more money to buy more things, but they are not happy because of it and they want more.
Reliance On Our Own Works is focusing on doing good works rather than spending time with God.
Weariness happens when we become overwhelmed by difficulties in our lives. We need to take time to rest our physical bodies to stay healthy and we must put our trust and faith in God for complete rest.

This is a great book! The author uses scripture through out the book to support what she is say. There are so many places in this book that made me stop to think about my life and the stumbling blocks I have getting in the way of my spiritual journey. The author compares our spiritual journey to that of a runner training and focusing on running a race. We are not to let distractions get in our way or lose sight of our final destiny – our relationship with God.

I received a copy of the book from Book Club Network for an honest review.